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Ortega's and hope
In 2007, President Evo Morales stated that " Daniel Ortega's win gives strength and hope not only to Nicaragua but to all of Latin America.

Ortega's and forth
In 1983, Sen. Domenici, by that time chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, put forth Ortega's name for the post of U. S. Treasurer.

Ortega's and has
President Ortega's decision to support radical regimes such as Iran and Cuba, his harsh rhetoric against the United States and capitalism, and his use of government institutions to persecute political enemies and their businesses, has had a negative effect on perceptions of country risk, which by some accounts has quadrupled since he assumed office.

Ortega's and been
Ortega's paternal grandfather arrived from Texas in the 1880s while on her mother's side, her great-grandfather Luciano had been one of the original settlers of Tularosa in 1862.

Ortega's and partially
Ortega's years as Treasurer came partially under scrutiny in 1992 when Sen. John Glenn, then chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, investigated irregularities in the competitive bidding process used by the Treasury Department.

Ortega's and .
Such leftist reforms damaged U. S. economic interests in the country, gaining hostility from the U. S .' s governing Reagan administration, who funded a right wing militia, the Contras, to overthrow Ortega's government.
These allegations spread, and rumors intensified that it was Ortega's goal to turn Nicaragua into a state modeled after Cuban Socialism.
" I got well enough to do what you see in the parade there, but I couldn't do most of Kenny Ortega's knee spins and things like that that we had worked on.
In 1846 Ortega's rancho was visited by US Army General Stephen W. Kearny, on his way to the Battle of San Pasqual.
Bolaños publicly opposed Daniel Ortega's Sandinista government during the 1980s.
Ortega's logbook in a monastery overlooking the ocean.
In 2012 in Ariel Ortega's Testimonial Enzo scored 4 goals at the remarkable age of 50 and one of which was an agile bicycle kick in the penalty area.
: Pilar Ortega's father who works as the foreman at Falcon Crest. Cesar left the valley with his two sons to live near his sister Mercedes.
: Pilar Ortega's brother who goes to work at the Tuscany Herald newspaper and becomes attracted to Maggie. Tommy leaves town with his father Cesar and his brother Gabriel to live near his Aunt Mercedes.
: Pilar Ortega's younger brother who befriends Ben Agretti.
Pastora became disenchanted with the turn of the revolution when most of the Sandinista leaders moved to the luxury residences of Managua ; he felt the leadership was doing too little to benefit the campesinos and aboriginal tribes he represented and was overly concerned with propagating ideological consistency in a poorly concealed bid to consolidate Ortega's political power.
An overhauled introduction for the game was made, similar to the one in the original Dragon Warrior III, which included Ortega's battle with the Dragon Queen.
Ortega's father, a former Justice of the Peace in nearby Bent, opened a blacksmith shop in Tularosa in 1928.

hope and modern
They also hope to invest in a new modern transport system ( high-speed rail and others ) for Belfast, with a cost of £ 250 million.
Darwin discovered fossils resembling huge armadillos, and noted the geographical distribution of modern species in hope of finding their " centre of creation ".
In addition, with late 19th-century concerns about the impact of modern life on the human body, athletics offered hope that neither the individual nor the society was coming apart.
In modern times, she has been classified as a proto-universalist, although she did not claim more than hope that all might be saved.
“ Hope ” in the Holy Bible means “ a strong and confident expectation .” Though archaic today in modern terms, hope is akin to trust and a confident expectation ".
Despite modern man's claims to be nonreligious, he ultimately cannot find value in the linear progression of historical events ; even modern man feels the " Terror of history ": " Here too [...] there is always the struggle against Time, the hope to be freed from the weight of ' dead Time ,' of the Time that crushes and kills.
The Missouri legislature hastily passed a bill appropriating $ 275, 000 ($ in modern dollars ) to convert an old beauty school in St. Louis into the new Lincoln University School of Law, in the hope that would satisfy the court.
In June, Kiyomori moved the seat of imperial power to Fukuhara ( modern day Kobe ), in the hope of promoting trade with Song Dynasty China, and on the fifteenth of that month, Prince Mochihito fled Kyoto to take refuge in Mii-dera.
In modern times, opinions differ, although the principle stays the same: Whereas one would formerly engage in a Mensur to be hit, many fencing students of today will rather engage in combat in order to prove their competence by not being wounded, instead focusing on reinforcing the bond to one's brothers by sharing hope and fear.
In modern Japan, these ceremonies have been replaced by annual coming-of-age ceremonies for 20-year-olds of both sexes called seijin shiki, or by a ceremony held in school for students who have turned 15 years of age called a risshi-shiki (), literally " standing hope ceremony " in which children stand in front of the school and declare their goals for the future.
The Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip episode " The Cold Open " ( 2006 ), the cast of Studio 60 opens with a parody: " We'll be the very model of a modern network TV show ; we hope that you don't mind that our producer was caught doing blow ".
We hope the new station will be housed in a modern, vibrant building close to Coventry Cathedral in the heart of the city.
Sima Zhao advanced quickly on Zhuge Dan's stronghold of Shouchun ( 壽春, in modern Lu ' an, Anhui ) and surrounded it, eventually capturing the city in 258 after cutting off any hope of an Eastern Wu rescue, killing Zhuge Dan and his family.
The modern era gives publishers almost unlimited ways to touch up, doctor, and " improve " their media, and as each release promises improved sound, video, extras and others, producers hope these upgrades will entice people into making a purchase.
In modern times, smaller-sized Japanese armours and kabuto are bought and kept by Japanese people as a personal interior collection or a seasonal home decoration item displayed during the Boys ' Festival on May 5 for expressing the hope that each boy in the family will grow up healthy and strong.
In 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright, addressing the Congress of Soviet Architects, remarked " This structure — only proposed I hope — is good if we take it for a modern version of Saint George destroying the dragon.
It is my greatest hope that my paintings may serve to bring the best thing of Indian culture into the modern way of life.
" It is my greatest hope that my paintings may serve to bring the best things of Indian culture into the modern way of life.
Can the modern reader within Islam or outside it hope to know the Qur ' an in its essential reality in a truly religious reading?
This makes the Dojeon history ’ s greatest gift-a sacred text of life, not filled with words of despair and tears, but with a radiant and vivid vision of joy and hope for a future that transcends the limitations of modern civilization.
Common themes in the lyrics include introspective struggles with identity and spirituality, struggles with a superficial, secular, and modern society, and hope for life abundant.
Although his experiment was short-lived, Frederic successfully created the first modern state in Europe, run by an efficient bureaucracy: its members were neither appointed from the aristocracy nor the clergy with good reason, since the former were far more interested in defending their own privileges than the welfare of the country and often plotted against him in the hope of regaining their power, while the latter were basically faithful to the Pope, his biggest enemy.
As one of the modern Russian critics put it, " Gippius works, for all of its inner dramatism and antinomy, it ’ s passionate, forceful longing for the unfathomable, has always ... bore the ray of hope, the fiery, inexterminable belief in higher truth and ultimate harmony crowning person's destiny.

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