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Other and arches
Other possible derivations include aux arcs meaning " of the arches " in reference to the dozens of natural bridges formed by erosion and collapsed caves in the Ozark region.
Other significant features employed as motifs include columns, piers and arches, organized and interwoven with alternating sequences of niches and colonnettes.
Other French arches more closely imitated those of imperial Rome ; the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris, for instance, is closely modelled on the Arch of Septimius Severus in Rome.
Other sights include the Notre-Dame Bridge, with five arches surmounted by a chapel in the middle.
Other works in Breslau ( Wrocław ) include the market hall ( a huge concrete structure of elliptical arches, but appearing more traditional externally ) and a large office building on the SW corner of the main town square.
Other distinguishing features include flared front and rear wheel arches.
Other characteristic features included loggias, colonnades, clusters of columns supporting arches, French doors, casement windows, barrel tile roofs, hearths, grand stairways and decorative ironwork.
Other changes included the shape of the front fenders with raised wheel arches, parking and tail lights.
Other features that distinguish the BN2 from the BN1 are the slightly larger front wheel arches, different rear axle and being the first 100 with optional two-tone paint.

Other and park
Other birds can be seen from the park, with records including Short-toed eagle.
Other public amenities include netball and tennis courts, football oval, town hall, sports complex, medical clinic, playground, skate park and rotunda.
Other examples include: park, horn, her, bird, and burn.
Other areas were also considered: for example, parts of the coast of Cornwall were considered as a possible national park in the 1950s but were thought to be too disparate to form a single coherent national park and were eventually designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ( AONB ) instead.
Other projects include the new district near the Santa Gilla pond ( Piazza Santa Gilla ), a luxurious beauty-center on the Poetto beach, where now is the old abandoned " Marino " hospital, the new university campus, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and the new " Parco della musica ", a great park with an amphitheatre and fountains, channels and water-games, between T-hotel and the Civic Theatre ; the latter will be finished by the end of the year, while the other works will be finished by 2010 – 2011.
Other projects that Olmsted has been involved in include the country's first and oldest coordinated system of public parks and parkways in Buffalo, New York ; the country's oldest state park, the Niagara Reservation in Niagara Falls, New York ; one of the first planned communities in the United States, Riverside, Illinois ; Mount Royal Park in Montreal, Quebec ; the Emerald Necklace in Boston, Massachusetts ; the Emerald Necklace of parks in Rochester, New York ; Belle Isle Park, in the Detroit River for Detroit, Michigan ; Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan ; the Grand Necklace of Parks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ; Cherokee Park and entire parks and parkway system in Louisville, Kentucky ; the Forest Park in Springfield, Massachusetts, featuring America's first public " wading pool "; the George Washington Vanderbilt II Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina ; the master plans for the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University near Palo Alto, California ; and Montebello Park in St. Catharines, Ontario.
Other farm stock also graze in the park, many of which belong to tenant farmers or smallholders, who use the park for summer grazing.
The film begins with an overhead view of a man and woman picnicking in a park at the Chicago lakefront — a one-meter-square overhead image of the figures on a blanket surrounded by food and books they brought with them, one of them being The Voices of Time and Other Short Stories by J. G. Ballard.
Other interesting places on the Heysel are a large movie theatre ( Kinepolis ), a park which hosts miniature models of famous European buildings ( Mini-Europe ), a subtropical water park ( Océade ) and a planetarium.
Other companies established by Milton Hershey include Hershey Trust Company, and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, which runs Hersheypark, a chocolate-themed amusement park, the Hershey Bears minor professional hockey team, Hersheypark Stadium and the GIANT Center.
Other businesses include the Flint River Services refrigerated storage, ValuePart distribution center, as well as expansions of several existing industries in the park.
Other species found in the park include bandicoots, bats, koalas, wombats and numerous small ground mammals.
Other areas in the park can be reached by un-sealed roads, which are mostly accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles except in bad weather or after heavy rain.
Other plants found in the area are Conostylis and the rare fringed lily are also found within the park.
Other attributes that the park is known for and the wildflowers, Samphire and Salt Lakes.
Other animals including 4 frog species, 52 species of reptile and 51 bird species are also resident in the park.
Other flora that can be found around the park include Melaleucas, Grevilleas, Sheoaks, Christmas Tree and Grass Trees.
Other notable features of the park include Wilson Bluff and Delisser sandhills.
Other trees species in the park include White Beech and Silky Oaks.
Other introduced species, such as pigs, cattle and horse roam throughout the park.
Other animal species found in the park include the Rock-haunting ringtail possum, Agile wallaby, Olive python, Catfish, Wallaroo, Dingo, and Echidna.

Other and were
Other Indians were running at the ponies, shrilling and waving blankets.
Other pilot programs were conducted by A & S, Babylon, New York ; ;
Other pigments were mostly raw umber, some burnt umber, and a little yellow ochre.
Other lettermen from the team that compiled a 21-9 record and finished as runner-up in the National Invitation Tournament were: Art Hambric, Donnell Reid, Bill Nordmann, Dave Harris, Dave Luechtefeld and George Latinovich.
Other witnesses, after appearances before the jury, which reportedly is probing into possible income tax violations, disclosed that government prosecutors were attempting to connect Stein and his company with a number of gangsters, including Glimco and Alex.
Other reasons mentioned by one-third or more of the builders were `` resistance to high interest rates, cost advantage of buying over renting has narrowed, shelter market nearing saturation and prospects unable to qualify ''.
Other people were doing it, too, sitting all along the wide banisters and leaning over the parapets above, watching the azaleas mass, or just enjoying the sun.
* That ethnographic work was often ahistorical, writing about people as if they were " out of time " in an " ethnographic present " ( Johannes Fabian, Time and Its Other ).
Other common terms for this bug were " turn over " and " flip over ".
Other innovative elements were the construction of underground car parking and separate lifts and stairs for the owners and their servants.
Other minor battles were won by Hasan Ali Shah before he arrived in Shahr-i Babak, which he intended to use as his base for capturing Kerman.
Other burhs were sited near fortified royal villas allowing the king better control over his strongholds.
Other early nuns were the Blessed Juliana of Puriselli, Benedetta Bimia, and Lucia Alciata.
Other Greek cities set up democracies, and even though most followed an Athenian model, none were as powerful, stable, nor as well-documented as that of Athens.
Other significant results were on Pontryagin duality and differential geometry.
Other scholars have even said that Luke wrote this apology in order to support Christians who were becoming allies with local Roman officials.
Other less commonly used nicknames were the " Gridbirds " ( used only by a local newspaper columnist ) or " Cardiac Cards " ( used only to refer to the 1975 team ).
Other physical implementations were also available.
Other ancient historians and philosophers believing in the existence of Atlantis were Strabo and Posidonius.
Other festivals were supervised exclusively by the Curule Aediles, and it was often with these festivals that the Aediles would spend lavishly.
Other anti-war demonstrations were organized by the antiglobalization movement: see for example the large demonstration, organized against the impending war in Iraq, which closed the first European Social Forum in November, 2002 in Florence, Italy.
Other species of wild bovines were also domesticated, namely the wild water buffalo, Gaur, and Banteng.
Other aediculae were small shrines within larger temples, usually set on a base, surmounted by a pediment and surrounded by columns.
Other Flexowriter characters that were found a use in Atlas Autocode were: in floating-point numbers, e. g. for modern ; to mean " the second half of an Atlas memory word "; for the mathematical pi number.

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