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Other and Revolutionary
Other nations quickly realized the capability of the new arm and by the start of French Revolutionary Wars in 1790s Austria, Hannover, Portugal, Russia, France, Great Britain and Sweden had all formed regular units of horse artillery.
Other notable early settlers of Henry County include Colonel George Waller, Captain George Hairston and Major John Redd, all of whom were present at the surrender of General Cornwallis at Yorktown ; Col. Abraham Penn, a native of Amherst County, Virginia, who led his Henry County militia troops with the intention of joining General Nathaniel Greene at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse during the Revolutionary War ; and Brigadier General Joseph Martin, for whom Martinsville is named.
Other areas interesting to the tourist include: Mount Gilead State Park ; Amish farms and businesses near Johnsville and Chesterville ; the Mid-Ohio Race Track near Steam Corners ; the rolling Allegheny foothills of eastern Morrow County ; the site of the birthplace of President Warren G. Harding near Blooming Grove ; the site of the former Ohio Central College in Iberia ; the early 19th century architecture of buildings in Chesterville, Ohio ; the Revolutionary War Soldiers ' Memorial in Mount Gilead ; the Civil War monument in Cardington ; and the mid-19th century architecture of the Morrow County Courthouse and Old Jail in Mount Gilead.
) Other notable Revolutionary War era residents included Asa Pollard ( 1735 – 1775 ), the first soldier killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and Thomas Ditson ( born 1741 ), who was tarred and feathered by the British in 1775 while on a visit to Boston.
Other early settlers were Mr. & Mrs. Eli Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Whitney, and Revolutionary War veteran James Gamble and his son, John.
Other acting roles included a part in a Workers ' Revolutionary Party stage production called The Printers, which also featured Vanessa Redgrave and Frances de la Tour.
Other important events for the citadel was: the serfs uprisings from 1437 ; the conquest of Michael the Brave ; the Habsburg attack in 1704 and 1717 ; the Christian uprising-Religious war in 1758-1761 ; the peasant movement from 1784 ; and the Revolutionary wave of 1848-1849.
Other minor communist or radical left parties are the Trotskyist Revolutionary Communist League ( LCR-SAP ) and the Left Socialist Party ( LSP-PSL ).
* Other dailies with large circulations were e. g. Lidová Demokracie, published by the Czechoslovak People's Party ( see National Front ); Mladá Fronta in Czechia / Smena in Slovakia published by the Socialist Union of Youth ( see National Front ); Práce in Czechia / Práca in Slovakia published by the Revolutionary Trade Union Movement ; Svobodné Slovo, published by the Czechoslovak Socialist Party, and Ľud, published by the Slovak Revival Party.
Other Gano artifacts in the chapel include a painting depicting Gano leading the troops in a prayer of Thanksgiving in 1783 at the conclusion of the Revolutionary war and a sword that Washington was said to have given Gano ( which in turn had been given to Washington by Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette ).
Other current versions include a version adapted for children, entitled Yankee Doodle Boy and The Memoirs of a Revolutionary Soldier, and an annotated version entitled Private Yankee Doodle.
Other disadvantages could include the loss of all immediate rights, if the Emperor and / or the Imperial Diet could not defend those rights against outside aggression, such as that which occurred in the French Revolutionary wars and the Napoleonic Wars.
Other groups also soon dropped out of the AFPFL to join the rebellion, not only the White-band faction of the People's Volunteer Organisation ( PVO ) formed by Aung San as a paramilitary force out of the demobbed veterans, but also a large part of the Burma Rifles led by communist commanders calling themselves the Revolutionary Burma Army ( RBA ).
Other accomplishments as Governor included the legalization of the Flag of Maryland, the return of the body of American Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and the remodeling of the Maryland State House to match its appearance when George Washington resigned his position in the Revolutionary Army at the State House in 1784.
Other Zanzibaris in foreign territory were also invited back, most notably the Marxist politician Abdulrahman Mohammad Babu, who was appointed to the Revolutionary Council.
* Bonnett, Alastair ( 2007 ) The Other Rights of Man: The Revolutionary Plan of Thomas Spence.
Sykes's early poetry was published in 1979 in the book Love Poems and Other Revolutionary Acts.
Other Sprague relatives became soldiers in the US Revolutionary War and two of them became governors of the state of Rhode Island.
Other parties that joined to create the UEDF include: Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front ), All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement ( MEISON ), Ethiopian Democratic Union-Tehadiso, Ethiopian National United Front, Ethiopian People Federal Democratic Unity Party ( HIBREHIZB ), Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party, Gambela People's United Democratic Front, Oromo People's Liberation Organization ( OPLO-IBSO ), and Tigrean Alliance for Democracy.
