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Only and five
Only those actually with Payne when he was shot, or who had left the party within not more than five minutes ( make five arbitrary ) positively had none.
Only five leases that he signed survive, and all date from 1051 to 1053.
Only five years later, Mileti's group sold the team for $ 11 million to a syndicate headed by trucking magnate Steve O ' Neill and including former general manager and owner Gabe Paul.
Only five reports bothered the analysts.
In 1997 Enya released her greatest hits collection, Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya, again a top five smash in the UK and Germany, which featured two new songs: " Paint the Sky with Stars " and " Only If ..."; " Only If ..." later became a single.
Only five feet tall, he was called " the Little Flower " ( Fiorello is Italian for " little flower ").
Only five countries in Europe have adopted pre-sale disclosure obligations.
Only a total of five letters between the couple are known to have survived, two letters from Martha to George and three from him to Martha.
Only five deaths occurred while he held the post, compared to sixty in his predecessor's time, a result which is generally ascribed to the attention he paid to their wounds.
Only Giacomo Agostini with eight ( seven consecutive ) and Valentino Rossi with seven ( five consecutive ) have won more.
Only five of these games were released in North America, only one of which was developed by Sega.
Only five of his ships survived.
Only one practicable pass about five miles ( 8 km ) wide offered between the Pare Mountains and Kilimanjaro, and here the German forces, amid swamps and forests, had been digging themselves in for eighteen months.
Only the treble, tenor, and bass sizes were regular members of the viol consort, which consisted of three, four, five, or six instruments.
Only five teams have more Super Bowl wins than the Redskins: the Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6 ), Dallas Cowboys ( 5 ), San Francisco 49ers ( 5 ), Green Bay Packers ( 4 ), and New York Giants ( 4 ).
Only five men survive.
Only wall clouds that rotate spawn tornadoes, and usually precede the tornado by five to thirty minutes.
Only five Southern states and Goldwater's home state of Arizona supported the Republican ticket.
Only five of the 108 authenticated unprovoked shark attacks reported from the Pacific Coast during the 20th century involved kayakers.
Only five investigation teams are still supported, though data is collected for two additional instruments.
Only five orbiters were built, and the loss of two ( Challenger and Columbia ) significantly impacted the capacity and viability of the Shuttle program.
Television roles included the recurring role of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk in five of the six episodes of The Six Wives of Henry VIII ( 1970 ), the villainous Nasca in Thames Television's Aztec-themed drama The Feathered Serpent ( 1976 – 78 ), a guest starring spot in the comedy series The Goodies in the episode " The Baddies ", as well as episodes of Paul Temple, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, Doomwatch, The Persuaders !, A Family at War, Coronation Street, Softly, Softly: Taskforce, Colditz, Play for Today, Z-Cars, Special Branch, Sutherland's Law, The Sweeney, Jason King, Survivors, Crown Court, Angels, Warship, Van der Valk, Space: 1999, The Onedin Line, All Creatures Great and Small, Only When I Laugh ( Series 2, Total Episode # 9 ), Nanny, Minder, and the first episode of Inspector Morse in January 1987.
** Only player in major league history to play more than 500 games at five different positions – 1B ( 939 ), LF ( 671 ), 3B ( 634 ), 2B ( 628 ), RF ( 595 )

Only and seventeen
Only 45 of his ci poems survive, thirty of which have been verified to be his authentic works, the other of which are possibly composed by other writers: also, seventeen shi style poems remain to his credit.
In January and February 1978 the Misfits, then consisting of Danzig, guitarist Franché Coma, bassist Jerry Only, and drummer Mr. Jim, recorded seventeen songs at C. I.
Only seventeen of the fifty rioters who had been charged were ever brought to trial ; four were convicted, of whom one was pardoned, two were hanged, and the fourth was transported to Botany Bay.
Only three of her seventeen bouts were held outside the Northwest United States area, however, a fact that might have prevented her from becoming a larger celebrity.
In January and February 1978 the Misfits, then consisting of Danzig, guitarist Franché Coma, bassist Jerry Only, and drummer Mr. Jim, recorded seventeen songs at C. I.

