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Other and applications
Other than the previously mentioned use as a biological control for pests, the cane toad has been employed in a number of commercial and noncommercial applications.
Other modern applications of the cane toad include pregnancy testing, as pets, laboratory research, and the production of leather goods.
Other applications include a theory of personality, interpersonal relations, education, nursing, cross-cultural relations and other " helping " professions and situations.
Other uses for semiconductor diodes include sensing temperature, and computing analog logarithms ( see Operational amplifier applications # Logarithmic ).
Other common applications of epistemology include:
Other biotechnical applications have emerged since the 1990s.
Other programmers quickly started developing KDE / Qt applications, and by early 1997, a few applications were being released.
Other applications rely on the peak pulse power ( rather than the energy in the pulse ), especially in order to obtain nonlinear optical effects.
Other uses include cooking ( oils and fats in use in frying pans, in baking to prevent food sticking ), bio-medical applications on humans ( e. g. lubricants for artificial joints ), ultrasound examination, internal examinations for males and females, and the use of personal lubricant for sexual purposes.
Other applications include various electrophoresis and liquid chromatography applications for proteins and DNA, cell separation, in particular blood cell separation, protein analysis, cell manipulation and analysis including cell viability analysis and microorganism capturing.
Other features of the language are intended to help MUMPS applications interact with each other in a multi-user environment.
Other ratings were also produced for commercial applications.
Other applications included early television systems, where the various line and frame frequencies were kept synchronized by pulses included in the video signal.
Other designs are purpose built for control applications.
Other applications of niobium include its use in welding, nuclear industries, electronics, optics, numismatics and jewelry.
Other languages are regularly used to write many different kinds of applications.
Other applications include the role of organophosphorus compounds in detergents, pesticides and nerve agents, and matches.
Other applications of samarium include catalysis of chemical reactions, radioactive dating and an X-ray laser.
Other types of spectroscopy are distinguished by specific applications or implementations:
Other applications may use binary alphabet ( Σ =
Other SIP applications include video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online games.
Other techniques such as cryptography were previously restricted to military applications.

Other and demand
Other pre-war processes in Britain were inadequate to meet the increased demand in World War I, and a shortage of cordite would have severely hampered Britain's war effort.
Other factors can change demand ; for example an increase in income will shift the demand curve for a normal good outward relative to the origin, as in the figure.
Other African countries oppose this position stating that renewed ivory trading puts their own elephant populations under greater threat from poachers reacting to demand.
Jacques Lacan, inspired by Heidegger and Saussure, built on Freud's psychoanalytic model of the subject, in which the " split subject " is constituted by a double bind: alienated from jouissance when he or she leaves the Real, enters into the Imaginary ( during the mirror stage ), and separates from the Other when he or she comes into the realm of language, difference, and demand in the Symbolic or the Name of the Father.
Other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil and Russia, benefited from increased demand for their mineral and energy resources that global growth generated.
Other Guianese began to demand a more representative political system in the 19th century.
Other possible problems with fiscal stimulus include the time lag between the implementation of the policy and detectable effects in the economy, and inflationary effects driven by increased demand.
Other priorities in the early 1990s included the promotion of a more active and positive role for Japan in the rapidly developing Asia-Pacific region, the internationalization of Japan's economy by the liberalization and promotion of domestic demand ( expected to lead to the creation a high technology information society ) and the promotion of scientific research.
Other P2P systems like BitTorrent scale well because the demand on each peer is independent of the total number of peers.
Other issues that can arise from an increasing population are growing demands for health care and an increase in demand for different types of services.
Other assets ’ values fluctuate with supply and demand, such as commodities, which are liquid investments unlike most other tangible investments.
) Other species include the Veloxi, large insects who demand bribes from ships which violate their space ; androids, Interstel models which can be part of the crew, and a mechanical " race " ( the Mechans ) left over from the days of the Old Empire ; the Elowan, a pacifistic race of sentient plants ; the Thrynn, reptile creatures who are primarily interested in money ; Spemin, gelatinous blobs who are known for their cowardice ; the Gazurtoid, octopus-like zealots who regard all " air-breathers " as infidels ; and the Uhlek, a destructive fleet of ships with a hive mind.
Other options such as a second downtown station are also being studied to meet future demand.
Other organizations, including the city government and various developer-friendly advocacy groups such as the conservative Manhattan Institute, argued that residential construction in underused manufacturing zones is essential to meet growing housing demand.
Other players can demand a redeal.
Other people, under the position that transsexuality is a physical condition and not a psychological issue, assert that sex reassignment therapy should be given if requested, and may even align with those who feel that all body modification should be offered on demand.
Other critics of free immigration are concerned that it would be unfair to current homeowners if an influx of new residents greatly brought down the property values and attractiveness of living in that location, or, alternatively, increased the demand to live in the city so much that the home owner would not be able to keep up with increased taxes from higher property values.
Other digital media retailers like Apple, Amazon. com and Blockbuster have purchase and rental options for video and music on demand.
In response to the rising demand for capable English teachers equipped with professional-level language and teaching knowledge, the HUFS TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) Professional Education Center was established as an independent education institution.
Other future technologies may incorporate electricity-supply-sensitive electronics to sense when there is a change in supply and demand.
Other stations followed and the demand led to the track being given a commercial release as a single and reaching the top 30 on the ARIA Charts ( although charting higher in the States where the tour and free EP didn't reach ).
Other airports on the network will be expanded to accommodate the increasing air traffic demand.
Other sources have argued that chronic inflation is caused by governments seeking to optimise seignorage taxes in order to pay most efficiently for public programmes, or because the societies in which it developed have consistently imported more than they can export and their currencies have had to devalue consistently to make their imports more expensive without elasticity being sufficient to reduce demand.

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