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Ordinances and allow
Ordinances frequently require or allow the promulgation of Regulations which can be approved by lesser bodies.

Ordinances and profit
In 1830, he founded Le National with Thiers and Armand Carrel, and signed the journalists ' protest against the July Ordinances, however, he refused to profit from his party's victory.

Ordinances and from
In March 1642 with the King absent from London and the war clouds gathering, Parliament decreed that its own Parliamentary Ordinances were valid laws, even without royal assent.
In the aftermath, the barons rose up, signing the Ordinances of 1311, which promised action against Gaveston and expelled Isabella de Vesci and Henry de Beaumont from court.
Ordinances remain valid for no more than six weeks from the date the Parliament is convened unless approved by it earlier.
The next year Lancaster refused to attend a parliament summoned by the king, and later the same year, Edward obtained papal absolution from his oath to follow the Ordinances.
Similar material is found in a number of other Christian writings from the first through about the fifth centuries, including the Epistle of Barnabas, the Didascalia, the Apostolic Church Ordinances, the Summary of Doctrine, the Apostolic Constitutions, the Life of Schnudi, and On the Teaching of the Apostles ( or Doctrina ), some of which are dependent on the Didache.
" The man was attempting to summon another dragon, and died from falling off a broken floor after being hit by the Laws and Ordinances of Ankh-Morpork.
Most businessmen could not, and so were among the first to learn of the < span lang =" fr "> Saint-Cloud </ span > "< span lang =" fr "> Ordinances </ span >" from the Monday edition of.
* Review of the Statutes and Ordinances of Assize which have been established in England from the 4th year of King John, 1202, to the 37th of his present Majesty ( London, 1801 ), a work of some historical research.
* Model TNR Ordinances now available from Neighborhood Cats
Note: Federal Law preempts many Local Ordinances and State Laws which may prohibit a licensed Amateur Radio Operator from possessing an amateur radio based on its factory ability to receive frequencies outside of ham bands.
* Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642 – 1660, a collection of the Ordinances and Acts passed without royal authority by the Parliament of England from 1642 to 1660.

Ordinances and other
City of Plano Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Article I, Section 2-1 ( b ) states that no person, firm, organization, or corporation other than the city shall adopt, use, display, incorporate, or appropriate the official logo of the city as any part of any material, equipment, or other matter of such person, firm, organization or corporation, without written application to and approval of the city council.
Ordinances of Johanan ben Zakkai concerning Rosh ha-Shanah and the Sabbath, and other matters
His appointment was considered a step towards overthrowing the constitution and Polignac, with other ministers, was held responsible for the decision to issue the Four Ordinances, which were the immediate cause of the revolution of July 1830.
The warrant issued on the behalf of the Duke of Norfolk, stated: " that it is desirable that the College of Arms should be visited, and an inquiry instituted with the view of ascertaining whether the Rules and Orders for the good government of the said College ... are duly obeyed and fulfilled ... and whether by change of circumstances or any other cause, any new Laws, Ordinances or Regulations are necessary to be made ... for the said College.
At the first meeting of the town trustees ( aldermen ), 27 March 1837, Section 36 of the Ordinances was enacted: " any person who shall on the Sabbath day play at bandy, cricket, cat, town-ball, corner-ball, over-ball, fives, or any other game of ball, within the limits of the corporation, or shall engage in pitching dollars or quarters, or any other game, in any public place, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined the sum of one dollar.
However Florence was to have other upheavals, reducing the power of the patrician class, in the movement leading to the Ordinances of Justice in 1293, and the Revolt of the Ciompi in 1378.

Ordinances and .
Charles, faced with abdication, staged a coup d ' état, and issued his notorious July Ordinances, touching off the July Revolution which ended with Louis-Philippe becoming king.
In supporting Calvin's proposals for reforms, the council of Geneva passed the Ordonnances ecclésiastiques ( Ecclesiastical Ordinances ) on 20 November 1541.
Ordinances are performed by the authority of the priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ.
The Protectorate Ordinances ( passed in the Colony in 1896 and 1897 ) abolished the title of King and replaced it with " Paramount Chief "; chiefs and kings had formerly been selected by the leading members of their own communities, now all chiefs, even paramount ones, could be deposed or installed at the will of the Governor ; most of the judicial powers of the chiefs were removed and given to courts presided over by British " District Commissioners "; the Governor decreed that a house tax of 5s to 10s was to be levied annually on every dwelling in the Protectorate.
She also worked with Urban Care to achieve Council approval for what is recognized as one of the best Landmarks Preservation Ordinances in the Nation.
* Enactment of the Ordinances of Justice in the Commune of Florence.
As the resentment against Edward's rule and Gaveston's position of power grew, some barons began to insist Gaveston be banished, through the Ordinances of 1311.
Denmark became officially Lutheran on 30 October 1536 by decree of King Christian III, and in 1537 the reconstituted State Council approved the Lutheran Ordinances which was worked out by Danish theologians and Johannes Bugenhagen, based on Luther's Augsburg Confession and Luther's Little Catechism.
The 1596 Ordinances once more showed the need for reform.
These followed hard on the heels of earlier Ordinances passed in 1539 and 1559, in which the competitive examination system for the appointment of professors had been introduced.
The king and his ministers attempted to manipulate the outcome of a general election in 1830, through their July Ordinances.
Charles's dissolution of the chamber of deputies, his July Ordinances, which set up rigid control of the press, and his restriction of suffrage resulted in the July Revolution of 1830.
The Press ’ s mission is to “ To further through publication the University ’ s objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research worldwide .” This mission is laid out in ‘ Statute J ’ in the University of Cambridge ’ s Statutes and Ordinances.
Ordinances and budgets are enacted by a unicameral ( single chamber ) whose elected members serve four-year terms.
The commission passes the Code of Ordinances for the county.
Ordinances are passed by a county council.
Ordinances are passed by a county legislature.
Upon his return his behaviour became even more offensive, and by the Ordinances of 1311 it was decided that Gaveston should be exiled for a third time, to suffer outlawry if he returned.
The king held out for as long as he could, but eventually had to agree to the Ordinances, which were published on 27 September.
At Warwick, Gaveston was condemned to death for violating the terms of the Ordinances, before an assembly of barons, including Warwick, Lancaster, Hereford and Arundel.
The following years were marked by a constant power struggle between Edward and Lancaster, centred on the maintenance of the Ordinances.
The Borough Council is the legislative body of the Borough and can act in one of two formats: a ) Ordinances, which have the effect of law and b ) Resolutions, which state the policy or direction of the Council.
Ordinances require public notice and a public hearing prior to adoption.

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