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Other and aspects
Other historians debate this analysis ( such as if the order was a violation ) or debate aspects of the records, and have been either harsher or more lenient.
Other anthropological approaches that deal with various aspects of community include cross-cultural studies and the anthropology of religion.
Other important aspects of a Sikh's life include Sewa ( dedication to the service of God's creation ) where the emphasis is often upon manual work, undertaking of goodwill towards other faiths and their followers, to defend for justice and assistance of the oppressed.
Other indications of dating are obtained by stylometry and this section therefore is an appropriate place to consider some aspects of his style as a Greek poet.
Other theories included the pangenesis of Charles Darwin ( which had both acquired and inherited aspects ) and Francis Galton's reformulation of pangenesis as both particulate and inherited.
Other passages, however, conflict with the teachings of the Qur ' an — as, for instance, in the account of the Nativity, where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus without pain or as in Jesus's ministry, where he permits the drinking of wine and enjoins monogamy — though the Qur ' an acknowledges each prophet had a set of their own laws that might differ in some aspects from each other.
Other aspects in Italian are rendered with other periphrases, like prospective ( io sto per mangiare " I'm about to eat ", io starò per mangiare " I shall be about to eat "), or continuous / progressive ( io sto mangiando " I'm eating ", io starò mangiando " I shall be eating ").
Other aspects in ASL include the following: stative, inchoative (" to begin to ..."), predisposional (" to tend to ..."), susceptative (" to ... easily "), frequentative (" to ... often "), protractive (" to ... continuously "), incessant (" to ... incessantly "), durative (" to ... for a long time "), iterative (" to ... over and over again "), intensive (" to ... very much "), resultative (" to ... completely "), approximative (" to ... somewhat "), semblitive (" to appear to ..."), increasing (" to ... more and more ").
Other aspects of the adult industry include ( for example ) telephone sex operators, strip clubs, pornography and the like.
Other federal agencies that regulate aspects of food irradiation include:
Other aspects of their marriage suggest a closer, more positive relationship.
Other aspects of the mountings ( koshirae ), such as the menuki ( decorative grip swells ), habaki ( blade collar and scabbard wedge ), fuchi and kashira ( handle collar and cap ), kozuka ( small utility knife handle ), kogai ( decorative skewer-like implement ), saya lacquer, and tsuka-ito ( professional handle wrap, also named tsukamaki ), received similar levels of artistry.
Other legal technicalities deal with aspects of substantive law, that is, aspects of the law which articulate specific criteria that a court uses to assess a party's compliance with or violation of, for example, one or more criminal laws or civil laws.
Other aspects of the new courses of study that form the upper school review have received little public attention.
Other aspects of non-perturbative QCD are the exploration of phases of quark matter, including the quark-gluon plasma.
Other scholars have by contrast stressed the subversive aspects of the legend, and see in the medieval Robin Hood ballads a plebeian literature hostile to the feudal order.
Other primary aspects of Japanese science fiction TV are the superhero tokusatsu ( a term literally meaning special effects ) series, pioneered by programs such as Moonlight Mask and Planet Prince.
Other times, she will concentrate too much on one aspect of a device ( usually power ) and forgets to compensate by boosting other aspects of the same device, making many of her inventions rather unstable.
Other aspects of the voice, such as variations in the regularity of vibration, are also used for communication, and are important for the trained voice user to master, but are more rarely used in the formal phonetic code of a spoken language.
Other phenomena are simply interesting aspects of optics, or optical effects.
Other important aspects of farming such as crop marketing and economic variables must also be considered when deciding crop rotations.
Other aspects of Fischer's patent, such as a synthesized voice announcing how much time the players have, thus eliminating the need for them to keep looking at the clock, have not been adopted.
Other aspects of culture were also transmitted when the Baekje court retreated to Japan after Baekje was conquered.
Other unusual isotopic ratios within these grains reveal many specific aspects of explosive nucleosynthesis.

