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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 678
from Brown Corpus
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One and was
One thing was certain -- his method was effective, so effective that after a time even the warning notices were often unnecessary.
One of Greg's bombs hung up, and he was miles from the target before he could get rid of it.
One swallow was all he would have ; ;
One girl expressed what was obviously in their minds.
One is tempted to say that, on the difference between the concepts of sovereignty in these two preambles, the worst war of the Nineteenth century was fought.
One beatnik got the woman he was living with so involved in drugs and self-analysis and all-night sessions of sex that she was beginning to crack up.
One evening, while a volley-ball game was being played in the yard among the prisoners remaining there, a simulated melee was staged -- just as the gates were opened to admit other prisoners returning from work.
One of the pictures was of a man with hat drawn over his face ceremoniously lighting a cigarette ; ;
One thing Papa had not taught Henrietta was how to handle a young man as high-spirited and opinionated as herself.
One cause of Schopenhauer's pessimism was the fact that he failed to learn the guitar.
One day he assigned me to lay bare a `` plot '' by the Duponts to supply munitions to a wholly fictitious revolution he said was about to occur in Cuba.
One shawl was so tremendous that she could not wear it, so she draped it over the banister on the second floor, and it hung over the stairway.
One White House dog was immortalized in a painting.
One person she helped was my brother.
One of Sherman's most serious shortcomings, however, was his mistrust of his cavalry.
One can imagine that with her and Gorton there it was no place for anyone with weak nerves.
One historical authority presents laborious and circuitous testimony tending to arouse suspicion that Massachusetts was behind the clouds settling down on the embattled Gorton.
One of the people who was afraid of Alfred was his own brother, Lew.
One example of this was his assertion that `` all servile revolts must be dealt with by physical force ''.
One day he was visited by a delegation of would-be imitators who wanted to know his secret.

One and article
If it is not enough that all of our internationalist One Worlders are advocating that we join this market, I refer you to an article in the New York Times' magazine section ( Nov. 12, 1961 ), by Mr. Eric Johnston, entitled `` We Must Join The Common Market ''.
One article originally written for the Bahá ' í Encyclopedia, characterized Covenant-breakers that have emerged in the course of Bahá ' í history as belonging to one of four categories:
One of the few references cited by Watson and Crick when they published their model of DNA was to a published article that included Sven Furberg's DNA model that had the bases on the inside.
# One day after the Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933, President of Germany Paul von Hindenburg, acting at Hitler's request and on the basis of the emergency powers in article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, issued the Reichstag Fire Decree.
One was a count of perjury in a civil deposition in Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton ( by a 205 – 229 vote ) and an article which accused Clinton of abuse of power by a 48 – 285 vote.
The article in question, published in issue 10 of ACE magazine in July 1988, featured Flare Technology, a group of computer hardware designers whom, having split from Sinclair, had built on their work on Sinclair's aborted Loki project to create a system known as Flare One.
One month before his death, he wrote the article " Hong Kong Wrong – What would Cowperthwaite say?
One can in this formalism state Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and prove it as a theorem, although the exact historical sequence of events, concerning who derived what and under which framework, is the subject of historical investigations outside the scope of this article.
One source attributes the widespread use of this term to a 1980 review article by Rodbell: research papers directly addressing signal transduction processes began to appear in large numbers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
One prominent critic of the ALA's stance was the Manhattan Institute's Heather Mac Donald, who argued in an article for the New York City Journal that " he furor over section 215 is a case study in Patriot Act fear-mongering.
One such article was from the Daily Express, in which the interviewer noted " a lightening change came over her face ", which was the first public mention of the rapid changes in mood that became characteristic of her.
One author of an article published in the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine disagreed.
One computer program run by Dan Oliver of Scottsdale, Arizona, according to an article in The New Yorker, came up with a result on August 4, 2004: After the group had worked for 42, 162, 500, 000 billion billion monkey-years, one of the " monkeys " typed, "< tt > VALENTINE.
One article distributed this way is " Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf ", in which Lakoff argues that the particular conceptual metaphors used by the first Bush administration to justify American involvement in the Gulf ended up either obscuring reality, or putting a spin on the facts that was accommodating to the administration's case for military action.
One focus of this article is the relationship between simple commodity money and the more complex instruments offered in the commodity markets.
One famous article asked " Economists free ride.
* One syllable article, a form unique to Chinese literature, using many characters all of which are homophones ; the result looks sensible as writing but is incomprehensible when read aloud.
One newspaper article estimated there were approximately 1. 3 million Haredi Jews as of 2011.
One of the earliest documented references to a dance called " Carolina Shag " appears in a Helen Powell Poole article in 1936.
One of the most prominent critiques of Cultural Studies came from physicist Alan Sokal, who submitted an article to a Cultural Studies journal, Social Text.
One example of this is his schema of the container as suggested by critic Donald Freeman in his article, “ The rack dislimns .” In his article, Freeman suggests that the container is representative of the body and the overall theme of the play that “ knowing is seeing .” In literary terms a schema refers to a plan throughout the work, which means that Shakespeare had a set path for unveiling the meaning of the “ container ” to the audience within the play.
One article in particular described her as " the most hated woman in America ".
Tim Hegg responded to their article defending what he believes to be the biblical teaching of " One Law " theology and its implications concerning the obligations of Torah obedience by new Messianic believers from the nations.

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