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Originally and Irish
Originally an active Liberal, she joined the Liberal Unionist party in 1886 in opposition to Irish Home Rule.
Originally a form of folk music with English, Irish, Scottish, and Mexican influences that developed in the western areas of the United States and Canada.
Originally settled almost entirely by immigrants of British and Irish stock, Worcester County was divided during the colonial period into several parishes, though Quakers, Presbyterians, and later Methodists also set up meeting houses.
Originally the community was settled by Irish and German immigrants in the early 19th century.
Originally a rural Irish farming community, Burnsville became the tenth largest Minnesotan city in the 2000 Census following the construction of Interstate 35.
Originally commissioned by Chicagoan Christopher Carley, the building site for the project was purchased by Irish developer Garrett Kelleher in July 2006 when Carley's financing plans fell through.
Originally, only women from Tralee were eligible to compete, in the early 1960s it was extended to include any women from Kerry, and in 1967 it was further extended to include any women of Irish birth or ancestry.
Originally a separate community of Irish women under a common Mother Superior with the English nuns, they moved to Dublin in 1629, the first monastic community in Ireland for a century.
Originally called the Ulster Division, it was made up of members of the Ulster Volunteer Force, who formed thirteen additional battalions for three existing regiments: the Royal Irish Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Rifles and the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Originally the depot of the Seaforth Highlanders and later the Queen's Own Highlanders ( Seaforth and Camerons ), it was more recently home to the Royal Irish Regiment, and as of 2007, the new garrison of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Originally, 245 German and 188 British and Irish soldiers were interred at the cemetery.
Originally, New Zealand Māori had been invited, but they declined because it would clash with their fixture with the British and Irish Lions.
Originally, all Irish Setters were mostly red, or red and white, but from around 1880 breeders, began to prefer the solid red variety.
Originally sentenced to death, Smith O ' Brien and other members of the Irish Confederation were transported to Van Diemen's Land.
The Commitments ( 1987 ) ( Originally called The Partitions ) is a novel by Irish writer Roddy Doyle, and is the first episode in The Barrytown Trilogy.
Originally the company targeted just corporate customers, but from 1 December 1998, when the Irish telecommunications market was fully deregulated, domestic customers were also targeted, under the Esat Clear brand name.
Originally the organ of the Irish Socialist Republican Party, this periodical later became the official organ of the Communist Party of Ireland, which was founded in 1921.
Originally called Irish Continental Line, it first operated on the Rosslare – Le Havre with the 547 berth, 210 car ferry MS Saint Patrick.
Originally the company focused on providing venture capital to start ups, however in the mid-1980s it changed direction and became an industrial holding company, changing its name to DCC and floating on the Irish Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in 1994.
Originally thought to have been inhabited by the Wallumedegal Aboriginal tribe, who lived in the area between the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers, the area was first settled by Europeans shortly after the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, from land grants to Royal Marines and NSW Corps, and was named " Eastwood " by an early Irish free settler, William Rutledge.
Originally, many European families ( Italian, Dutch, British, Irish, Scotch, Danish, and German ) had lived in Richmond Hill.
Originally known as Irish Town because of the Irish settlements, it later became known as Upper Bankstown.

Originally and Protestants
Originally established for the Protestants of the city, the cemetery now serves members of all faiths.
Originally the town proper was inhabitated solely by Protestants, as a by-law had been passed stating " That no Roman Catholic be permitted to reside in the town ".

Originally and commemorated
Originally formed as the 52nd Lowland Volunteers in 1967, as a result of the amalgamation of Territorial Battalions within the infantry Regiments of the Lowland Brigade, the name commemorated the 52nd Lowland Division of the Territorial Force, within which many of the Regiment's antecedent Territorial Battalions served during the First and Second World Wars.

Originally and Battle
Originally called " Sandtown ," Mercerville is named after General Hugh Mercer who died on January 12, 1777 due to wounds incurred at the Battle of Princeton.
Originally made up of Westphalia and the Rhineland, after the Battle of France it was expanded to include the Eupen-Malmedy district of Belgium.
Originally built for the short-line Nevada Central Railway connecting Battle Mountain with Austin, the beautifully restored locomotive features Kimball's own artwork on the cab and headlight and was finally fired up in 1942.
Originally using a minor variation of the 2nd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules, the two games have subsequently taken different development paths.
Originally a loose confederation of unrelated tribes, the Alamanni underwent coalescence or ethnogenesis during the 3rd century, and were ruled by kings throughout the 4th and 5th centuries until 496, when they were defeated by Clovis I of the Franks at the Battle of Tolbiac.
Originally named Camp Crawford, the fort was renamed Fort McIntosh in 1850 in honor of Lieutenant Colonel James Simmons McIntosh, a hero in the Battle of Molino del Rey during the Mexican-American War.
Originally, the area that would become Short Hills was part of Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey, and its eponymous hills are thought to have played a role in the movement of the Continental Army under George Washington during the Battle of Springfield.
Originally based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle models, later included Warhammer 40K cards as well.
Originally, De Camp General Hospital treated only Union soldiers, but following the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, the War Department opened it to care for hundreds of wounded Confederate soldiers.
Originally settling in Asia Minor in its Hellenistic period, they were driven out in the period of Byzantine rule between the 5th and 11th centuries, resettling there only after the occupation of much of Anatolia by Muslim Seljuk forces after the Battle of Manzikert.
Originally built for the short-line Nevada Central Railway connecting Battle Mountain with Austin, the beautifully restored locomotive features Kimball's own artwork on the cab and headlight and was finally fired up in 1942.
Originally it was a port and crossing point from Battle to North Kent.
Originally named ' Rollercoaster ', Kerbdog were formed in 1991 by Cormac Battle ( vocals / guitar ), Colin Fennelly ( bass guitar ) and Darragh Butler ( drums ) while attending Kieran's College secondary level school.
Originally, the Challenge season of Super Friends was supposed to be called " Battle of the Superheroes.
Originally called the Battle of Sunrise Mountain, it was renamed following the debut of the new Sunrise Mountain High School.
Originally, the shell-proof tank was referred to simply as the Heavy Tank, then Foster's Battle Tank.
Originally the RAF Historic Aircraft Flight, with a small group of Spitfires and Hurricanes operating from RAF Coltishall from 1963, the group became the " Battle of Britain Memorial Flight " in 1973, with the acquisition of a Lancaster.
Originally, JG 52 was involved in the air fighting during the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain.
Originally referred to as " The Portland Six ", Patrice Lumumba Ford, Jeffrey Leon Battle, October Martinique Lewis ( Battle's ex-wife ), Muhammad Ibrahim Bilal, Ahmed Ibrahim Bilal, and Habis Abdulla al Saoub made up the original six members arrested in October 2002.

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