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Orton and wrote
But Orton, still on an absolute high, proceeded over the next ten months to revise The Ruffian on the Stair and The Erpingham Camp for the stage as a double called Crimes of Passion ; wrote Funeral Games ; wrote the screenplay Up Against It for the Beatles ; and worked on What the Butler Saw.
John Lahr wrote a biography of Orton entitled Prick Up Your Ears, a title * Orton himself had considered using, in 1978.
Carlos Be wrote a play about Orton and Halliwell's last days, Noel Road 25: A Genius Like Us, first performed in 2001.
He befriended gay playwright Joe Orton, who wrote the role of Inspector Truscott in Loot ( 1966 ) for him, and had holidays with Orton and his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, in Morocco.
Later, Orton was a track coach at Penn, and wrote a book about the track and field history of that university.
McLean also wrote The Ark with BYU professor Kevin Kelly, which was produced off-Broadway in New York City in November 2005 by Erik Orton.
In a 2007 journal article, Patrick W. Conner, a professor of English, wrote that he will not call the structure a cross: " Fred Orton has argued persuasively that the lower stone on which the runic poem is found may, indeed, never have belonged to a standing cross, or if it did, that cannot be asserted with confidence now.
In his 1998 essay, “ Rethinking the Ruthwell Monument: Fragments and Critique ; Tradition and History ; Tongues and Sockets ,” scholar Fred Orton discusses a note Reginald Bainbrigg wrote to William Camden in 1600 for possible publication in any new edition of his 1586 Britannia: “ Bainbrigg saw a ‘ column ’ which he referred to as a ‘ cross ,’” Orton said of the note.

Orton and Funeral
The first draft was written between June and October 1964 and entitled Funeral Games, a title Orton would drop at Halliwell's suggestion but would later reuse.

Orton and Games
It is contended that Desmarteau was the first Olympic Games champion from Canada, although 1900 Summer Olympics champion George Orton, who ran for an American university, was also Canadian.

Orton and four
After graduating, both Orton and Halliwell went into regional repertory work: Orton spent four months in Ipswich as an assistant stage manager ; Halliwell in Llandudno, Wales.
The 22 November 1970 edition of The Sunday Times reported that on 5 August 1967, four days before the murder, Orton went to the Chelsea Potter pub in the King's Road.
Lloyd had a successful start to his career in Chicago, establishing himself as a favorite target of quarterback Kyle Orton, with 15 catches in his first four games.
He returned to the field in week 11, though did not approach his early-season productivity until the Bears ' final game of the season, where he caught four passes from Orton for 34 yards.
Orton tied former Purdue quarterback Drew Brees ' record for number of passing yards in a game ( 522 vs. Indiana Hoosiers ), and is the only Purdue quarterback to start four consecutive bowl games ( Brees and Mark Herrmann started three straight ).
From the start of November 2008, Kyle Orton passed for ten touchdowns, and four interceptions, leading the Bears to a 4-3 record.
Less than two months later, November 14, Orton threw a career-high four touchdown passes against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Also in late 1985 and early 1986, Orton challenged Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight Championship ; like his matches four years earlier against Backlund, Orton was not successful.
Following this, Ziggler began feuding Randy Orton on SmackDown four days later, after Orton RKOd him when trying to cash his Money in the Bank contract on a vulnerable Sheamus.

Orton and times
** NWA Florida Tag Team Championship ( 3 times )-with Bob Orton ( 1 ) and Bob Roop ( 2 )
** ICW Southeastern Tag Team Championship ( 2 times )-with Bob Roop ( 1 ) and Barry Orton ( 1 )
:* NWA Florida Tag Team Championship ( 4 times )-with Mr. Wrestling ( 1 ), Bob Orton ( 1 ), and the Missouri Mauler ( 2 )
** NWA Americas Tag Team Championship ( 6 times ) – with Chavo Guerrero Sr .( 1 ), Black Gordman ( 1 ), Barry Orton ( 1 ), and Mando Guerrero ( 3 )
:* NWA Florida Tag Team Championship ( 3 times ) – with Dennis Hall ( 1 ), Hiro Matsuda ( 1 ), and Bob Orton, Jr. ( 1 )
Paul Bearer returned to WWE several times since the disbandment, with the latest taking place on the April 23, 2012 episode of WWE Raw, where he would return for a brief stint as a part of Kane's ongoing feud with Randy Orton.
:* NWA World Tag Team Championship ( Florida version ) ( 7 times )-with Ike Eakins ( 1 ), Sam Steamboat ( 3 ), Bob Orton ( 2 ), and Jose Lothario ( 1 )

