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Only and independent
Only two people are known to have read two independent editions: the author C. S. Forester and Amos Urban Shirk, an American businessman, who read the 11th and 14th editions, devoting roughly three hours per night for four and a half years to read the 11th.
Only as an independent scholar could he hope to influence the reform of religion.
Only six of the electors, however, had the right to sit at ordinary meetings: " The King of Bohemia, who was in fact not a prince of the Empire but a neighbouring and independent monarch, might vote at an imperial election, but was allowed on no other occasion to meddle in the affairs of the Empire.
Only being outnumbered by ' Zen ' 1. 400 Nichiren temples had been founded all over Kyoto and although the various sects of Nichiren Buddhism were administratively independent they met in a council to resolve common problems.
Only two newspapers, Adalat and Galkynysh, are nominally independent, but they were created by presidential decree.
Only Dana Corporation is still in existence as an independent entity.
Only a few local TV stations remained independent of the networks.
Only recently, when a significant number of influential authors began questioning their own roles, the value of stories as such – independent of authorship – was again recognized.
Only in this appropriately weighted case does the H measure the effective amount of light falling on the film, such that the characteristic curve will be correct independent of the spectrum of the light.
In 2000, Haggard made a comeback of sorts, signing with the independent record label Anti and releasing the spare If I Could Only Fly to critical acclaim.
Only one independent study has shown that escitalopram is more effective than citalopram, but in October 2011 it was reported that the company that sponsored the study had links to Lundbeck, the makers.
* The Only Way, a 2004 independent film inspired by the Columbine High School massacre
One of his last film roles was in the 2005 independent feature film, Only the Brave, about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, where he plays the father of lead actor ( and director ) Lane Nishikawa.
Only when those invasions ceased permanently did the colonial government decide to create the state of Grão-Pará e Maranhão, independent from the rest of the country.
Shays is labeled by his supporters as a " maverick " and " independent thinker ", while conservative detractors regard him as a RINO (" Republican In Name Only ").
Only in 1923 did Pflaumheim, with its Kirche St. Luzia ( church ) become an independent parish.
Only semicolons and periods are strong enough to separate two independent clauses without a conjunction.
Only the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad and the short Van Brunt Street and Erie Basin Railroad remained independent ; the former was acquired in 1913 or 1914.
( Only the first two of these were independent operating railways.
* circassia. blogsome. com ; Only the one independent on net!
Only two of these are independent, usually power and voltage.
Only more modern authors, such as Peter Carroll and Konstantinos, have attempted to describe evocation in a way independent enough from the grimoiric tradition to fit similar methods of interaction with alleged supernatural agents in other traditions.
Only when conflict between the zemshchina and oprichnina reached its peak did Ivan create independent institutions within the oprichnina.
Only summits with a sufficient degree of prominence are regarded as independent mountains.

Only and art
Only later, after Picasso ’ s death, when the rest of the art world had moved on from abstract expressionism, did the critical community come to see that Picasso had already discovered neo-expressionism and was, as so often before, ahead of his time.
Only since the 1960s has Alma-Tadema ’ s work been reevaluated for its importance within the nineteenth century, and more specifically, within the evolution of English art.
Only rarely is mise-en-scène critique used in other art forms, but it has been used effectively to analyse photography.
So long as the separate art of music had a real organic life-need in it there was nowhere to be found a Jewish composer .... Only when a body ’ s inner death is manifest, do outside elements win the power of lodgement in it — yet merely to destroy it.
Only after his death in 1910 was there a first exposition dedicated to him, held at the Musée d ' art et d ' histoire in Neuchâtel.
Only fragments have survived, but that technique was to be copied extensively, eventually ending up as a fundamental feature of Christian art: the apse mosaics that decorate so many churches in Rome, Ravenna, Sicily and Constantinople.
Only five days after taking office, on 16 December 1922, Narutowicz was assassinated while attending an art exhibition, in the National Gallery of Art “ Zachęta ”.
Only a small percentage of stolen art is recovered — estimates range from 5 to 10 %.
Bensonhurst has deep roots in film, art and literature dating as far back as the 1930s when Thomas Wolfe mentions it in his short story Only The Dead Know Brooklyn, famous for being written entirely in " brooklynese ".
Only in Mr. Freeman's art class can Melinda express her inner struggle, as he shows interest in her artwork.
Only paperback editions were published until the " King Penguin " series debuted in 1939, and latterly the Pelican History of Art was undertaken: these were unsuitable as paperbacks because of the length and copious illustrations on art paper so cloth bindings were chosen instead.
** Only the Good Die Young ( written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti ; art by Jordi Bernet, Phil Noto, and David Michael Beck ; 144 pages, collects Jonah Hex # 19-24, DC, April 2008, ISBN 1-4012-1689-7 )
Only the ' 38 Sixteens had a horn button which had " Sixteen " in art deco script ; the ' 39 and ' 40 models, like the V-8 had the Cadillac crest on the button.
His breakout role was in the 1993 film Only the Strong, in which he played Louis, a Capoeira master who takes a high school's potential failures and turns their lives around by teaching them the Brazilian martial art based on the West African martial art brought by slaves.
After November 2002, the first five novels ( from First and Only to The Guns of Tanith ) were reprinted with new cover art by Adrian Smith ; Smith has since drawn every cover illustration to date, with the exception of The Iron Star which used a stock image of the Tanith regimental badge.
Only one state, California, has turned " road rage " into a legal term of art by giving it a particular meaning.
* Exempt: Only sports, art or news shows are exempt ( so nothing that would lead to a RE12 + or higher ) but no particular Content rating.
Only two of the fully decorated pages survive: a Crucifixion ( the oldest in English art ) and the initial to John, and both of these are in poor condition.
Only this art and later evocation of the associated values were considered significant and worth mentioning.
Only in the British Isles can Celtic decorative style be seen to have survived throughout the Roman period, as shown in objects like the Staffordshire Moorlands Pan and the resurgence of Celtic motifs, now blended with Germanic interlace and Mediterranean elements, in Christian Insular art.
The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1991 and was known for its harsh music and gruesome cover art which was a photo of a decapitated man on a New York city subway track wearing a Members Only jacket.
JAKKS ’ product line includes action figures, electronics, dolls, dress-up, role play, Halloween costumes, kids furniture, vehicles, plush, art activity kits, seasonal products, infant / preschool, construction toys, and pet toys sold under various proprietary brands including JAKKS Pacific, Creative Designs International, Road Champs, Funnoodle, Go Fly a Kite, JAKKS Pets, EyeClops, Plug It In & Play TV Games, Girl Gourmet, Kids Only !, Tollytots and Disguise.
Only one year later, she was recruited to join the art department at Howard University in Washington D. C., and remained as professor of design and watercolor painting until her retirement in 1977.

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