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Other and Scots
Other positions followed: High Sheriff of Cumberland for life, Lieutenant of the North and Commander-in Chief against the Scots and hereditary Warden of the West Marches.
Other former names — many of which are now considered to be offensive — include Bois-Brûlés, Mixed-bloods, Half-breeds, Bungi, Black Scots and Jackatars.
She also features prominently in the book The Captive Queen of Scots by Jean Plaidy, in the short story " Antickes and Frets " by Susanna Clarke, in her 2006 collection The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories and The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare by Arliss Ryan, and is the main character in the Jan Westcott historical / biographical fiction novel The Tower and The Dream.
* Skene, William Forbes, Chronicles of the Picts, Chronicles of the Scots: And Other Early Memorials of Scottish History ( 1867 ).
Other pieces which are also well-known and widely played include the Scottish Fantasy for violin and orchestra, which includes an arrangement of the tune " Hey Tuttie Tatie ", best known for its use in the song Scots Wha Hae by Robert Burns.
Other contributors to the fund included Simon Heffer, Norris McWhirter ( a Scots Tory ), Peter Clarke, Lord Bell, Gyles Brandreth and Gerald Howarth ( Hamilton's co-plaintiff in the BBC action ).
Other notable buildings in the town include Mary, Queen of Scots ' House and Jedburgh Castle Jail, now a museum.
Other historic buildings in Crail are the tollbooth, with a tower dating from about 1600, which stands on its own in the large marketplace, and the doo ' cot ( Scots for dovecot ) of the town's otherwise vanished Franciscan Friary.
Other step dances include tap, clogging, Canadian step dance, Cape Breton step dance, some forms of Scots and English folk dance and Malambo from Argentina.
Other names include Scots thistle or Scottish thistle, heraldic thistle and woolly thistle ; the name Scots thistle comes from its status as the national emblem of Scotland.
Other English names include bull thistle ,, Scots ,, Scottish or Scotch thistle and common thistle.
Other conditions discussed involved the joint use of English and French heraldry by Mary, Queen of Scots in France.
He is also a minor character in Philippa Gregory's book The Other Queen, with an account given of the time he spent as the Queen of Scots ' gaoler.
Other theories exist ; one such is that it may be derived from the Scots for " Wicket gate in the wood ", and that it used to be called Wygateshaw.
Other European nationalities which immigrated include: English, Scots, Russians, Poles, Portuguese, Romanians, Italians, Greeks, French, Germans and Irish.
Other Scots were instrumental in building the Lachine Canal that turned Montreal into one of the most important and prosperous ports in North America.
Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Macky, Esq., During the Reigns of King William, Queen Anne, and King George I: Including, Also, the True Secret History of the Rise, Promotions, & C. of the English and Scots Nobility ; Officers, Civil, Military, Naval, and Other Persons of Distinction, from the Revolution ; In Their Respective Characters of Large.
Other monuments are the Royal Scots Memorial, the Royal Scots Greys Memorial, the Scottish American War Memorial, the Ross Fountain and Bandstand, and the Norwegian Brigade War Memorial.
Other appearances included regular spots on BBC Radio 4 chat show Loose Ends both as interviewee and interviewer and a major profile / interview on award-winning Swedish TV Arts show Kobra as well as contributions to the BBC TV documentary Scunnered about the Scots dialect.
Other trees include blue ash, chestnut, pawpaw, sweetgum, Black Tupelo, and Scots Pine.
Rugby league in Wales ), and a Scottish national team was never seriously considered, though Scots did feature for Other Nationalities and were eligible for Great Britain.
The team opposing England was labelled Other Nationalities and consisted of Welshmen and a few Scots.

Other and pines
Other accessible mountain areas are being reforested, mainly with pines, mahoe and mahogany.
Other old names, now rarely used, include oldfield pine, due to its status as an early colonizer of abandoned fields ; bull pine, due to its size ( several other yellow pines are also often so named, especially large isolated specimens ); rosemary pine, due to loblolly's distinctive fragrance compared to the other southern pines ; and North Carolina pine.
Other species that some people would consider inappropriate in this environment are willows and ( non native ) pines.