Orton and from
Orton attended Marriot Road Primary School, but failed the eleven-plus exam after extended bouts of asthma, and so took a secretarial course at Clark's College in Leicester from 1945 to 1947.
However, prison would be a crucial formative experience for Orton ; the isolation from Halliwell would allow him to break free of him creatively ; and he would clearly see what he considered the corruptness, priggishness, and double standards of a purportedly liberal country.
On 9 August 1967, Kenneth Halliwell bludgeoned 34-year-old Orton to death at his home in Islington, London, with nine hammer blows to the head, and then committed suicide with an overdose of 22 Nembutal tablets washed down with the juice from canned grapefruit.
Research suggests that dyslexia is a symptom of a predominant visual / spatial learning from the earliest studies, circa 1896-1925 by Morgan ( 1896 ), Hinselwood ( 1900 ) and Orton ( 1925 ).
A copy of Clouds of Witness was one of the volumes modified by Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell in their adulterations of library books from the Islington and Hampstead libraries in the early 1960s.
He was imprisoned in Gwelo ( now Gweru ) in Southern Rhodesia, and leadership of the Malawi Congress Party ( the Nyasaland African Congress under a new name ) was temporarily assumed by Orton Chirwa, who was released from prison in August 1959.
The party Banda led since taking over from Orton Chirwa in 1960, the Malawi Congress Party, remains a major force in Malawian politics.
He also began recording his album Strange Cargo III, from which the track ' Water From A Vine Leaf ', written with his ex-girlfriend Beth Orton, became an underground classic.
Van Dam lost the Intercontinental title to Orton at Armageddon after interference from Ric Flair.
They continued a close partnership even after losing the title, but it was disbanded when Edge won the Intercontinental championship at Vengeance from Randy Orton.
On the October 2, 2006 episode of Raw, interference from the newly reformed D-Generation X ( DX ) ( Triple H and Shawn Michaels ) cost Edge his " final chance " at John Cena's WWE Championship in a Steel cage match, though their interference was a response to the interference of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, led to Edge approaching Randy Orton and asking him to join forces to defeat DX, which Orton accepted and joined an alliance with Edge.
On his last appearance in WWE, on the June 1 episode of Raw, Flair challenged Randy Orton in a parking lot brawl match, after an interference from the rest of The Legacy, the fight ended with Flair was trapped inside a steel cage and was punted by Orton.
The year after, Nash returned from injury as a fan favorite and sided with Michaels against Evolution ( Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton ).
The most successful folk artists from the region in recent years are probably the Essex born Billy Bragg and the Norfolk born Beth Orton.
Orton Goldhay was laid out from the mid 1970s by Peterborough Development Corporation as part of the second township for the city.
Until the 1960s Orton Longueville was a village separated from Peterborough by open farmland.
Similar in character to Orton Goldhay, this area was also created from the mid 1970s and lies along the dedicated bus route leading into central Peterborough.
The Fat Truckers were a British electroclash band from Sheffield, comprising Ben Rymer, Mark Hudson and Ross Orton and briefly augmented by Jason Buckle and Ginger Dave as a part-time members.
Orton and Halliwell's relationship is traced from its beginnings at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Surrender was the first Chemical Brothers album not to feature a guest appearance from Beth Orton, though she would appear on the following album Come with Us on the song " The State We're In ".
Famous people from the town include novelist Brian Aldiss, author George Borrow, footballer Harry Cripps, the antiquarian Sir John Fenn, Lady Ellenor Fenn, architect George Skipper, singer Beth Orton and scientist William Hyde Wollaston.
The featured match from the Raw brand was Randy Orton facing Batista for the WWE Championship, which Orton got disqualified in, however he retained the championship.

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