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Other and approaches
Other approaches may include a more physical approach, following the teachings of Jerzy Grotowski and others, or may be based on the training developed by other theatre practitioners including Sanford Meisner.
Other approaches gaining in popularity include the use of dynamical systems theory and also techniques putting symbolic models and connectionist models into correspondence ( Neural-symbolic integration ).
Other anthropological approaches that deal with various aspects of community include cross-cultural studies and the anthropology of religion.
Other approaches are to guide the tendencies of the designer.
Other approaches, such as individual frames served by AJAX, or SVG images may be animated via JavaScript or SMIL.
Other approaches focus on the problem of the formation of international rules: why states voluntarily adopt international law norms, that limit their freedom of action, in the absence of a world legislature ; while other perspectives are policy oriented: they elaborate theoretical frameworks and instruments to criticize the existing norms and to make suggestions on how to improve them.
Other approaches to death in infancy are in John Sander's No Other Name, and include postmortem evangelism.
Other approaches include the intra-class correlation, which is the ratio of variance of measurements of a given target to the variance of all targets.
Other approaches exist such as that of Guy Thilmans and his team in 1980, who felt that any archeology from pre-colonial could be attached to that designation or that of Hamady Bocoum, who speaks of " Historical Archaeology " from the 4th century, at least for the former Tekrur.
Other approaches to reaching a decision based on data are available via decision theory and optimal decisions.
Other approaches involve using arrays of real-valued numbers instead of bit strings to represent chromosomes.
Other approaches were devised by Hardy or Dupré and Tipler.
Other German princely families adopted similar approaches when facing a lack of male heirs.
Other than the ability to land the ball on a strategically optimum line and length, the main weapons of the bowler are his ability to move the ball sideways as it approaches the batsman, or his ability to deliver the ball at a high velocity.
Other approaches suggest modifications to the formalism, and are therefore, strictly speaking, alternative theories rather than interpretations.
Other approaches to providing a formal semantics of programming languages include axiomatic semantics and operational semantics.
Other approaches to powerlifting training include Metal Militia style training for bench press, Mike Tuscherers RPE-based training, and the classical progressive overload approach.
; Other approaches in Physical medicine and rehabilitation ( Physiatry ):
Other reasonably successful approaches included shotguns with lower-powered cartridges, " salt shells ", and ricocheting the shot off of the ground.
Other approaches involve avoidance techniques, which focus on keeping the individual occupied with other activities, or replacing the act of self-harm with safer methods that do not lead to permanent damage.
Other approaches include personal rapid transit, a public transportation concept that offers automated on-demand non-stop transportation, on a network of specially built guideways.
Other common approaches to interval estimation, which are encompassed by statistical theory, are:
Other approaches to performing rule evaluation, such as the use of decision trees, or the implementation of sequential engines, may be more appropriate for simple scenarios, and should be considered as possible alternatives.

Other and Cultural
Other festivals held in the city of Dayton include, the Dayton Blues Festival, Dayton Music Fest, Urban Nights, the African American and Cultural Festival, and the Dayton Reggae Fest.
Other sources of income are the framework contracts from UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) and grants and contracts from United Nations bodies, foundations and agencies, which are used to support the scientific activities of the ICSU Unions and interdisciplinary bodies.
" Technology, Art, and the Cybernetic Body: The Cyborg As Cultural Other in Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ", Amerikastudien / AmericanStudies, 44: 3, 1999, pp. 379 – 92.
The Evidence Of The Xylophone And Other Musical And Cultural Factors, Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1971.
Other notable organizations Israel is an active member of include the Education For All movement, the European Centre for Higher Education ( CEPES ), the World Heritage Committee ( WHC ), the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property ( ICCROM ), and the International Council on Monuments and Sites ( ICOMOS ).
Other prominent public projects include the National Theatre of Catalonia in Barcelona, Madrid Congress Centre, the Arsenal Concert Hall in Metz, the Shepherd School of Music for Rice University in Houston, the Villa Cultural del Prado in Valladolid, and the Convention and Exhibition Centre in A Coruña.
The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History.
" Tropical Sex Fantasies and the Ambassador's Other Death: The Difference in Portuguese Colonialism ," Cultural Critique ( Number 28 ; Fall of 1994 ): 149 – 173.
Other student services located in the Herzberg building include the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre, Academic Advising, Counselling services, the Cultural Diversity office, the Employment Centre, the Financial Assistance office, the Health and Wellness Centre, the Learning Centre, Legal Advisory Services, the Registrar ’ s office, Special Needs Services, Student Activities, Student Services, Student Success Services, and the University and Career Information Centre.
Other historic awards and distinctions include the Spanish Order of the Golden Fleece, the Order of Isabella the Catholic, the Order of Alfonso X, the Order of Marie Louise, the Order of Saint Raimundo de Penafort, the Order of Military Merit, the Order of Naval Merit, the Order of Aerial Merit, the Order of Civil Merit, the Order of Cultural Merit, the Order of Calatrava, the Order of the Knights of Santiago, the Order of Sant Jordi d ' Alfama, and the Order of Alcántara, among others.
Between 2004 and 2007 she was a president of the TROPOS-Association for Historical, Social and Other Anthropologies and for Cultural Activities ( Ljubljana, Slovenia ).
Other museums in the borough include the Museo de Arte Escultórico Geles Cabrera on Xicotencatl Street in Colonia del Carmen, the Museo del Automóvil on Avenida Division del Norte in Pueblo de San Pablo Tepetlapa, the Museo del Retrato Hablado on Avenida Universidad in Colonia del Carmen, Museo Cultural de las Artes Graficas on Calzada de Tlapan in Barrio de San Diego Churubusco and the Museo Alejandro Galindo on Avenida Santa Úrsula in Colonia Santa Úrsula.
Other notable recorded contemporary versions include those by Women of the Calabash ( The Kwanzaa Album ), Winard Harper ( Faith album ), and Linda Tillery, Leontyne Price, and the Cultural Heritage Choir ( Front Porch Music album ).
" Jews and Other Differences: The New Jewish Cultural Studies.
Other practical results of education reform prior to the Cultural Revolution of 1966 included practical instruction in the evils of opium addiction ( cf.
Other past AUF leaders have been Fesseha Demessae who served as Deputy Secretary General and Director of Cultural Affairs, and former vice-president Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo.
* New, R. " Italian Child Care and Early Education: Amor Maternus and Other Cultural Contributions.
The Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Indiana University Press.
Other activities include cultural activities, leadership programs, community service programs and excellence programs with the cooperation of the Student Advisory and Development Unit, the Sports Unit, the Arts and Cultural Development Unit, Hostel Management.
* Buruma, Ian ( 1983 ) Behind the Mask: On Sexual Demons, Sacred Mothers, Transvestites, Gangsters, Drifters, and Other Japanese Cultural Heroes
and Other Studies in Chinese Cultural History ( University of Chicago Press, 1970 ) and Shen Pu-hai: A Chinese Political Philosophy of the Fourth Century B. C.
and Other Studies in Cultural History ( 1970 ).
Other places worth noting include Maehama beach, the German Cultural Center, Painagama Beach, and the sights on Irabu-jima.
* Behind the Mask: On Sexual Demons, Sacred Mothers, Transvestites, Gangsters, Drifters, and Other Japanese Cultural Heroes, a book by Ian Buruma

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