They released one full-length, entitled " I've Never Trusted A Revolutionary Who Was Afraid To Dance ", and later added their entire discography to the disc and added "... And A Bunch Of Other Stuff " to the title.
Other leftist groups such as the Revolutionary Democratic Group and the International Socialist League became involved although the party has experienced ideological and organisational conflicts between those seeking a more left wing version of the British Labour Party and those aiming to found a multi-tendency revolutionary party.
Other uniformed ' regular ' opponents, include such groups as Alf's Imperial Army, The Fort Custard Fire Dept, Black Mac's Death's Head Hussars, the Seaweed People, the Knights of the Brown Bottle, the Auckland Revolutionary Army, The Knights of the Order, and the NZ Colonial Brigade.

Other and War
Other locations and landmarks that have become part of American folklore include: Independence Hall, Ellis Island, Hoover Dam, Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the Grand Canyon.
Other productions within Europe waited until the end of the Second World War, some notable ones being in January 1963 in London at Sadler's Wells Opera conducted by Colin Davis and in Berlin in September 1977 by the Komische Oper.
Other actors that De Palma has worked with on more than one occasion include Jennifer Salt ( The Wedding Party, Hi, Mom !, and Sisters ), Charles Durning ( Hi, Mom !, Sisters, and The Fury ), Al Pacino ( Scarface and Carlito's Way ), John Lithgow ( Obsession, Blow Out and Raising Cain ), Sean Penn ( Casualties of War and Carlito's Way ), Amy Irving ( Carrie, The Fury and Casualties of War ( uncredited voice-over )), and John Travolta ( Carrie, Blow Out ).
Other areas damaged during World War II bombing included: in September 1940 two unexploded bombs hit the Edward VII galleries, the King's Library received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb, incendiaries fell on the dome of the Round Reading Room but did little damage ; on the night of 10 to 11 May 1941 several incendiaries fell on the south west corner of the Museum, destroying the book stack and 150, 000 books in the courtyard and the galleries around the top of the Great Staircase – this damage was not fully repaired until the early 1960s.
Other pre-war processes in Britain were inadequate to meet the increased demand in World War I, and a shortage of cordite would have severely hampered Britain's war effort.
Other events include the AIDS epidemic, the War on Drugs, the Iran hostage crisis, the Persian Gulf War, the Dot-com bubble, grunge, alternative rock and hip hop.
Other works, such as the corpus of Homeric Hymns, the comic mini-epic Batrachomyomachia (" The Frog-Mouse War "), and the Margites were also attributed to him, but this is now believed to be unlikely.
Other Haganah agents recuperated stockpiles from the Second World War, which helped improve the army's equipment and logistics.
Other well-known children of Heracles include Telephus, king of Mysia ( by Auge ), and Tlepolemus, one of the Greek commanders in the Trojan War ( by Astyoche ).
Other electors were added in the 17th century, including the Duke of Bavaria ( referred to as the Elector of Bavaria — replacing the Count Palatine of the Rhine, who was of the same family but had lost his title and vote temporarily during the Thirty Years ' War ), and the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg ( the Elector of Hanover-an office subsequently held by three Hanoverian kings of Great Britain, George I, George II, and George III ).
* The Rooinek and Other Boer War Stories ( 2000 ) edited by Craig MacKenzie ISBN 0-7981-4031-3 Human & Rousseau
Other debilitating scandals included " Arms to Iraq " – the ongoing inquiry into how government ministers including Alan Clark ( also involved in an unrelated scandal involving the revelation of his affair with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge ) had encouraged businesses to supply arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, in breach of the official arms embargo, and how senior ministers had, on legal advice, attempted to withhold evidence of this official connivance when directors of Matrix Churchill were put trial for breaking the embargo.
Other cadet colleges were built after the Liberation War of Bangladesh.
A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War.
Other non-white groups acquired voting rights earlier – shortly after World War Two.
Other well-known planes from World War II were the Seafire ( a naval version of the Spitfire ).
Other examples are the Peter Marlow series, beginning with The Private Sector ( 1971 ) by Joseph Hone, which is set during Israel's Six Day War ( 1967 ) against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, and William Garner's secret agents, the fantastic Michael Jagger, in Overkill ( 1966 ), The Deep, Deep Freeze ( 1968 ), The Us or Them War ( 1969 ) and A Big Enough Wreath ( 1974 ) and the realistic John Morpurgo in Think Big, Think Dirty ( 1983 ), Rats ' Alley ( 1984 ), and Zones of Silence ( 1986 ).
* Hanson, Victor Davis, A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War.
A War Like No Other: The Truth About China's Challenge to America.

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