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Opposed and armed
Opposed to the Bosnian-majority led government's agenda for independence, and along with other armed nationalist Serb militant forces, the JNA attempted to prevent Bosnian citizens from voting in the 1992 referendum on independence.

Opposed and with
Opposed to Prussia's enforced alliance with Napoleon I, he left the Prussian army and served in the Russian army from 1812 to 1813 during the Russian Campaign, including the Battle of Borodino.
The Town of Creswell is aligned with a group called North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field.
Opposed to any feeling of affinity with Muslim culture, Eulogius advocated using a missiology of martyrdom to confront Islam.
Opposed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's theory of social contract, Barrès considered the ' Nation ' ( which he used to replace the ' People ') as already historically founded: it did not need a " general will " to establish itself, thus also contrasting with Ernest Renan's definition of the Nation.
** Opposed piston engine, with multiple crankshafts, an example being:
Opposed by the British Bulldog Breed Council, it was speculated by the press that the changes would lead to a smaller head, fewer skin folds, a longer muzzle, and a taller thinner posture, in order to combat perceived problems with respiration and breeding due to head size and width of shoulders.
Opposed by party leader Mićunović, the idea of a coalition with Milošević found a more receptive audience among some other DS members, including emerging Đinđić.
Opposed to the low moral standards prevalent in the colony, the Baptists strictly enforced their own high standards of personal morality, with special concern for sexual misconduct, heavy drinking, frivolous spending, missing services, cursing, and revelry.
Opposed to the focus on individual emotional experience in expressionist art, Brecht began a collaborative method to play production, starting with his Man Equals Man project.
Opposed to Francisco Largo Caballero's line of partial collaboration with the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera, he had bitter confrontations with both of them.
Opposed to Rohan's hanging around with Angus because Angus, being a thief, tends to cause trouble.
Opposed the support of the Pretender Dmitri-I and the Commonwealth War with Moscow State ( 1609-one thousand six hundred and eighteen ).
Opposed initially to the union with the Six Duchies, Rurisk convinced him of the long term wisdom of Kettricken's marriage for the future trade benefits that would provide sufficient food and other essentials for the growing Mountain Kingdom.
* In Search of Paul: How Jesus's Apostle Opposed Rome's Empire with God's Kingdom, with Jonathan L. Reed, 2004, ISBN 0-06-051457-4
Opposed to the policy of the Count-Duke of Olivares, especially regarding his relationship with the bankers of Portuguese Jewish extraction, he tries by every means to hinder their projects, tightening the stringency of inquisitorial persecution against heretics and Jews.
Opposed to Achille Occhetto's 1991 proposal to dissolve the PCI, he founded, together with Sergio Garavini, Nichi Vendola and some others, the Communist Refoundation Party, of which he became the president.
:( 1 ) the postulate of the principle, or the Cogitatio natural universalis ( good will of the thinker and good nature of thought ); ( 2 ) the postulate of the ideal, or common sense ( common sense as the concordia facultatum and good sense as the distribution which guarantees this concord ); ( 3 ) the postulate of the model, or of recognition ( recognition inviting all the faculties to exercise themselves upon an object supposedly the same, and the consequent possibility of error in the distribution when one faculty confuses one of its objects with a different object of another faculty ); ( 4 ) the postulate of the element or of representation ( when difference is subordinated to the complimentary dimensions of the Same and the Similar, the Analogous and the Opposed ; ( 5 ) the postulate of the negative, or of error ( in which error expresses everything which can go wrong in thought, but only as the product of external mechanisms ); ( 6 ) the postulate of logical function, or the proposition ( designation is taken to be the locus of truth, sense being no more than the neutralized double or the infinite doubling of the proposition ); ( 7 ) the postulate of modality, or solutions ( problems being materially traced from propositions or indeed, formally defined by the possibility of their being solved ); ( 8 ) the postulate of the end, or result, the postulate of knowledge ( the subordination of learning to knowledge, and of culture to method.

Opposed and British
" His opinion of British activity in the Transvaal was well voiced in the Canadian press and in his book In The Court of History: An Apology of Canadians Opposed to the Boer War ( 1902 ).
Opposed to the British control of the Suez Canal Zone and concerned at Egypt becoming a Cold War battleground Nasser pushed for a collective Arab security pact within the framework of the Arab League.
Opposed to Scott was the Right Division of the British Army in Upper Canada, under Major General Phineas Riall.

Opposed and after
Opposed to these results, Gillani resigned shortly after.
Opposed to slavery, Wythe freed all his slaves beginning in 1787, after the death of his second wife.
Opposed by Toronto Mayor Samuel McBride, it is abandoned several weeks later after a change of federal government.

Opposed and was
Opposed to this was Sun Li-jen, who was educated at the American Virginia Military Institute.
Opposed to unemployment on moral grounds, Heath encouraged a famous " U-Turn " in economic policy that precipitated what became known as the “ Barber boom .” This was a two-range process involving the budgets of 1972 and 1973, the former of which pumped £ 2. 5 billion into the economy in increased pensions and benefits and tax reductions.
Opposed to Burnham's authoritarianism, the WPA was a multi-ethnic combination of politicians and intellectuals that advocated racial harmony, free elections, and democratic socialism.
Opposed to this was Sun Li-jen, who was educated at the American Virginia Military Institute.
Opposed to this holy " virtue " was also a " false " mystic potency that emanated from inhabiting daemons who were conceived of as alien and hostile.
Opposed by his boss, Sir Aubrey Lewis, who wouldn't let him go, he joined the Tavistock group in the army, as a way of getting free, and was replaced by Hans Eysenck.
A citizen group named ROAR ( Residents Opposed to Airport Racket ) was created in 1998 and helped push the MAC to make these concessions.
" Opposed by many in his own party, and especially by the President of the University of Buenos Aires ( his brother, Risieri ), Frondizi was open about his motivation for the policy change, declaring that " I need the support of the church.
She was a member of the Albany Association Opposed to Women's Suffrage.
Opposed to this was Sun Li-jen, who was educated at the American Virginia Military Institute.
Opposed both by colons and by Messali Hadj's pro-independence party, the project was never submitted to the National Assembly's vote and ultimately abandoned.
Opposed to communism, she was persecuted by the Polish government of the time.
Opposed on strategic views to Adolf Hitler, Otto Strasser was expelled from the NSDAP in 1930, while Gregor Strasser was killed during the 1934 Night of the Long Knives.
Rybak was an early member of the group ROAR (" Residents Opposed to Airport Racket "), which campaigned for noise mitigation projects in neighborhoods around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.
Opposed to Swedish membership of the European Union, he was elected Member of the European Parliament in 1995 for the Left Party as part of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left, until he stood down in September 2006.
Opposed to them was the Anti-Relief Party or faction ; it was composed primarily of the state's aristocracy, many of whom were creditors to the land speculators and demanded that their contracts be adhered to without interference from the government.

Opposed and New
to Pick Chile Socialist U. S. Opposed as Its Leader ( New York Times, New York, 30 April )
Opposed to them was an American force of 242 officers and enlisted men of the 3rd U. S. Regiment of Artillery, 25 sailors of the U. S. Navy and about 200 of the New York Militia, under the command of Major George Mitchell of the 3rd Artillery.

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