Other and Articles
" Other autobiographical pieces regarding Campbell's life are available in Section V, " On Ramsey Campbell " in his essay collection Ramsey Campbell, Probably: 30 Years of Essays and Articles ( ed.
Other Wikipedia Articles:
* Lessons of the War with Spain, and Other Articles ( 1899 )
Other states, such as Maryland, refused to ratify the Articles of Confederation so long as these states were allowed to keep their western territory, fearing that those states could continue to grow and tip the balance of power in their favor under the proposed system of federal government.
* A Treatise on Adulterations of Food and Culinary Poisons: Exhibiting the Fraudulent Sophistications of Bread, Beer, Wine, Spirituous Liquors, Tea, Coffee, Cream, Confectionery, Vinegar, Mustard, Pepper, Cheese, Olive Oil, Pickles, and Other Articles Employed in Domestic Economy, and Methods of Detecting Them, London 1820, Second edition 1820, Third edition 1821, Fourth edition 1822 ; reprint Philadelphia 1820 ; German translation by L. Cerutti Von der Verfälschung der Nahrungsmittel und von den Küchengiften, Leipzig 1822, Second edition 1841
* Frank Aydelotte, The Oxford Stamp and Other Essays and Articles, Kessinger Publishing, ( May 1, 2005 ) ISBN 1-4179-3674-6
* Mackenzie Collection: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Manuscripts and Other Articles by H. H. Wilson, 1828 at Google Books.
* Mackenzie Collection: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Manuscripts and Other Articles by H. H. Wilson, 1828 at Internet Archive.
Other Acts concerned with this settlement were the Act of Supremacy 1559 and the Thirty-Nine Articles ( 1563 ).
* Breaking the Mould: Essays, Articles and Columns on Islam, India, Terror and Other Things That Annoy Me, ImprintOne, Delhi, 2008
This article has been put to use on six occasions, in the following cases, in which the Cabinet sought an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court on hypothetical cases relating to an interpretation of constitutional provisions: Three Questions Referred under Articles 36 & 55 of the Constitution ( 1977 ); Four Questions Referred under Article 55 of the Constitution ( 1977 ); Constitutional Reference ; In re Article 55 of the Constitution ( 2003 ); Constitutional Reference ; In re Dual Nationality and Other Questions ( 2004 ); In the Matter of Article 55 & 45 ( and Article 36 & 40 ) of the Constitution ( 2007 ); and In the Matter of Article 55 & 45 ( and Article 36 & 40 ) of the Constitution ( 2008 ).
Other critics have argued that PSI activities violate international laws regarding self-defense, Articles 19 and 88 of UNCLOS.
Other Articles:
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* Aviation Safety Center-' Mary Schiavos Books, Articles and Other Resources for Aviation Safety and Security '
Articles 84 and 85 states the official political, social and national defense duties that are rested with the president Other than the enumerated powers, Number 30 allows the president to use other powers granted to him either from national law or from other sections of the Constitution.

Other and provide
Other sections of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code provide for survival of certain of a transferor's tax attributes following a tax-free reorganization.
Other Member States do not provide the option of a debt discharge.
Other well-known large software companies include Novell, SAP, Symantec, Adobe Systems, and Corel, while small companies often provide innovation.
Other significant reforms under the new constitution provide for civil divorce, dual nationality, the election of a vice president, and the election of departmental governors.
Other actions the Convention itself does not provide for but that derive from subsequent COP 11 resolutions may be taken against the offending Party.
Other kinds of books include those that provide a scientific explanation for the phenomena.
Other types of compound bows use either ( one or both ) cam shaped or eccentrically mounted pulleys in order to provide a " let off ", such that the archer is not holding against the maximum draw weight of the bow while trying to aim.
* Other renewable sources: Large dams such as Hoover Dam can provide large amounts of hydroelectric power ; it has 2. 07 Watt # Gigawatt | GW capability.
Other forms involve directly correcting a mutation, or using DNA that encodes a therapeutic protein drug ( rather than a natural human gene ) to provide treatment.
( Other observations might be more definitive ( that is, provide larger discrepancies or less measurement uncertainty ), like the anisotropy of the microwave background radiation or Big Bang nucleosynthesis.
Other slugs, designed for use on service trains, may be fitted with a cab, which can control the whole consist, and may also provide additional fuel storage for the mother locomotive.
Other translators provide literal translations, trying to imitate exactly the writings of Latin authors.
Other mission objectives were to perform field and particle measurements in interplanetary space in the vicinity of Mars and to provide experience in and knowledge of the engineering capabilities for interplanetary flights of long duration.
Other philosophers contend that nouns do not always name entities, but that some provide a kind of shorthand for reference to a collection of either objects or events.
Other libraries have been created to provide OpenGL application developers a simple means of managing OpenGL extensions and versioning.
Other protocols, notably IMAP, ( Internet Message Access Protocol ) provide more complete and complex remote access to typical mailbox operations.
Other programming languages like. NET languages, Java, and Python instead provide regular expressions through standard libraries.
Other TV listings services and publications, including local newspapers, would often indicate reruns as "( R )"; since the early-2000s, many listing services now only provide a notation only if an episode is new ("( N )"), with reruns getting no notation.
Other types of roofing, for example pantiles, are unstable on a steeply pitched roof but provide excellent weather protection at a relatively low angle.
Other companies provide fixed telephone lines too, but mainly to large companies in the major cities.
Other vehicles ( certain lottery payouts, for example, or an annuity ) may provide a similar stream of payments.
Other nations which did not give official recognition but which did provide support and assistance to Biafra included Israel, France, Portugal, Rhodesia, South Africa and the Vatican City.
Other manufacturers provide drivers that allow the control of a single handset.
Other instruments, such as citizen entitlements, e. g. " U. S. Social Security ", or other pensions, may be indexed to the rate of inflation, to provide a reliable value stream.
Other important groups that provide index fossils are the corals, graptolites, brachiopods, trilobites, and echinoids ( sea urchins ).

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