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Other and alternative
Other alternative materials to wood, are used in guitar body construction.
Other events include the AIDS epidemic, the War on Drugs, the Iran hostage crisis, the Persian Gulf War, the Dot-com bubble, grunge, alternative rock and hip hop.
Other classification schemes may be used in non-western cultures, for example the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders, and other manuals may be used by those of alternative theoretical persuasions, for example the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual.
Other researchers have begun advancing tentative, alternative proposed paths for this in the years since Nanosystems was published.
Other opiates such as dihydrocodeine in both extended-release and immediate-release form are also sometimes used for maintenance treatment as an alternative to methadone or buprenorphine in some European countries.
Other alternative acts to pursue psychedelia from the 1990s included The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Porno For Pyros and Super Furry Animals.
Other novelists such as Valerie Anand have also offered alternative versions to the theory that he murdered them.
Other organizations have established a variety of alternative definitions for their standard reference conditions.
Other factors that distinguish " alternative " weekly tabloids from the major daily newspapers are their less-frequent publication, and that they are usually free to the user, since they rely on ad revenue.
Other relevant organizations include the Alliance for the Sustainable Jobs and the Environment and the Apollo Alliance, a subsidiary of the Blue Green Alliance that promotes green jobs based on alternative energy.
Other alternative names are Région Flandre ( s )- Artois, Hauts-de-France, (' Upper France ') and Picardie-du-Nord (' Northern Picardy ').
Other researchers studied the structure-performance relationship using alternative measures of performance, for example, the speed of adjustment of capital.
The forcible discharge of single spores termed ballistospores involves formation of a small drop of water ( Buller's drop ), which upon contact with the spore leads to its projectile release with an initial acceleration of more than 10, 000 g. Other fungi rely on alternative mechanisms for spore release, such as external mechanical forces, exemplified by puffballs.
Other approaches suggest modifications to the formalism, and are therefore, strictly speaking, alternative theories rather than interpretations.
Other experimental methods being researched involve substrate reduction therapy, which attempts to use alternative enzymes to increase the brain's catabolism of GM2 gangliosides to a point where residual degradative activity is sufficient to prevent substrate accumulation.
Other memos from the BBC archive show how the proposed format evolved and the discussion of alternative titles ( including Around the Horne ).
Other fan-made additions to a universe ( fan fiction, alternative universe, pastiche, parody ) are usually not considered canonical unless they get authorized.
Other issues are environmental pollution, animal welfare, and finding alternative income opportunities for farmers.
A video jockey ( usually abbreviated to VJ, or sometimes veejay ) is an announcer who introduces and plays videos on commercial music television such as the United States ' MTV, VH1, Fuse TV, non-commercial TVU, Canada's MuchMusic, and Asia's Channel V. Other alternative names for a VJ include " VDJ " ( Video DJ ) and " MVJ " ( Mobile VJ ).
Other newspapers published in the city include the alternative weekly The Hype Weekly which focuses on events, arts and culture in the area with a circulation of 2, 500, the weekly Manhattan Free Press, the agriculture-oriented Grass & Grain, and the K-State university newspaper, the Kansas State Collegian.
In 1969, Van Dyke and Moore reunited for a one-hour variety special called Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman which included a never before seen alternative take from one of the show's episodes in which Van Dyke breaks down and cries after being dismissed from a film role instead of just being disappointed.
Other types of green vehicles include other vehicles that go fully or partly on alternative energy sources than fossil fuel.
Other alternative rock bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction also helped supplant the popularity of the genre.
Other important trails include the White Cross Trail, an alternative parallel to the White Dot Trail, and the Cliff Walk, a scenic detour that shadows a ledge to the east of the White Arrow Trail.
Other writers, however, have argued that, though Taine displayed increasing conservatism throughout his career, he also formulated an alternative to rationalist liberalism that was influential for the social policies of the Third Republic.

Other and venues
Other important sport venues are the National Sport Center of Larissa ( EAK Larissas ), which includes the Alcazar Stadium and the Neapoli Indoor Hall.
Other venues for advertising were local tourist bureaux and the picture postcards provided for free use by clients .< ref > finds 22 entries for " motels " on US 40, mostly archived picture postcards bearing advertisements like " 40 Winks Motel -- within city limits of Columbus, Ohio.
Other cultural venues include the National Museum of Art of Romania, Museum of Natural History " Grigore Antipa ", Museum of the Romanian Peasant ( Muzeul Ţăranului Român ), National History Museum, and the Military Museum.
Other leading concert venues include Zhongshan Hall at Ximen and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall near Taipei 101.
Other nightclubs and pool rooms include the Buzz Lounge, the Space 34 nightclub and the pool venues 4 Degrees and the Zone.
Other venues included the TPAC War Memorial Auditorium, another former Opry home ; TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall ; Nashville Municipal Auditorium ; Allen Arena at Lipscomb University ; and the Two Rivers Baptist Church.
Other sources of cryptic crosswords in the U. S. ( at various difficulty levels ) are puzzle books, as well as UK and Canadian newspapers distributed in the U. S. Other venues include the Enigma, the magazine of the National Puzzlers ' League, and formerly, The Atlantic Monthly.
Other venues at the Garden complex include:
Other venues include the Musée de la Marine, Musée de la Mer, Musée de la Photographie and Musée International de la Parfumerie.
Other notable music venues are The Dukes, The Grand Theatre, The Gregson Centre, The Bobbin and The Yorkshire House which since 2006 has hosted such acts as John Renbourn, Polly Paulusma, Marissa Nadler, Baby Dee, Diane Cluck, Alasdair Roberts and 2008 Mercury Prize nominees Rachel Unthank and the Winterset.
Other traditions of working class entertainment survive on Shoreditch High Street where the music halls of yesteryear have been replaced by the greatest concentration of striptease venues in London ( Clifton 2002 ).
Other skiing venues and Nordic ski trails are located near Driggs.
Other venues and establishments are found dispersed along Johnston Street, in and around River Ranch, along Ambassador Caffery, the Simcoe Street Strip and also a scattered collection of neighborhood dives and watering holes.
Other venues used for athletic activities include Lincoln School, Lennox School, Lakeside School, and Pompton Lakes High School.
Other venues could include the Temple of Fides or the Temple of Concord, or, if the meeting was outside of the formal boundary of the city, at the Temple of Apollo or ( if a war meeting ) at the Temple of Bellona.
Other venues are used when holding meetings for special events and activities.
Other notable venues are the Stadion malih sportova under Gorica hill and the sport shooting range under Ljubović hill.
Other artistes who had the fortune to study in India or with teachers who came to the west, started teaching at different venues of Trinidad.
Other venues for Hawaiian music on Oahu include the Waikiki Shell an establishment used primarily for concerts and entertainment purposes.
Other than the Arts Centre, live music venues in Colchester include V bar, Tin Pan Alley Charter Hall, The Fat Cat ( pub ), and several others including one of Colchesters oldest venues, The Twist, recently re-opened after a period of closure.
Other activities include performance and variety shows, movies, parties, and cultural celebrations held various venues including the Argiro Student Center, Arts Center Theater and the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.
Other sports venues include the Kilat Club in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh Field ( Padang Ipoh ) in the Old Town, the Polo Grounds, and the Iskandar Polo Club, in Ampang Baru.
Other defunct but historically important venues include the Pence Opera House, the Coffeehouse Extempore or Extemporé, and the Uptown Bar.

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