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Only and violin
Only a few moments into the first round, Kilduff plants a left hook at Curly, sending him into the crowd, landing on Larry and crushing his violin.
Only a few of Zach's pieces were published during his lifetime: a harpsichord sonata ( in Oeuvres mêlées, v / 6 ( Nuremberg, 1759 )), a harpsichord concerto ( Nuremberg, 1766 ; GS C13 ), and the collection Sei sonate for harpsichord and violin or flute ( Paris, 1767 ).
*: Not Only Night ( 1988, soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano )
Only the largest churches could afford an organ and organist, and so many used more portable instruments, such as the bass fiddle, which was appellated " God's fiddle " to distinguish it from the much-maligned " Devil's fiddle " ( violin ).
# 그대만이 Geudaeman ' i ( Only You )-piano and violin version

Only and concerto
But later Wittgenstein stated,Only much later, after I ’ d studied the concerto for months, did I become fascinated by it and realized what a great work it was .” In 1933, Wittgenstein played the work in concert for the first time to instant acclaim.
Only two vocal works survive: the canon More veterum and a fragment of the mass Missa sub concerto.

Only and has
Only George Santayana seemed to understand and appreciate the film when he wrote: `` Miss Poitrine has perpetrated the most eloquent argument for the Protestant faith yet unleashed by Hollywood ''.
Only a limited effort has been devoted to this problem.
Only slower trains stop at these, but Aachen-West has developed enormous importance due to the expanding RWTH Aachen university.
A Voices Only album has been released every year since 2005.
Haden has also released a cappella versions of Journey's " Don't Stop Believin '", The Beach Boys ' " God Only Knows " and Michael Jackson's " Thriller ".
Only when the side-effects have become too severe and / or a patient has been symptom-free for a long period of time is discontinuation carefully attempted.
Only in recent years electronics and electric equipment production has regained higher levels.
Only his former team mate, Bruce McLaren, has since matched the achievement.
Only a small part of the population has more than an elemental knowledge of French, the official language.
Only one species protected by CITES, the Spix's Macaw, has possibly become extinct in the wild as a result of trade since the Convention entered into force ( but see case studies in Hutton and Dickinson and Stiles for further discussion of the role CITES has played in the fate of particular species ).
Only one who has faith comes to know such a state of mind.
Only one duck appears on screen at a time, and the player has three shots to hit it.
Only the main island initially has number tokens: number tokens are assigned to the outlying islands as they are expanded.
Only Helsinki has retained its tramway network.
Only one female skater, Miki Ando, has been credited with a quadruple jump in international competition.
Only xenon-135 has a higher cross section, 2 million barns, but that isotope is unstable.
* Only place that both names his brothers and mentions his sisters (; Matthew has a slightly different name for one brother ).
Only within the latter part of the twentieth century, has normal political activity transpired.
Only after all the data has been recorded ( and in some cases, analyzed ) do the researchers learn which individuals are which.
Only recently has it become possible to determine the identities and relative abundances of organisms in natural populations, typically using PCR-based strategies that target 16S small subunit ribosomal ribonucleic acid ( 16S rRNA ) genes.
Only one of them is stable and one has half-life exceeding 10 < sup > 14 </ sup > years ; the most stable other indium isotope is indium-111, which has half-life of approximately 2. 8 days.
Only after a main dish has completed its cooking are spice elements as minced ginger, and various pungent herbs are added as a garnish, called tsuma.
Only in the latter part of the 20th century has beef become regular table fare.

Only and ever
Only a native New Yorker could believe that New York is now or ever was a literary center.
Only two fragments of the overall plan were ever realized: the Finlandia Hall concert hall ( 1976 ) fronting Töölö Bay, and an office building in the Kamppi district for the Helsinki Electricity Company ( 1975 ).
Only one was ever built because Mrs. Beech did not like the aircraft.
Only a very small percentage or a tiny fraction of people can ever make a name for themselves as celebrities in the entertainment spheres such as ( including music, film, television, radio, theater, modelling, literature etc.
Only parts of the actual Protocols are ever shown.
Only four descents have ever been achieved.
Only 600 copies of the Complutensian Polyglot were ever printed.
Wallace continued in praise: " Only Kafka's fragments get anywhere close to where Kosiński goes in this book, which is better than everything else he ever did combined.
Only one issue was ever published, but it was relatively successful, largely owing to the inclusion of Heinrich Heine's satirical odes on King Ludwig of Bavaria, which led to those copies sent to Germany being confiscated by the state's police force.
Only one List A game was ever played at the ground, and this was only the second match of its type: Glamorgan's Gillette Cup fixture against Somerset on 22 May 1963.
Only one country has been known to ever dismantle their nuclear arsenal completely — the apartheid government of South Africa apparently developed half a dozen crude fission weapons during the 1980s, but they were dismantled in the early 1990s.
Only 4 were ever produced ; 1 Guards Red, 1 Maritime Blue, 1 Speed Yellow and 1 Black.
Only a few women ever became members of the Politburo.
Only two other Prime Ministers have ever chosen more than one governor-general.
Only two publications were ever published, the Ringworld role-playing game box set itself, and the Ringworld Companion, both in 1984 by Chaosium.
Only the first one was ever released.
Only three people have ever been declared vexatious litigants in the High Court of Australia, the first in 1976.
Only 5000 copies were ever sold.
Only a dummy run of 50 copies of issue 1 were ever produced.
Only certain mezcals, usually from the state of Oaxaca, are ever sold " con gusano " (" with worm "), and that only began as a marketing gimmick in the 1940s.
Only a minority of the plays of English Renaissance theatre were ever printed ; of Heywood's 220 plays noted above, only about 20 were published in book form.
Only about 600 keyboards and 300 rack models were ever made, and most were sold at highly discounted prices.
Only eight cases of sFI have ever been diagnosed.
Only a very small number of triplanes were ever built, but the format does have the advantage of allowing an aircraft a high degree of maneuverability combined with a very good climb rate.
Only one other work of musical theatre in the world had ever run longer, Robert Planquette's operetta Les cloches de Corneville.

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