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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 42
from Brown Corpus
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Only and President
Only recently, and perhaps because a television debate can so effectively dramatize President Kennedy's extraordinary mastery of detail, have the abilities on which the capacity for making distinctions depend begun to be clearly discernible at the level of politics.
Only once since then has the House of Representatives chosen the President: In 1824, Andrew Jackson received 99 electoral votes, John Quincy Adams ( son of John Adams ) 84, William H. Crawford 41 and Henry Clay 37.
Only the Secretary of Defense ( or the President ) can authorize the transfer of operational control of forces between the three Military Departments ( Departments of the Army, Navy & Air Force ) and the currently nine Combatant Commands ( Africa Command, Central Command, European Command, Northern Command, Pacific Command, Southern Command, Special Operations Command, Strategic Command, Transportation Command ), and between the Combatant Commands.
Only a month later he was chosen by the National Assembly to succeed the assassinated Gabriel Narutowicz as President of the Polish Republic.
Only if such a vote fails may the President dissolve the Bundestag.
Only two individuals held the office of President of the Executive Council during its existence: W. T. Cosgrave, until 1932, and √Čamon de Valera thereafter.
At a 1997 ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the blacklist, Richard Masur, then President of the Screen Actors Guild, apologized for the union's participation in the ban, noting: " Only our sister union, Actors ' Equity Association, had the courage to stand behind its members and help them continue their creative lives in the theater.
* You Only Live Twice ( 1967 ) uncredited as the American President
Only six weeks after the signing of the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt in 1978, B ' nai B ' rith was the first Jewish group to visit Egypt at the invitation of President Anwar Sadat.
Only three times in American history has someone acted as President.
Only twice in U. S. history has the Vice President been from a different political party from that of the President, namely when Democrat Andrew Johnson was vice president under Republican Abraham Lincoln and Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson was vice president under Federalist John Adams ; a situation that in part prompted the later adoption of the Twelfth Amendment to prevent such a situation from reoccurring.
Only the President can direct the use of nuclear weapons, including the Single Integrated Operational Plan ( SIOP ).
Only President Franklin Pierce has chosen to affirm rather than swear at his inauguration.
Only a Muslim could become the President or the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
" Only in January 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the setting up of the War Refugee Board, whose purpose was to " rescue victims of enemy oppression who are in imminent danger of death ".
Only through diplomatic pressure, on then Panamanian President Manuel Noriega, could the U. S. put an end to the banks use as a money laundering front.
Only after the Senate approves the treaty can the President ratify it.
* On Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: " An Ape Unknown to Nature, a Creature That Is Only Half-Man.
In one of his films, The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band ( 1968 ), Brennan portrayed a Democratic supporter of U. S. President Grover Cleveland.
Only in 1928, the big reform was conceived by FIGC's President Leandro Arpinati: after a year, a new second division based on the same national format of the major tournament would be born.
Only after a long insistence by Foccart did M ' ba agree to appoint Bongo as Vice President in replacement of Yembit, announcing his decision through a radio and television message recorded in his room on 14 November 1966.
Only Plissken and the President survived their escape.
Only the Secretary of Defense ( and the President ) has the authority to approve transfer of forces to and from Combatant Commands.

Only and is
Only one rule prevailed in my conversations with these men: The more highly placed they are -- that is, the more they know -- the more concerned they have become.
Only recently new `` holes '' were discovered in our safety measures, and a search is now on for more.
Only when that term is ended and he is a private citizen again can he be permitted the freedom and the courage to discount the dangers of his death.
Only when a concert of nations rests on the positive foundations of shared goals and values is it likely to form a viable instrument of long-range policy.
Only a native New Yorker could believe that New York is now or ever was a literary center.
Only this time around the conditions are different and the choice is far harder.
Only rarely is attention given to accurate progress reports and evaluation.
Only the independent art schools, that is, those not connected with any university or college, receive severe and separate investigation before accreditation by the various regional organizations.
`` Only one lumber dealer in ten is equipped to handle unit loads ; ;
Only the assignment of the information cells is important.
Only the Federal government is likely to be able to take a long-run and nation-wide view and to pay for training to meet national skilled manpower needs.
Only when a decision is rendered by the District Court of Appeal ( or, of course, the Supreme Court ) is a binding precedent established.
Only a radical change in the nature of the population in the central city would be likely to destroy this preference -- and we must now turn our attention to the question of whether such a change, gloomily foreseen by so many urban diagnosticians, is actually upon us.
Only confusion, failure and anarchy result when the effort is made to impose upon the civil authority the impossible task of policing private homes to preclude the possibility of sin.
Only rarely is the reader drawn directly into the emotions of the characters or the drama of the scene.
Only the product is required to calculate planetary positions for an ephemeris, which explains why ephemerides are calculated in astronomical units and not in SI units.
Only about 2 % of the continent is not covered by ice.
Only about 100 kg is found per year, which makes it valuable and expensive.
Only with Aram Damascus is he believed to have had strained relations.
") and it includes a proverbial expression (" Only an inch of daylight left ") though it is possible that he coined it himself.
Only Daytime flying is allowed.
Only six leaves of M survive ; however, the printed edition of Gelenius ( G ) is considered to be based on M, making it an important witness to the textual tradition of the Res Gestae.

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