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Other and Lutheran
12. 7 % were Baptist, 9. 1 % were Catholic, Methodist 3. 6 %, Pentecostal 2. 4 %, Presbyterian 2. 1 %, Lutheran 1. 4 %, Other Christian 4. 1 %, Others were under 1 %.
Other churches on the island are the Roman Catholic's Church of the Ascension, the Beach United Methodist Church, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, and the Beach Baptist Church.
Other churches include Catholic, Church of the Nazarene, Christian, Lutheran, Wesleyan, Baptist, and Presbyterian.
Other churches include St. George Greek Orthodox, Bloomfield Hills Baptist, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church ( ELCA ) on Adamds Road ( Bloomfield Township ), Detroit Michigan Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Birmingham Unitarian Church on Woodward Avenue.
( Other area churches include Gran Lutheran Church, Hawley Alliance Church, Hawley Lutheran Church, Hawley United Methodist Church, Hegland Lutheran Church, Lysne Lutheran Church, Our Savior ’ s Lutheran Church, Rollag Lutheran Church, Solem Lutheran Church, and St. Andrew ’ s Catholic Church ).
Other early Christian radio programs broadcast nationwide in the U. S. beginning in the 1920s – 1930s include ( years of radio broadcast shown ): Bob Jones, Sr. ( 1927 – 1962 ), Ralph W. Sockman ( 1928 – 1962 ), G. E. Lowman ( 1930 – 1965 ), The Lutheran Hour ( 1930 – present ), and Charles E. Fuller ( 1937 – 1968 ).
On April 26, 1847, twelve pastors representing 14 German Lutheran congregations met in Chicago, Illinois, and founded a new church body, the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States.
Other Churches, including the Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Church, commemorate these two martyrs on 7 March, never having altered the date to 6 March.
Other churches include the Old Believers " Svētā Nikolaja " ( St. Nicholas ), Russian Orthodox " Vissvētākās Dievdzemdētājas piedzimšanas ", Lutheran " Svētās Trīsvienības " ( Holy Trinity ), as well as a Baptist church.
Other institutions, such as the state Lutheran church, have followed suit, marching and making speeches.
In 1892, the Wisconsin Synod had federated with the Michigan and Minnesota synods to form the General Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Other States.
In 1917 the synods voted to turn their federation into a formal union, known as the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of Wisconsin and Other States.
Other religious buildings include churches from Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting, and Wesleyan denominations, along with a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall.
Other faiths are active in Chubut, principally amongst the Welsh chapels as well as Lutheran and Muslim places of worship in Comodoro.
Other Lutheran churches include the Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church, the West Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Japan Lutheran Brethren Church, the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Fellowship Deaconry Evangelical Church ( Marburger Mission ).

Other and bodies
Other excavations within the Ancient Pueblo culture area produce varying numbers of unburied, and in some cases dismembered, bodies.
Other sources of income are the framework contracts from UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) and grants and contracts from United Nations bodies, foundations and agencies, which are used to support the scientific activities of the ICSU Unions and interdisciplinary bodies.
Other distinctions between the various sub-disciplines of mechanics, concern the nature of the bodies being described.
Other Nichiren bodies ignore them as forgeries ”.
Other ( much more numerous ) Neptune-crossing bodies that were not in resonance were ejected from that region by strong perturbations due to Neptune.
Other realizations of these polygons are possible on other surfaces, but in the Euclidean ( flat ) plane, their bodies cannot be sensibly realized and we think of them as degenerate.
Other organelles of the microbody family related to peroxisomes include glyoxysomes of plants and filamentous fungi, glycosomes of kinetoplastids and Woronin bodies of filamentous fungi.
Other props included knives and daggers, skulls and " bodies ".
Other governing bodies have similar regulations.
Other attempts were made to send the electric current through bodies of water, in order to span rivers, for example.
Other transferred bodies include the Institute for Security Studies and the Satellite Centre.
Syncretism covers the worship of Baal, the heavenly bodies ( sun, moon, and stars ), the " Queen of Heaven " and other deities as well as practices such as child sacrifice: " Other gods were invoked and serviced in time of need or blessing and provision for life when the worship of Yahweh seemed inadequate for those purposes.
Other departments are in service to constitutional bodies such as the Presidency of the Republic, the Senate, Parliament, the Judiciary, the Prime Minister and the National Council of Economy and Labour.
Other heavy metals such as mercury, plutonium, and lead are toxic metals that have no known vital or beneficial effect on organisms, and their accumulation over time in the bodies of animals can cause serious illness.
Other Indo-Saracenic buildings in Brighton include the Sassoon Mausoleum, now, with the bodies reburied elsewhere, in use as a chic supper club.
Other commonly seen gadgets in the series include a baby woolly mammoth used as a vacuum cleaner ; an adult woolly mammoth acting as a shower by spraying water with its trunk ; elevators raised and lowered by ropes around brontosauruses ' necks ; " automatic " windows powered by monkeys on the outside ; birds acting as " car horns ," sounded by the driver pulling on their tails or squeezing their bodies ; an " electric " razor made from a clam shell, vibrating from a honey-bee inside ; a pelican as a washing machine, shown with a beakful of soapy water ; and a woodpecker whose beak is used to play a gramophone record.
Other ketone bodies such as beta-ketopentanoate and beta-hydroxypentanoate may be created as a result of the metabolism of synthetic triglycerides such as triheptanoin.
Other notable events in Prague's history include the defenestration of the Old-Town portreeve along with the bodies of seven murdered New-Town aldermen in 1483, and the death in 1948 of politician Jan Masaryk, whose body was found in the courtyard of the Foreign Ministry, below his bathroom window.
Other style-defining bodies are also moving toward this clearer notation.
Other sanctioning bodies of softball are AAU, NSA, PONY, ASA, ISC, USSSA, and ISA.
Other water bodies are the springs at Quintana and the La Guancha and El Tuque beaches.
Other ecumenical bodies such as the World YWCA, the World Council of Churches and the World Student Christian Federation, reflected elements of the Paris Basis in their founding mission statements.
Other bodies of water include Tippins Lake ; Grice Creek ; Billy Fork Creek ; Thick Creek ; Mill Branch ; Barnard Mill ; Rocky Branch ; Scott Creek ; Cedar Creek ; and Dry Creek.

Other and synods
Other synods were also held at Milan and at the Council of Hatfield in 680, convoked by Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury.
Other resolutions have to do with the creation of new sees and missionary jurisdictions, Commendatory Letters, and a voluntary spiritual tribunal in cases of doctrine and the due subordination of synods.
" Other Protestant synods also lay down the rule that persons unable to take wine shall be admitted to the Lord's Table on condition that they shall at least touch with their lips the cup which holds the species of wine ; Jurieu, on the other hand, starting from the principle that Christ has founded the essence of the Eucharist on the two species, held that an abstemius does not receive the Sacrament, because it consists of two parts, and he receives only one.
Other Carthaginian synods concerning the lapsi were held in 252 and 254.

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