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from Brown Corpus
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Only and python
Only a few days after the release of iTunes 7. 0 the experimental version 2. 3 of QTFairUse6, a derivative of the python open source QTFairUse, was released which dumps each track to a raw AAC file which then can be converted to any format.

Only and must
Only a radical change in the nature of the population in the central city would be likely to destroy this preference -- and we must now turn our attention to the question of whether such a change, gloomily foreseen by so many urban diagnosticians, is actually upon us.
" " Students must first learn to use the language effectively, to understand its beauty and power .” “ Only by using language well will we come to appreciate the perversion inherent in doublespeak .”
Only Jainas have been absolutely unwilling to allow such ideas to penetrate their community, despite the fact that there must have been tremendous amount of social pressure on them to do so.
Only a limited number of planes are able to make the transatlantic journey, so when one lands they must prepare it for the return trip as quickly as possible.
Only the Praetor, who heads the Committee, is guaranteed a seat ; others, even the chairman of the Tal Shiar, must compete to be allowed in.
* Green Court Privilege: Only those in 6a ( the final year ) are allowed to walk across Green Court ; everyone else must walk around it.
Only one application of this kind is allowed for each applicant ; any application for subsequent change ( s ) must be made with a deed poll.
Only upon David's malediction, that whoever knew a remedy and concealed it should surely end by committing suicide, did Ahithophel offer him some rather vague advice, concealing the true solution, which was that the ark must be carried on the shoulders of men instead of upon a wagon ( Num.
Only if they refuse must they be physically killed.
Only one station may transmit at a time ; other stations must listen and wait for the shared channel to be available.
Only firms with 10 or more employees must report their numbers, as well as firms paying workmen ’ s compensation insurance.
* Sexually oriented adult material, which must be listed in the " Adult Only " category, notwithstanding certain items prohibited:
Only so few can be shown, much more must be explained.
However, most fields are FPO ( Field Paint Only ,) meaning players must buy paint at the venue or at a pro shop affiliated with the park.
Only approved paintballs can be used, and the marker must not be fully automatic.
In addition to declaring Allah as the Only God to whom all acts of worship must be dedicated, such as Salah ( prayers ), Zakah, Saum ( fasting ), supplications, vowing and so on.
Only the first of the road are available to private vehicles, and beyond this point, visitors must access the interior of the park through concessionary buses.
“ The duty to keep a contract at common law means a prediction that you must pay damages if you do not keep it – and nothing else .” Onlythe confusion between legal and moral ” ideas had led others to the conclusion that it was immoral to breach a contract.
Only one building, Wells Fargo Plaza, offers direct access from the street to the Tunnel ; otherwise, you must enter the Tunnel from street-level stairs, escalators, or elevators inside a building connected to it.
Only with the development of power electronics has this been possible with AC supplies, where the supply frequency must also be matched ( this mainly applies to locomotives where an AC supply is rectified for DC motors ).
Bishop Haik Hovsepian and the denomination he represented, the Assemblies of God, were ordered to comply with the following directives: ( 1 ) Church services could not be held in Persian, the official language of Iran ; ( 2 ) Church members must be issued membership cards and produce them upon attendance ; ( 3 ) Membership lists, complete with addresses, must be handed over to governmental authorities ; ( 4 ) Meetings must be confined to Sunday, not Friday the officially recognized day of worship ; ( 5 ) Only members could attend Sunday meetings ; and ( 6 ) New members could only be added to the membership and admitted to meetings once the Ministry of Information and Islamic Guidance had been notified.
From the Beltway, motorists exiting onto SR 267 toward Dulles Airport must choose between lanes marked Airport Traffic Only and To All Local Exits ; the Airport Traffic Only lanes lead to the two westbound lanes of the Access Road.

Only and be
Only when that term is ended and he is a private citizen again can he be permitted the freedom and the courage to discount the dangers of his death.
Only by means of an intensive preoccupation with the detailed considerations following from any decision can he ensure attention to the practical details to be dealt with if the implications of immorality in the major decision are effectively to be checked.
Only recently, and perhaps because a television debate can so effectively dramatize President Kennedy's extraordinary mastery of detail, have the abilities on which the capacity for making distinctions depend begun to be clearly discernible at the level of politics.
Only the Federal government is likely to be able to take a long-run and nation-wide view and to pay for training to meet national skilled manpower needs.
Only the vain and incurably sentimental among us will lose sleep simply because foreign peoples are not as impressed by our strength as they ought to be.
Only an occasional tip turned out to be a phony, and, like the police, Casey had made a point of running down all such suggestions and he did not hesitate this time.
Only the families and a dozen close friends will be present.
Only the memory of previous hurt, bewilderment and perplexity made him sure that if he did not ask B'dikkat when he, Mercer, was happy, the answer would no longer be available when he needed it.
Only high frequency sounds like mating calls are heard in this way but low frequency noises can be detected through another mechanism.
Only the fallen angels will be left alive.
Only red abalone may be taken ; black, white, pink, and flat abalone are protected by law.
Only the Jarawa and Sentinelese still maintain a steadfast independence and refuse most attempts at contact ; their numbers are uncertain but estimated to be in the low hundreds.
Only six leaves of M survive ; however, the printed edition of Gelenius ( G ) is considered to be based on M, making it an important witness to the textual tradition of the Res Gestae.
Only then in fact was payment for assembly attendance, the central event of democracy ( Similarly for the period before the Persian wars, but for the very early democracy the sources are very meagre and it can be thought of as being in an embryonic state ).
Only a proper, artist-grade acrylic gesso should be used to prime canvas in preparation for painting with acrylic ( however acrylic paint can be applied to raw canvas if so desired without any negative effect or chemical reaction as would be the case with oils ).
Only about 60 % are in protected areas, suggesting that actual numbers of the lowland subspecies may only be in the low tens of thousands.
Only one " V " device may be worn on service ribbons and suspension ribbons of medals or unit award ribbons.
Only scientific investigation can show which is more likely to be correct.
Only second degree sinoatrial blocks can be detected by use of a 12-lead EKG.
Only one provision appears to impose obligations on an official ; this provision establishes that a judge who reaches an incorrect decision is to be fined and removed from the bench permanently.

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