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Other and German
Other brothers later joined them for instruction with Oldenburg, the wigmaker, and also arithmetic was added to Bible reading, German, and Danish in the informal curriculum.
Other utilitarian-type views include the claims that the end of action is survival and growth, as in evolutionary ethics ( the 19th-century English philosopher Herbert Spencer ); the experience of power, as in despotism ( the 16th-century Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli and the 19th-century German Friedrich Nietzsche ); satisfaction and adjustment, as in pragmatism ( 20th-century American philosophers Ralph Barton Perry and John Dewey ); and freedom, as in existentialism ( the 20th-century French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre ).
Other camps were used to hold Japanese American internees or German prisoners of war.
Other prominent European pop and disco groups were Luv ' from the Netherlands and Boney M, a group of four West Indian singers and dancers masterminded by West German record producer Frank Farian.
Other notational traditions do exist ; Italian solo music is typically written at the sounding pitch, and the " old " German method sounded an octave below where notation except in the treble clef, where the music was written at pitch.
Other later Germanic forms include Middle English, Old Frisian ( adjective and noun ), Old Saxon, Old High German, and evil Gothic.
Other translations include Erich Prokosch's nearly complete German translations of the tenth volume, the 2004 introductory work entitled The World of Evliya Çelebi: An Ottoman Mentality written by University of Chicago professor Robert Dankoff, and Dankoff and Sooyong Kim's 2010 translation of select excerpts of the ten volumes An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Çelebi.
Other up-and-coming filmmakers allied themselves to this Oberhausen group, among them Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlöndorff, Werner Herzog, Jean-Marie Straub, Wim Wenders, Werner Schroeter and Hans-Jürgen Syberberg in their rejection of the existing German film industry and their determination to build a new industry founded on artistic excellence rather than commercial dictates.
Other notable directors working in German currently include Sönke Wortmann, Caroline Link ( winner of an Academy Award ), Romuald Karmakar, Harun Farocki, Hans-Christian Schmid, Andreas Dresen, Dennis Gansel, Ulrich Köhler, Ulrich Seidl, and Sebastian Schipper, as well as comedy directors Michael Herbig and Sven Unterwaldt.
Other large German companies include: Robert Bosch, ThyssenKrupp, and MAN ( diversified industrials ); Bayer and Merck ( pharmaceuticals ); Adidas and Puma ( clothing and footwear ); Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank ( banking and finance ); Aldi, Lidl and Edeka ( retail ); SAP ( computer software ); Infineon ( semiconductors ); Henkel ( household and personal consumer products ); Deutsche Post ( logistics ); and Hugo Boss ( luxury goods ).
The two countries are also economically interdependent: 8. 8 % of German exports are U. S .- bound and 6. 6 % of German imports originate from the U. S. Other signs of the close ties include the continuing position of German-Americans as the largest ethnic group in the U. S. and the status of Ramstein Air Base ( near Kaiserslautern ) as the largest U. S. military community outside the U. S.
Other important associations including trade unions were forced to merge with the German Labor Front ( Deutsche Arbeitsfront — DAF ), to which all workers had to belong.
Other examples of heads of state in parliamentary systems using greater powers than usual, either because of ambiguous constitutions or unprecedented national emergencies, include the decision by King Léopold III of the Belgians to surrender on behalf of his state to the invading German army in 1940, against the will of his government.
Other German contemporaries, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach working as partners, also worked on similar types of inventions, without knowledge of the work of the other, but Benz patented his work first, and, subsequently patented all the processes that made the internal combustion engine feasible for use in an automobile.
Other socialists made a return “ behind Marx ” to the anti-positivist programme of German idealism.
Other contributions include his early work on the economic history of Roman agrarian society ( 1891 ) and on the labour relations in Eastern Germany ( 1892 ), his analysis of the history of commercial partnerships in the Middle Ages ( 1889 ), his critique of Marxism, the discussion of the roles of idealism and materialism in the history of capitalism in his Economy and Society ( 1922 ) and his General Economic History ( 1923 ), a notable example of the kind of empirical work associated with the German Historical School.
" Other similar products are the Australian Vegemite and AussieMite, the Swiss Cenovis and the German Vitam-R.
Other readers refer the word ( and also Latin nubere and German Knospe ) to a root expressing the idea of " swelling " ( according to Hesychius, one of the meanings of is " rose-bud ").
Other composers who made individual contributions to German opera in the early 20th century include Zemlinsky, Korngold, Schreker, Hindemith, Kurt Weill and the Italian-born Ferruccio Busoni.
Other early German punk acts included the Fred Banana Combo and Pack.
Other ideas are behind the German expressions formelles Recht ( or Prozeßrecht ) and materielles Recht as well as the French droit formel / droit matériel, the Italian diritto formale / diritto material and the Swedish formell rätt / materiell rätt ; all of which, taken literally, means " formal " and " material " law.
Other researchers have documented the contribution made from other Warsaw Pact intelligence agencies to the fledgling Sandinista government including the East German Stasi, by using recently declassified documents from Berlin as well as from former Stasi spymaster Markus Wolf who described the Stasi's assistance in the creation of a secret police force modeled on East Germany's
Other Whigs joined the Know-Nothing Party, attracted by its nativist crusades against so-called " corrupt " Irish and German immigrants.
Other pieces from this period include a draft of a play about a Bishop, a monk, and a woman accused of paganism by local shepherds, as well as love-poems and narrative lyrics on medieval German knights.

