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Other and areas
Other affected areas include the south eastern coast of China and Taiwan.
Other areas of the country, particularly the north and north-west regions, lack even basic analogue land line phones.
Other examples are readily found in different areas of mathematics, for example, vector addition, matrix multiplication and conjugation in groups.
Other areas of biochemistry include the genetic code ( DNA, RNA ), protein synthesis, cell membrane transport and signal transduction.
Other well-known areas are: Chironico ( Switzerland ), Stanage ( UK ), Hueco Tanks ( Texas ), Val Masino and Val di Mello ( Italy ), Castle Hill ( New Zealand ), Bishop ( California ), Joe's Valley ( Utah ), Yosemite ( California ), Rocktown ( Georgia ), Rocklands ( South Africa ), Cocalzinho de Goiás ( Brazil ), Kjugekull ( Sweden ), Hampi ( India ) Horse Pens 40 ( Alabama ) and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch ( Arkansas ) amongst others.
Other traditional steelmaking areas faced cutbacks.
Other areas sometimes included are Afghanistan, Mongolia, eastern Iran and northern and western Pakistan, and sometimes Xinjiang and Tibet in western China, Jammu and Kashmir in northern India, and southern Siberia in eastern Russia.
Other areas of controversy include history and philosophy.
Other minor areas of controversy may include economics, science, finances, organisation, age, gender, and race.
Other trees are placed in most public areas and outside churches.
Other movements, such as the Waldensians and the pantheistic Brethren of the Free Spirit, which suffered persecution in the same area, survived in remote areas and in small numbers into the 14th and 15th centuries.
Other effects are unpleasant or dangerous because alcohol affects many different areas of the body at once and may cause progressive, long-term harm when consumed in excess.
Other areas of concern are the selection of personnel for the specialised Diving committees and for coaching and officiating at events, and the team selection for international competitions.
Other areas of the delta are used for agriculture.
Other non-traditional areas are also integrated as well in moderation to balance the education.
Other areas of the Gulf Coast have benefited less, though economic development fueled by tourism has greatly increased property values along the coast, and is now a severe danger to the valuable but fragile ecosystems of the Gulf Coast.
Other areas are much more geologically complex.
Other infrastructure needs in rural France, such as better roads and canals, were neglected because of the expense of the railways, so it seems likely that there were net negative effects in areas not served by the trains.
Other primates have sweat gland in their armpits that function as those of humans, and thus it is probable that human sweat glands evolved from a similar distribution, spreading to more areas of the body, rather than occurring through evolution of a new trait.
Other countries will have different thresholds according local sensitivity to hail ; for instance grape growing areas could be adversely impacted by smaller hailstones.
Other uncommonly used designs feature dry storage by providing movable shields that reduce radiation levels in areas of the irradiation chamber.
" Other notable exclusions from NKVD data on repression deaths include the Katyn massacre, other killings in the newly occupied areas, and the mass shootings of Red Army personnel ( deserters and so-called deserters ) in 1941.
Other accessible mountain areas are being reforested, mainly with pines, mahoe and mahogany.
Other important occupations were metallurgy and smithery, based on local iron ore reserves, other crafts like the production of combs from horn, and in the surrounding areas, agriculture.

Other and damaged
Other plants can also be damaged by acid rain, but the effect on food crops is minimized by the application of lime and fertilizers to replace lost nutrients.
Other than Culloden, the only British ships seriously damaged in their hulls were Bellerophon, Majestic and Vanguard, while Bellerophon and Majestic were the only ships to lose masts: Majestic the main and mizzen and Bellerophon all three.
Other provisions set the terms of a transaction, establishing the liability of a builder for a house that collapses, for example, or property that is damaged while left in the care of another.
Other than this, breaks are permitted only when forced by events beyond the players ' control, such as rain, damaged footwear, damaged racket, or the need to retrieve an errant ball.
Some scholars believe Louis XV's decisions damaged the power of France, weakened the treasury, discredited the absolute monarchy, and may have led to the French Revolution which broke out 15 years after his death Other scholars argue that this reputation is based on propaganda meant to justify the French Revolution, and, by dismissing the Parlement de Paris and reforming the tax code, Louis set France on a path of stability late in his reign.
Other Mission buildings, including the Tienda, the Priest's Quarters, and the Mission itself were also damaged by the earthquake.
Other windows, although not damaged in the storm, were a constant drain on the abbey budget in the 18th century.
Other ethnic minorities were also targeted — 500 stores in the Jewish quarter were damaged or destroyed.
Other claims regarding the crack in the bell include stories that it was damaged while welcoming Lafayette on his return to the United States in 1824, that it cracked announcing the passing of the British Catholic Relief Act 1829, and that some boys had been invited to ring the bell, and inadvertently damaged it.
Other fragile items withstood the disaster as well, some even in a better shape, like a Caenorhabditis elegans worm culture, the only survivors of the accident are a damaged hard disk drive.
Other significant buildings damaged or destroyed included the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Library, which was set on fire and burned to the ground, destroying thousands of irreplaceable texts.
Other writers went on to increase Wolverine's healing factor to the point that it could fully regenerate nearly any damaged or destroyed bodily tissues within seconds.
Other ships damaged by Fritz-X included Dutch sloop Flores and destroyer Loyal.
Other ships sunk or damaged by the Hs 293 include:
Other losses included 580 industrial concerns and armaments works, 299 of which were important enough to be listed by name, were either destroyed or damaged.
Other coral reef provinces have been permanently damaged by warm sea temperatures, most severely in the Indian Ocean.
Other building of interest are the Siege Museum, originally built in 1884 as a marketplace and the Town Hall, damaged by Boer artillery during the Second Boer War.
Other notable pieces include: a wooden model of the statue of St. John of Nepomuceni, according to which the bronze statue, that is presently on Charles Bridge, has been cast, statues of St. Joseph and Christening of the Lord on Charles Bridge ( both have been damaged during the revolution days in 1848 and today can be found in the lapidarium of the National Museum in Prague ) and many other plastics around Bohemia such as the sculpture in the church of St. Barbara in Manětín, plastics in and nearby the castles in Klášterec nad Ohří, Červený Hrádek, Libochovice, Broumov, etc.
Other than Clacton, the Butlins camps were relatively unscathed, and even Clacton, which had been damaged by troop occupation, re-opened in early 1946.
Other cemented eyepieces can be damaged by the intense, concentrated light of the Sun.
Other crops damaged by Carmen included soybeans, rice, and cotton.
Other shops were damaged in a subsequent riot which spilled into the streets.

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