Only and musical
Only the empty staves display the intention to add musical notation to the codex at a later date.
Only one of these pictures was a musical, Invitation to the Dance, a pet project of Kelly's to bring modern ballet to mainstream film audiences.
Only musical performances were taped with a live audience ; a laugh track was added to all other segments.
Only one other work of musical theatre in the world had ever run longer, Robert Planquette's operetta Les cloches de Corneville.
* British — Burnaby, Davy: The Co-Optimists ( revue of 1921 — and revised continually up to 1926 — played in Pierrot costumes, with music and lyrics by various entertainers ; filmed in 1929 ); Cannan, Gilbert: Pierrot in Hospital ( 1923 ); " Cryptos " and James T. Tanner: Our Miss Gibbs ( 1909 ; musical comedy played in Pierrot costumes ); Down, Oliphant: The Maker of Dreams ( 1912 ); Drinkwater, John: The Only Legend: A Masque of the Scarlet Pierrot ( 1913 ; music by James Brier ); Housman, Laurence, and Harley Granville-Barker: Prunella: or, Love in a Dutch Garden ( 1906, rev.
After producing a film adaption of his 1968 novel Only When I Larf, Deighton and photographer Brian Duffy bought the film rights to Joan Littlewood and Theatre Workshop's stage musical Oh, What a Lovely War!
Only those carillons having at least 23 bells be taken into consideration " The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America ( GCNA ) defines a carillon as " a musical instrument consisting of at least two octaves of carillon bells arranged in chromatic series and played from a keyboard permitting control of expression through variation of touch.
Gaye's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame page lists the Capris ' song, " God Only Knows " as " critical to his musical awakening ".
Only two years later at the age of 13, Gottschalk left the United States and sailed to Europe, as he and his father realized a classical training was required to fulfill his musical ambitions.
The Disney musical film The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band takes place in the Dakota Territory during the time of the 1888 Presidential Election.
Then he reappeared on stage as himself in the biographical musical Good Rockin ' Tonight, followed by playing Roy Orbison in Only The Lonely.
Positano has been featured in several films, including Only You ( 1994 ), and Under the Tuscan Sun ( 2003 ), as well as being mentioned in the 2009 musical film Nine in the song " Cinema Italiano ".
Scherrie performed a high energy version of her own hit ' One Night Only ', from the musical Dreamgirls.
Onstage, Zimbalist played opposite Tommy Tune in the touring musical My One and Only, taking the featured role of " Edith Herbert ".
The band continued to gain publicity, mainly as a novelty act, making an appearance in the 1968 film, For Singles Only, and a cameo appearance in the 1969 musical western film, Paint Your Wagon, performing " Hand Me Down That Can o ' Beans ".
Only four of the songs are from the 1927 Broadway musical production of the same name, and the plot is very different.
# Compositions of Sikh Gurus followed by those of Different Bhagats who just know Only the God, collected according to chronology of Ragas or musical notes ( see below ).
The two later joined forces for a Broadway revival of the musical Little Me and the films Murder By Death, The Cheap Detective, and Only When I Laugh, for which he was Oscar-nominated.
Although she had no show business experience, she was cast in their Broadway musical revue, Laffing Room Only, a Shubert production at the Winter Garden Theatre.
Only two of seven critics wrote favorable reviews, Bergen was replaced by understudy Ellen Hanley, and the musical closed in less than three months.
Only three musical passages from Thespis are known to survive: the ballad " Little maid of Arcadee ", the chorus " Climbing over rocky mountain ", and the ballet music.
The original version of " Tessie ( You Are the Only, Only, Only )" was written by Will R. Anderson and was featured in the Broadway musical The Silver Slipper, which ran for 160 performances between October 27, 1902 and March 14, 1903.

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