Other and princely
Other small princely states of Maratha knights were retained under the British Raj as well.
Other princely rulers entitled to salutes of 11 guns ( soon 9 guns too ) or more were entitled to the style Highness.

Other and families
Other families included in the Alismatates as currently defined are here distributed among ten additional orders, all of which are assigned, with the following exception, to the Subclass Alismatidae.
Other anti-feminists oppose women's entry into the workforce, political office, and the voting process, as well as the lessening of male authority in families.
Other operating system families ( e. g. Unix ) are not bound to these designations.
Other than collecting works from the past, the library was also home to a host of international scholars, well-patronized by the Ptolemaic dynasty with travel, lodging and stipends for their whole families.
Other server families also offload I / O processing and emphasize throughput computing.
Other recusant families, or branches thereof, include ( d ) Ainscough, Anne ( of Frickley ), Arden ( of Longcroft ), Arundell, Bedingfeld, Berkeley ( of Spetchley ), Blount, Blundell, Clifford ( of Chudleigh ; since 1673 ), Coates, Constable, Constable-Maxwell, Errington, Eyre, Eyston, Fairfax ( of Gilling ), Feilding, Fenwick, Fermor ( of Tusmore ), Fitzherbert ( of Swynnerton ), Fitzherbert-Brockholes, Fortescue-Turville, Gerard ( of Bryn ), Gillibrand, Gillow, Glover, Hesketh, Holden, Holman, Hornyold, Huddleston, Jerningham, Kerr ( Scotland ), De Lisle / de Lisle, Mattingly, Mockler-Barrett, Payne, Petre, Perkins ( of Ufton Court ), Riddell, Scarisbrick, Scrope ( of Bolton ), Smythe, Stonor, Stourton, Talbot, Tempest ( of Broughton ), Throckmorton, Towneley, de Trafford, Tichbourne, Trappes-Lomax ( Trappes of Nidd ), Tresham ( of Northamptonshire ), Vavasour ( of Hazlewood ), Ward, Waterton ( of Walton ), Weld, and Weld-Blundell.
Other species, popularly called " shrikes ," are in the families:
Other traditions are represented, such as Chinese acrobatics schools, and traditional circus families that are often Latin American or European.
Other factors influencing rank included the family's history of military command, high-ranking offices held at court and marriages into other high-ranking families.
Other notable early settlers included the inter-related Murray and Gibbes families, who owned the Yarralumla estate — now the site of the official residence of the Governor-General of Australia — from the 1830s through to 1881.
Other members of the royal families from those times are also buried there.
Other insect families, such as Histeridae, feed on maggots.
Other more junior members of the families generally bore the lower style of " Grand Ducal Highness ".
Other animals living in forests have acquired some or all of these properties through convergent evolution, including members of the mongoose, civet, cat, and bear families.
Other research indicates that violence in families is more likely to occur when step-parents are present and that " genetic relationship is associated with a softening of conflict, and people's evident valuations of themselves and of others are systematically related to the parties ' reproductive values ".
Other families have been removed recently, and are nearly universally accepted ( e. g., Pleocomidae, Glaresidae, Glaphyridae, Ochodaeidae, Geotrupidae, Bolboceratidae )
Other authors gave Numa in addition five sons, Pompo ( or Pomponius ), Pinus, Calpus, Mamercus and Numa, from whom the noble families ( gentes ) of the Pomponi, Pinarii, Calpurnii, Aemilii, and Pompilii respectively traced their descent.
Other writers believed these were fictional genealogies to enhance the status of these families.
Other studies have recently suggested that certain families of microbats ( possibly the horseshoe bats, mouse-tailed bats and the false vampires ) are evolutionarily closer to the fruit bats than to other microbats.
Other arts, such as Takagi Yoshin Ryu and Kukishinden Ryu were developed by members of samurai families.
Other families whose names can still be found in local place names were the Bechtels, the Ebys, the Erbs, the Weavers ( better known today as the Webers ) the Cressmans and the Brubachers.
Other families came to the village because of the Territorial school.
Other families lived there seasonally in tents.
Other newcomers were those who worked and lived in the San Fernando Valley and were willing to endure the commute for the opportunity to raise their families in a smog-free, semirural environment.

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