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Ono and wrote
Lennon wrote the song about his love for Yoko Ono.
Initially, Kōsei Ono wrote the stories.
An anguished love song John Lennon wrote to Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney interpreted it as a " genuine plea ", with Lennon saying to Ono, " I'm really stepping out of line on this one.

Ono and song
* " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", a 1972 song from the album Some Time in New York City, by John Lennon & Yoko Ono
One of Barenaked Ladies's best-known songs is " Be My Yoko Ono ", and Dar Williams recorded a song called " I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono.
On December 8, 1980, Lennon and Ono were in the studio working on Ono's song Walking on Thin Ice.
Ono had previously performed the song once with John Lennon and once with Sean Lennon and told the audience of thousands that she will never perform it again.
In 2004, Ono remade her song " Everyman ... Everywoman ..." to support same-sex marriage, releasing remixes that included " Every Man Has a Man Who Loves Him " and " Every Woman Has a Woman Who Loves Her.
Although the song was written by Lennon during his tenure with the Beatles it was both written and recorded without the help of the band and released as Lennon's first independent single under the " Plastic Ono Band " moniker.
Lennon subsequently expressed regret that he had not given co-writing credit to Ono instead, who actually helped him write the song.
In 1995, after the Beatles released Lennon's " Free as a Bird " and " Real Love " with demos provided by Ono, McCartney and his family collaborated with her and Sean Lennon to create the song " Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue ", which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of that Japanese city.
In 1969, in the UK, in the course of being interviewed by a Nova magazine reporter, artist Yoko Ono said, "... woman is the nigger of the world "; three years later, her husband, John Lennon, published the song " Woman is the Nigger of the World " ( 1972 )— about the virtually universal exploitation of woman – which was socially and politically controversial to US sensibilities.
The rap song is in Spanish, with a heavy dose of lunfardo, some English words, and a few pop culture references ( among others, Don Johnson, Bon Scott, John Lennon and Yoko Ono are mentioned ).
Another song featured on the album was " 20 Years in the Dakota ", which discussed Yoko Ono's struggles as John Lennon's wife, a position which Love herself has been frequently compared to, due to the perception that Ono drew Lennon away from The Beatles and that Love drew Cobain away from Nirvana.
In 2000 McCartney asked Yoko Ono if she would agree to change the credit on the song to read " McCartney – Lennon " in the The Beatles Anthology but she refused.
His song " You Need Feet " ( a parody of " You Need Hands " by Max Bygraves ) was used in the Rutles ' TV special, accompanying the Yoko Ono film parody " A Thousand Feet of Film ".
*" Sunday Bloody Sunday ", a song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono from the 1972 album Some Time in New York City
The recording was so plausible as a Lennon song that Yoko Ono tried to copyright its lyrics as a Lennon composition after his death.
In 1996 Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto were invited by Ono to remix the song " Talking to the Universe " for a Rising remix EP Rising Mixes.
were released, copyright issues with Yoko Ono led to the song " Don't Worry " being removed and replaced on future pressings by " Moon 83 ", a remixed version of the track " There's a Moon in the Sky ( Called the Moon )" from their debut album.
*" Amsterdam ", a song from the album Wedding Album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono also released her EP Rising Mixes, featuring a remix of her song " Talking to the Universe " by Cibo Matto.
*" God " ( John Lennon song ), which appeared on the album John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
* " Remember ( John Lennon song )", song by John Lennon from his 1970 album John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
When Ono objected to McCartney's request for the reversed credit to be used for the song " Yesterday ", McCartney said that he and Lennon had agreed in the past that the credits could be reversed, if either of them wanted to, on any future releases.

Ono and about
Ono has stated that the couple were thinking about going out to dinner ( after spending several hours in a recording studio ), but were returning to their apartment instead, because John wanted to see Sean before he was put to bed.
They appeared on The Mike Douglas Show and took over hosting duties for a week, during which Ono spoke at length about the evils of racism and sexism.
Ono remained outspoken in her support of feminism, and openly bitter about the racism she had experienced from rock fans, especially in the United Kingdom.
On Valentine ’ s Day, February 14, 2003, on the eve of the Iraqi invasion by the Americans and the British, Ono heard about a romantic couple holding a love-in protest in their tiny bedroom in Addingham, West Yorkshire.
Accepting an award at the 2005 Q Awards, Ono mentioned that Lennon had once felt insecure about his songwriting, and asked her why other musicians " always cover Paul's songs, and never mine ".
In the book, she describes learning about Ono's control over John ( who referred to Ono as " mother ") in the period in the mid-1970s when Ono chose May Pang to be John's companion.
Lennon claimed in 1980 that " there's some underlying thing about Yoko in there ", claiming that McCartney looked at Yoko Ono in the studio every time he sang " Get back to where you once belonged.
" Archaeologist Ono Masatoshi raised concern about the naïve application of the Okinawan gusuku-as-fortifications framework and urged that scholars should not turn a blind eye to the diversified nature of archaeological sites with stone walls in these islands.
In June 1973, as Lennon was about to record Mind Games, Ono decided that she and Lennon should separate.
Ōkuma residents had scattered to about 20 evacuation centers located in the cities of Tamura and Kōriyama and the towns of Miharu and Ono, and by April 30 approximately 1, 800 residents had expressed the desire to also move to Aizuwakamatsu.
Neither Lennon nor Yoko Ono publicly " voiced a word of disapproval about it ".
This category contains articles about albums released by Yoko Ono.
Singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson, whose friendship with Lennon peaked during his 1974 separation from Ono, told Rolling Stone that Goldman " got me drunk " while interviewing him, probing Nilsson for " dirt " about Lennon, and Nilsson would not cooperate.
McCartney spoke about the offer at a press conference in April, 1990, explaining that Ono " actually said ' I think we can get it for 5.
In a 1981 conversation with Hunter Davies, who had written a biography of The Beatles in 1968, McCartney responded to a Yoko Ono interview where she said McCartney had hurt Lennon more than anyone else, by saying, " No one ever goes on about the times John hurt me ... Could I have hurt him more than the person who ran down his mother in his car?
Also on the Get Back bootlegs, Harrison can be heard having a conversation with Lennon and Yoko Ono about possibly doing a solo album of his unused songs, in order to " preserve this, the Beatle bit, more ".
The contributions were entirely individual and Lennon made disparaging remarks about his band mates ' apparent disdain for Ono.
Farin Urlaub sings about a person that annoys him in several ways, stating that this person is " more annoying than Yoko Ono ", who is stated by many people being the cause of the Beatles ' break-up and is therefore disliked by Beatles fans.

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