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Other and birds
Other birds can be seen from the park, with records including Short-toed eagle.
Other animals found in the relatively open habitats of the high Andes include the huemul, cougar, foxes in the genus Pseudalopex, and, for birds, certain species of tinamous ( notably members of the genus Nothoprocta ), Andean Goose, Giant Coot, flamingos ( mainly associated with hypersaline lakes ), Lesser Rhea, Andean Flicker, Diademed Sandpiper-plover, miners, sierra-finches and diuca-finches.
Other bees are lost to birds in flight.
Other nesting native birds include Red-tailed Tropicbirds ( Phaethon rubricauda ), Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters ( Puffinus pacificus ), Audubon's Shearwater ( Puffinus iherminierii ), Black-Naped Terns ( Sterna sumatrana ), White ( or Fairy ) Terns ( Gygis alba ), Striated Herons ( Butorides striatus ), and White-breasted Waterhens ( Amaurornis phoenicurus ),
Other fauna present in New Mexico include black bears, cougars, coyotes, porcupines, skunks, Mexican gray wolves, deer, elk, plains bison, collared peccary, bighorn sheep, squirrels, chipmunks, pronghorn, western diamondback, kangaroo rat, jackrabbit and a multitude of other birds, reptiles, and rodents.
Other associated fauna include the larvae of moths ( such as the Dryandra Moth ) and weevils, which burrow into the " cones " to eat the seeds and pupate in the follicles ; and birds such as cockatoos, who break off the " cones " to eat both the seeds and the insect larvae.
Other commonly seen gadgets in the series include a baby woolly mammoth used as a vacuum cleaner ; an adult woolly mammoth acting as a shower by spraying water with its trunk ; elevators raised and lowered by ropes around brontosauruses ' necks ; " automatic " windows powered by monkeys on the outside ; birds acting as " car horns ," sounded by the driver pulling on their tails or squeezing their bodies ; an " electric " razor made from a clam shell, vibrating from a honey-bee inside ; a pelican as a washing machine, shown with a beakful of soapy water ; and a woodpecker whose beak is used to play a gramophone record.
Other prey included large wild animals such as onager, sheep, and cattle, and smaller animals such as hare, fox and birds, which were hunted throughout the year.
Other endemic species include two reptiles, a skink Haackgreerius miopus and a lizard Latastia cherchii and two birds, Ash's Lark ( Mirafra ashi ) and the Obbia Lark ( Spizocorys obbiensis ).
Other kosher birds may be eaten, but not brought as a korban.
Other native birds, including the Gray Catbird, have suffered from the same causes.
Other birds recorded on the cays include Masked and Brown Boobies, Silver Gulls, Black-naped, Sooty, Bridled, Greater Crested, Lesser Crested and Little Terns, Black and Common Noddies, and Lesser Frigatebirds.
Other wild birds include great bittern, pintail, lapwing, water rail, ring-necked parakeet, sparrowhawk, sand martin, kingfisher, little grebe and great crested grebe.
Other winter visitors are birds of prey such as Peregrine and Merlin, as well as wading birds and songbirds.
Other instances in the Qur ' an which are described in a concise manner are the rescue of Abraham from the fire into which he was thrown by his people ( 37: 97 ; 21: 68 – 70 ); his pleading for his father ( 28: 47 ); his quarrel with an unrighteous and powerful king ( 2: 58 ) and the miracle of the dead birds ( 2: 260 ).
Other seeds may stick to the feet or feathers of birds, and in this way may travel long distances.
Other NSAIDs were also found to be toxic, to Gyps as well as other birds such as storks.
Other causes of death are cats, rats, collisions with vehicles and windows, and human disturbance of nesting birds, including riverbank works with heavy machinery.
Other birds have been placed in this order more out of necessity to place them somewhere ; this has caused the expanded Gruiformes to lack distinctive apomorphies.
Other adaptations to island ecologies include gigantism, dwarfism, and, among birds, loss of flight.
Other examples include the Woodland Kingfisher of west Africa and many Australian birds.