Other and surrounding
Other members of the board include people from the university community such as four approved representatives from Dalhousie Student Union, as well as those in the larger surrounding community of Dalhousie, such as the Mayor of Halifax.
Other important plains are the Nōbi Plain surrounding Nagoya, the Kinki Plain in the Osaka-Kyoto area, the Sendai Plain around the city of Sendai in northeastern Honshū, and the Ishikari Plain on Hokkaidō.
Other important occupations were metallurgy and smithery, based on local iron ore reserves, other crafts like the production of combs from horn, and in the surrounding areas, agriculture.
Other minor details attached to the myth include: the duration of Prometheus ' torment ; the origin of the eagle that ate the Titan's liver ( found in Pseudo-Apollodorus and Hyginus ); Pandora's marriage to Epimetheus ( found in Pseudo-Apollodorus ); myths surrounding the life of Prometheus ' son, Deucalion ( found in Ovid and Apollonius of Rhodes ); and Prometheus ' marginal role in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts ( found in Apollonius of Rhodes and Valerius Flaccus ).
Other terms used to refer to the events surrounding Ragnarök in the Poetic Edda include aldar rök (" end of the world ") from stanza 39 of Vafþrúðnismál, tíva rök from stanzas 38 and 42 of Vafþrúðnismál, þá er regin deyja (" when the gods die ") from Vafþrúðnismál stanza 47, unz um rjúfask regin (" when the gods will be destroyed ") from Vafþrúðnismál stanza 52, Lokasenna stanza 41, and Sigrdrífumál stanza 19, aldar rof (" destruction of the world ") from Helgakviða Hundingsbana II stanza 41, regin þrjóta (" end of the gods ") from Hyndluljóð stanza 42, and, in the Prose Edda, þá er Muspellz-synir herja (" when the sons of Muspell move into battle ") can be found in chapters 18 and 36 of Gylfaginning.
Other indications were that the fencing and environment surrounding the petting zoo could have been a source of transmission.
Much of the wealth on which the city of Manchester, and surrounding towns, was built in the late eighteenth century, and for much of the nineteenth century, was based on the processing of slave-picked cotton .. Other British cities also profited from the slave trade. Birmingham, the largest gun producing town in Britain at the time, supplied guns to be traded for slaves.
Other economic activities include fishing in the lake and agriculture, particularly bananas, in the fertile belt of land surrounding it.
Other walks surrounding Uluru include the Liru Walk, Mala Walk and Kuniya walk, while the sunrise and sunset viewing areas provide great photo opportunities.
Other utility companies serving El Dorado and surrounding areas include Centerpoint Energy ( natural gas ), Southern Lp-Gas Inc ( Liquid Gas ), Bcs Inc ( Commercial and Residential Bottled Gas, Metered Gas Service ), Suddenlink Television ( Cable TV, Internet and Phone ), Verizon Wireless, AT & T ( residential and wireless phone services ), among others.
Other private schools can be found in Great Barrington and other surrounding towns.
Other relevant markers are nearby in surrounding Warren.
Other surrounding mountain ranges include the Big Snowy Mountains, Little Belt Mountains, Bull Mountains, and the Castle Mountains.
Other limited access roads are nearby such as the New Jersey Turnpike ( I-95 ) in surrounding Edison Township and the Garden State Parkway in Woodbridge Township.
Other surrounding cities include Wichita Falls about to the south, Duncan about to the east, and Altus about to the west.
Other farms in the surrounding area produced corn, peanuts, potatoes and fruit.
Other farmers from the surrounding valleys reached his mill via Culbertson's Path.
Other religious faiths have houses of worship in surrounding communities, especially in Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Savannah.
Other more enterprising locals headed for the surrounding hills to guard their moonshine stills.
Other bus services are to Holmfirth, Blackmoorfoot and surrounding villages.
Other artists have taken lounge music to new heights by recombining rock with pop, such as Jon Brion, The Bird and the Bee, Pink Martini, the Buddha-Lounge series, and the surrounding regulars of Café Largo.
Other sources of broadening include collisional broadening as the electron will invariably fail to follow a perfect orbit, distortions of the emission caused by interactions with the surrounding plasma, and relativistic effects if the charged particles are sufficiently energetic.
Other surrounding towns include Bay View, to the north, Clive, to the south, Flaxmere, west of Hastings, and Havelock North.
Other recent work has focused on the role of the surrounding ditch, which may not have been merely a source of chalk for the hill but a purpose-built water-filled barrier placed between the hill and the rest of the world.

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