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Other and centres
Other pilgrimage centres include Saint Francis Xavier's birthplace in Navarra, Church of Il Gesu, Rome, Malacca ( where he was buried for 2 years, before being brought to Goa ), Sancian ( Place of death ) etc.
Other shopping centres located in Kajang are Metro Plaza Kajang, Metro Point, Winnie Plaza and Kompleks Kota Kajang.
Other significant population centres include Mandurah ( 78, 612 ), Bunbury ( 32, 499 ), Geraldton ( 31, 553 ), Kalgoorlie ( 28, 242 ), Albany ( 25, 196 ), Broome ( 14, 436 ), and Port Hedland ( 14, 000 ).
Other important urban centres included Sofala, Nacala, António Enes, Island of Mozambique and Vila Junqueiro.
Other archaeologists consider that Pellana is too far away from other Mycenaean centres to have been the " capital of Menelaus.
Other research centres in or near Grenoble include the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ( ESRF ), the Institut Laue-Langevin ( ILL ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory ( EMBL ), and one of the Commissariat à l ' Énergie Atomique ( Nuclear Energy Commission )( CEA ) main research facilities.
Other services offered at some supermarkets may include those of banks, cafés, childcare centres / creches, photo processing, video rentals, pharmacies and / or petrol stations.
Other major urban centres include Plymouth, Swindon, Gloucester, Exeter, Bath, and the South East Dorset conurbation of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.
Other smaller centres include Raynes Park, Colliers Wood, South Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and Pollards Hill.
Other continental centres of tapestry weaving with work in the collection include Brussels, Tournai, Beauvais, Strasbourg and Florence.
Other significant urban centres in Otago with populations over 1, 000 include: Queenstown, Oamaru, Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra, Balclutha, Milton and Mosgiel.
Other small tourism centres such as Cooinda and South Alligator provide limited facilities.
Other civil defence centres in London are wholly or partly underground, mostly as a legacy of the Cold War.
Other population centres of interest are Emst, Gortel, Tongeren, Wissel and Zuuk.
Other castles, such as Trim and Carrickfergus, were built in stone as the caput centres for major barons.
Other cultural centres in Oviedo:
Other population centres in Sortland include, Holand, Holmstad, Liland, Sigerfjord, and Strand.
Other population centres in the municipality include Wallaceburg, Blenheim and Tilbury, Ridgetown and Dresden.
Other large cities created arcades and shopping centres in the late 19th century and early 20th century, including the Cleveland Arcade, Dayton Arcade and Moscow's GUM, which opened in 1890.
Other centres and groups
Other districts existed before the newtown as suburbs, villages and industrial centres and were incorporated into the town.
Other centres of light industry are Bulle, Villars-sur-Glâne, Düdingen ( Guin ), Murten ( Morat ) and Estavayer-le-Lac.
Other centres built by funding from alumni include the G. S.
Other films also tackled taboo subjects: The Fire Within (" Le Feu follet ", 1963 ) centres on a man about to commit suicide, Murmur of the Heart ( 1971 ) deals with an incestuous relationship between mother and son and Lacombe Lucien ( 1974 ), co-written with Patrick Modiano, is about collaboration with the Nazis in Vichy France in World War II.

Other and population
Other introductions include the release on Antigua — possibly before 1916, although there are suggestions that this initial population may have died out by 1934 and been reintroduced at a later date — and Montserrat, which saw an introduction before 1879 that led to the establishment of a solid population, which was apparently sufficient to survive the Soufrière Hills volcano eruption in 1995.
Other countries which have a population register use this as a basis for all the census statistics needed by users.
Other principles include responsible government, representation by population, judicial independence, parliamentary supremacy, and an implied bill of rights.
Other causes of contemporary deforestation may include corruption of government institutions, the inequitable distribution of wealth and power, population growth and overpopulation, and urbanization.
Other reforms implemented by Gaius included fixing prices on grain for the urban population and granting improvements in citizenship for Latins and others outside the city of Rome.
Other town like Jeremie are still being access mostly by ferry, thanks to the construction of RN7, finally the population of grand Anse will dare to defy “ Fanm Pa dra ” a Narrow and stip hill, curve build during the American occupation, which was very dangerous and in some part of this road people had to come out of the Bus and work behind it up to 5 km.
Other authors have suggested a higher figure for the exodus, ranging from the entire population of over 150, 000, to 190, 000 of a total Pandit population of 200, 000, to a number as high as 300, 000.
Other demographers contend the total " mostly white " percentage has grown in the last century as a result of European immigration and " whites " are now estimated at 20 % or one-fifth of the country's population.
As of the American Community Survey Three-Year Estimate of 2006 – 2008, the city's population was 67. 0 % White ( 65. 8 % non-Hispanic White alone ), 26. 5 % Black or African American, 1. 0 % American Indian and Alaska Native, 3. 5 % Asian, 0. 1 % Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 0. 7 % from some other race and 2. 1 % from two or more races.
Other factors that account for an increased role of recreation are affluence, population trends, and increased commercialization of recreational offerings.
Other factors that contributed to a slowdown in population growth included urbanization, later marriage ages for both men and women, higher education levels, a greater number of women in the labor force, and better health standards.
Other 19th-and early 20th-century contemporaneous documents indicate that the policy of removing Aboriginal children from their parents related to different beliefs: that given the catastrophic population decline of Aboriginal people after white contact that they would " die out ", that the ' full-blood ' tribal Aboriginal population would be unable to sustain itself, and was doomed to inevitable extinction.
Other considerations of the rules of international law, particularly those prohibiting the use of force and the acquisition of territory, are also relevant in that the Soviet authorities and, subsequently, the Azerbaijani government applied use of military and paramilitary force in ethnic cleansing initiatives like Operation Ring, while the Armenian community of Nagorno-Karabakh established militia forces to resist further pogroms and defend the civilian population by repelling Azeri forces.
Other methods rate only a random sample of the population, as the former process may be very time-consuming.
Other first-term items include overall city population loss, increased crime, and a massive decrease in ridership on the Chicago Transit Authority ( CTA ).
Other main population centers in the municipality include Hjelset, Kleive, and Nesjestranda.
Other sources have estimated that in the 2000s they formed " about 5 percent of the population " of Jamaica, or have conjectured that " there are perhaps as many as 100, 000 Rastafarians in Jamaica ".
Other sources put the " population of the language " as 6, 715, 000 in Belarus and 9, 081, 102 in all countries.
Other Arab governments attempted to work out a peaceful solution, but by September, continuing fedayeen actions in Jordan — including the destruction of three international airliners hijacked and held in the desert east of Amman — prompted the government to take action to regain control over its territory and population.
Other congenital cardiovascular malformations, such as partial anomalous venous drainage and aortic valve stenosis or aortic regurgitation, are also more common in Turner syndrome than in the general population.

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