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Only and scientific
Only of the spacecraft could be allocated to scientific experiments.
Only recently has scientific attention begun to be paid to the instrument, and problems relating to various stages of its development have yet to be resolved.
* Fares Al-Wabasha, a columnist for the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour, wrote: " Only rarely do we encounter a prominent Western philosopher and thinker like Roger Garaudy, who supports Arab causes and exposes in a rational and scientific manner the shameful claims of the Zionist movement, undermining its colonialist enterprise in the region ..."
Only after the 4th century BCE was this replaced by a Greek scientific cosmology of a spherical earth surrounded by multiple concentric heavens.
Only rarely does scientific odds-making provide a more definite answer than that, at least in this branch of science, and it describes the endpoint, so far, of a progression .”.
: Only the widespread scientific illiteracy and innumeracy -- all you need to know in this case is how to execute the equation -- prevents most of the people from dismissing the idea of sustainable growth at healthy rates as an oxymoronic stupidity whose pursuit is, unfortunately, infinitely more tragic than comic.
Only Great Britain maintains a ( scientific ) base on Mercury.
Only recently did humans acquire anything like their current scientific and technological sophistication.
Only a few dozen specimens have been recorded in the past few decades, from scientific surveys, swordfish fishery bycatch, and sport fishers.
" Only the National Museum has an active research program with didactic exhibitions based on its own scientific excavations.
Only 50 cases of congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa have been recorded since the Middle Ages, and fewer than 100 cases of congenital generalized hypertrichosis have been documented in scientific publications and by the media.
Only the ' lowest ' and most superficial aspects are accessible to objective scientific instruments.
Only eighteen spacecraft have used braking rockets to survive their moon landings and perform scientific operations on the lunar surface – six manned, a dozen unmanned, all launched by either the Soviets or the Americans between 1966 and 1976.
# Only the observational evidence is relevant to believing a scientific theory.
: Only those who practice structural analysis are made aware by their daily work of what they are actually trying to do: that is, to reunite perspectives which the narrow scientific outlook of the last centuries has for too long believed to be mutually exclusive: sensibility and intellect, quality and quantity, the concrete and the geometrical, or as we say today, the " etic " and the " emic.
Only later were his ideas justified by the scientific community.
Only scientific researchers and educational visits are allowed in the protected area.
Only once a new scientific discovery occurs do proponents of scientific foreknowledge scan the text to look for a verse that can be said to have predicted the latest discovery.
Only 15 % studied scientific and technical subjects, and women represented less than 3 % of students in engineering, the most popular subject for men in 1991.

Only and investigation
Only the independent art schools, that is, those not connected with any university or college, receive severe and separate investigation before accreditation by the various regional organizations.
Only two months earlier, on July 21, 1979, Boris Giuliano, head of the police investigation squad investigating heroin trafficking by the Mafia headed by Rosario Spatola and Salvatore Inzerillo, had been assassinated.
Only five investigation teams are still supported, though data is collected for two additional instruments.
Freberg had poked fun at McCarthyism in passing in " Little Blue Riding Hood " with the line, " Only the color has been changed to prevent an investigation.
Only banks involved in the purchase and sale of subprime securities were under investigation.
Only with incessant investigation of his koan will a student be able to become one with the koan, and attain enlightenment.
Only Publishers Clearing House currently uses sweepstakes as a promotional device, and as recently as 2010 paid $ 3. 5 million to settle charges as part of a multi-state investigation.
Only in her third statement, made some seven weeks after the investigation had begun did Dorothy Randiak testify regarding allegations surrounding the Kisumu Molasses Plant.
Only Booster Gold, another superhero and Kord's best friend, eventually decides to help complete the investigation, but before he can he is seriously injured by an explosive trap.
Only the ministries led by Meyer and Hinn cooperated fully with Grassley's investigation.
Only half of the pond was excavated, with the remainder left undisturbed for future investigation.

Only and can
Only when that term is ended and he is a private citizen again can he be permitted the freedom and the courage to discount the dangers of his death.
Only by means of an intensive preoccupation with the detailed considerations following from any decision can he ensure attention to the practical details to be dealt with if the implications of immorality in the major decision are effectively to be checked.
Only recently, and perhaps because a television debate can so effectively dramatize President Kennedy's extraordinary mastery of detail, have the abilities on which the capacity for making distinctions depend begun to be clearly discernible at the level of politics.
Only those story tellers will remain who can `` imitate the style of the virtuous ''.
`` Only a discontinuity can end it '', Professor Morrison writes.
He thought: Only in my heart can I make the world hang together.
Only within the framework of a mature relationship characterized by honest appraisals of performance can we provide telling assistance.
Only by resorting to molding techniques can the cushion manufacturer hope to compete satisfactorily in the established cushion market.
Only public understanding and support can provide that service.
Only He can satisfy the deepest longings.
Only high frequency sounds like mating calls are heard in this way but low frequency noises can be detected through another mechanism.
Only then in fact was payment for assembly attendance, the central event of democracy ( Similarly for the period before the Persian wars, but for the very early democracy the sources are very meagre and it can be thought of as being in an embryonic state ).
Only ordained priests can administer it, and " any priest may carry the holy oil with him, so that in a case of necessity he can administer the sacrament of anointing of the sick.
Only a proper, artist-grade acrylic gesso should be used to prime canvas in preparation for painting with acrylic ( however acrylic paint can be applied to raw canvas if so desired without any negative effect or chemical reaction as would be the case with oils ).
Only open curves that have some infinite branch, can have an asymptote.
" Wertham wrote, " Only someone ignorant of the fundamentals of psychiatry and of the psychopathology of sex can fail to realize a subtle atmosphere of homoeroticism which pervades the adventures of the mature ' Batman ' and his young friend ' Robin.
Only individuals can become bankrupt ; insolvent companies go into liquidation or administration ( see administration ( insolvency )).
Only a very small percentage or a tiny fraction of people can ever make a name for themselves as celebrities in the entertainment spheres such as ( including music, film, television, radio, theater, modelling, literature etc.
Only second degree sinoatrial blocks can be detected by use of a 12-lead EKG.
Only full-time commissioners can participate in the decision-making process for telecommunications and all commissioners are involved in broadcasting decisions.
Only the stickman or a dealer can place a service bet.
Only those context-free grammars which do not generate the empty string, can be transformed into Chomsky reduced form.
Only when actively growing can a tree or forest remove carbon over an annual or longer timeframe.

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