Other grievances held by this group included seasonal restrictions on the hunting of native birds, the land tax ( on land held under Crown grant within five miles of a public road ), the wheel tax ( on vehicles with certain tyre widths ).
Other animals eaten by these birds are crayfish and amphibians.

Other and especially
Other angels came to be conventionally depicted in long robes, and in the later Middle Ages they often wear the vestments of a deacon, a cope over a dalmatic, especially Gabriel in Annunciation scenes-for example The Annunciation by Jan van Eyck.
Other neurotransmitter systems are also involved, especially dopamine, NMDA and glutamate.
Other activists, especially those from the more established tradition, view the safety, practicality, and intent of many segregated cycle facilities with suspicion.
Other kinds of members, especially methods, enable the behavior of class instances.
Other wavelengths, especially nearby infrared ( longer than 700 nm ) and ultraviolet ( shorter than 400 nm ) are also sometimes referred to as light, especially when visibility to humans is not relevant.
Other foods not from animal or plant sources include various edible fungi, especially mushrooms.
Other students have noted a range of textual similarities between passages in the Gospel of Barnabas, and variously the texts of a series of late medieval vernacular harmonies of the four canonical gospels ( in Middle English and Middle Dutch, but especially in Middle Italian ); which are all speculated as deriving from a lost Vetus Latina version of the Diatessaron of Tatian.
Other offshoots include noisegrind ( especially raw and chaotic ) and electrogrind ( incorporating electronic elements such as programmed drums ).
Other common iconic presences, especially of monarchs, are on coins, stamps and banknotes ; more discreet variations see them represented by a mention and / or signature.
Other advanced techniques, such as nonradioactive in situ hybridization, can be combined with immunochemistry to identify specific DNA or RNA molecules with fluorescent probes or tags that can be used for immunofluorescence and enzyme-linked fluorescence amplification ( especially alkaline phosphatase and tyramide signal amplification ).
Other sublinear functions can be useful as well, especially Minkowski functionals of convex sets.
Other artists depicted scenes, regardless of when they occurred, in classical dress and for a long time, especially during the French Revolution, history painting often focused on depictions of the heroic male nude.
Other poems produced in the following years, especially On the Mount's Bay and St Michael's Mount, are pleasingly descriptive verses, showing sensibility but no true poetic imagination.
Other theologians defended the expression " Immaculate Conception ", pointing out that sanctification could be conferred at the first moment of conception in view of the foreseen merits of Christ, a view held especially by Franciscans.
Other linguists, most notably Alexander Vovin, argue, however, that the similarities are not due to any genetic relationship, but rather to a sprachbund effect and heavy borrowing especially from ancient Korean into Western Old Japanese.
Other contemporaries, however, found the first movement especially dark, and Reinhold Brinkmann, in a study of Symphony No. 2 in relation to 19th century ideas of melancholy, has published a revealing letter from Brahms to the composer and conductor Vinzenz Lachner in which Brahms confesses to the melancholic side of his nature and comments on specific features of the movement that reflect this.
Other historians have been more cautious in interpreting this material, noting that chroniclers also reported John's personal interest in the life of St Wulfstan of Worcester and his friendships with several senior clerics, most especially with Hugh of Lincoln, who was later declared a saint.
Other applications rely on the peak pulse power ( rather than the energy in the pulse ), especially in order to obtain nonlinear optical effects.
Other anarchists have believed that violence ( especially self-defense ) is justified as a way to provoke social upheaval which could lead to a social revolution.
Other modernists, especially those involved in design, had more pragmatic views.
Other features were one of the first hardware-implementations of a multiplication instruction in an MPU, full 16-bit arithmetic, and an especially fast interrupt system.
Other than the images at Dura of the two ‘ magi ’ with scrolls, there is no direct and explicit evidence for the carriers of such doctrines .... Up to a point, Cumont ’ s Iranian paradigm, especially in Turcan ’ s modified form, is certainly plausible.
Other roads range from all-weather laterite surfaces to grated dirt or sand Pistes, especially in the desert north.
Other especially notable earthquakes that spurred major developments in the science of seismology include the 1857 Basilicata earthquake, 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the 1964 Alaska earthquake, the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, and the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake.

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