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Ordinances and require
Typically any change to Ordinances will require the agreement of the governing body of the university.
Ordinances frequently require or allow the promulgation of Regulations which can be approved by lesser bodies.

Ordinances and public
At the first meeting of the town trustees ( aldermen ), 27 March 1837, Section 36 of the Ordinances was enacted: " any person who shall on the Sabbath day play at bandy, cricket, cat, town-ball, corner-ball, over-ball, fives, or any other game of ball, within the limits of the corporation, or shall engage in pitching dollars or quarters, or any other game, in any public place, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined the sum of one dollar.

Ordinances and .
Charles, faced with abdication, staged a coup d ' état, and issued his notorious July Ordinances, touching off the July Revolution which ended with Louis-Philippe becoming king.
In supporting Calvin's proposals for reforms, the council of Geneva passed the Ordonnances ecclésiastiques ( Ecclesiastical Ordinances ) on 20 November 1541.
In March 1642 with the King absent from London and the war clouds gathering, Parliament decreed that its own Parliamentary Ordinances were valid laws, even without royal assent.
Ordinances are performed by the authority of the priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ.
The Protectorate Ordinances ( passed in the Colony in 1896 and 1897 ) abolished the title of King and replaced it with " Paramount Chief "; chiefs and kings had formerly been selected by the leading members of their own communities, now all chiefs, even paramount ones, could be deposed or installed at the will of the Governor ; most of the judicial powers of the chiefs were removed and given to courts presided over by British " District Commissioners "; the Governor decreed that a house tax of 5s to 10s was to be levied annually on every dwelling in the Protectorate.
She also worked with Urban Care to achieve Council approval for what is recognized as one of the best Landmarks Preservation Ordinances in the Nation.
* Enactment of the Ordinances of Justice in the Commune of Florence.
As the resentment against Edward's rule and Gaveston's position of power grew, some barons began to insist Gaveston be banished, through the Ordinances of 1311.
In the aftermath, the barons rose up, signing the Ordinances of 1311, which promised action against Gaveston and expelled Isabella de Vesci and Henry de Beaumont from court.
Denmark became officially Lutheran on 30 October 1536 by decree of King Christian III, and in 1537 the reconstituted State Council approved the Lutheran Ordinances which was worked out by Danish theologians and Johannes Bugenhagen, based on Luther's Augsburg Confession and Luther's Little Catechism.
The 1596 Ordinances once more showed the need for reform.
These followed hard on the heels of earlier Ordinances passed in 1539 and 1559, in which the competitive examination system for the appointment of professors had been introduced.
The king and his ministers attempted to manipulate the outcome of a general election in 1830, through their July Ordinances.
Charles's dissolution of the chamber of deputies, his July Ordinances, which set up rigid control of the press, and his restriction of suffrage resulted in the July Revolution of 1830.
The Press ’ s mission is to “ To further through publication the University ’ s objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide .” This mission is laid out in ‘ Statute J ’ in the University of Cambridge ’ s Statutes and Ordinances.
Ordinances and budgets are enacted by a unicameral ( single chamber ) whose elected members serve four-year terms.
The commission passes the Code of Ordinances for the county.
Ordinances are passed by a county council.
Ordinances are passed by a county legislature.
Upon his return his behaviour became even more offensive, and by the Ordinances of 1311 it was decided that Gaveston should be exiled for a third time, to suffer outlawry if he returned.
The king held out for as long as he could, but eventually had to agree to the Ordinances, which were published on 27 September.
At Warwick, Gaveston was condemned to death for violating the terms of the Ordinances, before an assembly of barons, including Warwick, Lancaster, Hereford and Arundel.
The following years were marked by a constant power struggle between Edward and Lancaster, centred on the maintenance of the Ordinances.
The Borough Council is the legislative body of the Borough and can act in one of two formats: a ) Ordinances, which have the effect of law and b ) Resolutions, which state the policy or direction of the Council.

require and public
This was a compromise arrangement for a broadcast time scale: a linear transformation of the BIH's atomic time meant that the time scale was stable and internationally synchronised, while approximating UT1 means that tasks such as navigation which require a source of Universal Time continue to be well served by public time broadcasts.
These high-priority agents pose a risk to national security, can be easily transmitted and disseminated, result in high mortality, have potential major public health impact, may cause public panic, or require special action for public health preparedness.
However, public opposition to increases in defence spending — during a period when economic constraints require reduced spending for social welfare — has created differences among the political parties regarding a broadly acceptable level of new defence expenditure.
The System does not require public funding, and derives its authority and purpose from the Federal Reserve Act, which was passed by Congress in 1913 and is subject to Congressional modification or repeal.
Advocates of Keynesian economics argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by the public sector, particularly monetary policy actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government to stabilize output over the business cycle.
In certain situations involving state public employees in the United States, such as California, " fair share laws " make it easy to require these sorts of payments.
However, notaries public in the U. S., of which the vast majority are lay people, require only a brief training seminar and are expressly forbidden to engage in any activities that could be construed as the practice of law unless they are also qualified attorneys.
In the future, some states may require criterion-based standards either for admission to or graduation from public universities.
Herein lies the basic difference between Public and Business Administration ; the first deals with the public weal while the second deals basically in profit but both require a great deal of education and ethical conduct to avoid the mishaps inherent in the relationship not only of business and labor but also the State and the Administration.
This is why, unlike symmetric key algorithms, a public key algorithm does not require a secure initial exchange of one ( or more ) secret keys between the sender and receiver.
Public relations provides an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment.
In some countries individual privacy may conflict with freedom of speech laws and some laws may require public disclosure of information which would be considered private in other countries and cultures.
Amongst school-going residents, 41. 5 % of them goes to school by public transport, 24. 9 % by private transport, and a further 30. 1 % do not require any form of transport at all.
The majority of them are public and government-funded, although there are some diocesan upper secondary schools and a Waldorf upper secondary school, which are private and require tuition to be paid.
Compared to patents, the advantages of trade secrets are that a trade secret is not limited in time ( it " continues indefinitely as long as the secret is not revealed to the public ", whereas a patent is only in force for a specified time, after which others may freely copy the invention ), a trade secret does not imply any registration costs, has an immediate effect, does not require compliance with any formalities, and does not imply any disclosure of the invention to the public.
The section provides that the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended " except when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it "; prohibits bills of attainder or ex post facto laws ; bars the imposition of taxes or duties on articles exported from any state or the granting of preference to ports of one state over another ; and prohibits civil officers from accepting titles of nobility without the consent of Congress.
In New Jersey v. T. L. O.,, the Supreme Court ruled that searches in public schools do not require warrants, as long as the searching officers have reasonable grounds for believing that the search will result in the finding of evidence of illegal activity.
Common contemporary U. S. vaccination policies require that children receive common vaccinations before entering public school.
Although the shows involve a traditional talent search, the shows follow the reality-competition conventions of removing one or more contestants per episode and allowing the public to vote on who is removed ; the Idol series also require the contestants to live together during the run of the show ( though their daily life is never shown onscreen ).
Currently, almost all majors require some form of extensive independent project or apprenticeship experience, and in most cases, a public defense / presentation of the work, in order to complete the degree requirements.
While the Equal Protection Clause is typically invoked only under very limited circumstances ( with a heavy burden on the complainant to show discrimination ), the Common Benefit Clause is read to require that " statutory exclusions from publicly-conferred benefits and protections must be ' premised on an appropriate and overriding public interest.
require partnership between public and private groups.

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