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Other and commercial
Other commercial rappers are De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, and one of the more popular artists in the Netherlands, Partysquad or The Partysquad.
Other artifacts were discovered in the 1950s in the downtown area during remodeling of a commercial building, near the upper course of the creek.
Other early chemists involved in catalysis were Alexander Mitscherlich who referred to contact processes and Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner who spoke of contact action and whose lighter based on hydrogen and a platinum sponge became a huge commercial success in the 1820s.
Other than the previously mentioned use as a biological control for pests, the cane toad has been employed in a number of commercial and noncommercial applications.
Other career fields include commercial arts, teaching high school history, and law enforcement.
Other up-and-coming filmmakers allied themselves to this Oberhausen group, among them Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlöndorff, Werner Herzog, Jean-Marie Straub, Wim Wenders, Werner Schroeter and Hans-Jürgen Syberberg in their rejection of the existing German film industry and their determination to build a new industry founded on artistic excellence rather than commercial dictates.
Other purposes are stated in the Federal Reserve Act, such as " to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes ".
Other members of that team can include marketing professionals, communications consultants and commercial writers.
Other contributions include his early work on the economic history of Roman agrarian society ( 1891 ) and on the labour relations in Eastern Germany ( 1892 ), his analysis of the history of commercial partnerships in the Middle Ages ( 1889 ), his critique of Marxism, the discussion of the roles of idealism and materialism in the history of capitalism in his Economy and Society ( 1922 ) and his General Economic History ( 1923 ), a notable example of the kind of empirical work associated with the German Historical School.
Other ratings were also produced for commercial applications.
Other commercial programs were released for NeXT computers, including the Lotus Improv spreadsheet program and Mathematica.
Other notable shopping centers in the city include Galeria Malta, one of the largest in Central Europe, and the shops at the Hotel Bazar, a historical hotel and commercial center in the Old Town.
Other mods like Weapons Factory Arena have moved to more modern commercial engines.
Other events cover subjects including acquisition of software-intensive systems, commercial off-the-shelf ( COTS )- based systems, network security and survivability, software process research, software product lines, CMMI, and the SEI Team Software Process.
Other major commercial areas include Xintiandi and the classy Huaihai Road ( previously Avenue Joffre ) in Huangpu District and Xujiahui ( formerly rendered in English as Zikawei, reflecting the Shanghainese pronunciation ) in Xuhui District.
Other industry experts said that it is possible to use cell phones with varying degrees of success during the ascent and descent of commercial airline flights.
Other notable commercial talk stations include London's LBC which pioneered the newstalk format in Europe.
Other commercial mineral deposits include coal, asbestos, copper, nickel, gold, platinum and iron ore.
The Other Side of the Mirror was released on May 11, 1989 to commercial success.
Other than for high-performance applications, modern commercial switches use primarily Ethernet interfaces.
Other movies of this decade were Academy award nominee Sunflower ( 1970 ) which was a critical success and Arthur Hiller's Man of La Mancha ( 1972 ) which was a critical and commercial failure despite being nominated for several awards including two Golden Globes awards.
Other trade routes of the 8th – 11th centuries shown in orange ( note that Atil is the major commercial outpost from which trade extends into the far reaches of " Deep Asia ").
Other sources include rates on commercial and industrial property, housing rents, service charges and borrowing.
Other commercial names from around the world are Algofrene, Arcton, Asahiflon, Daiflon, Eskimo, FCC, Flon, Flugene, Forane, Fridohna, Frigen, Frigedohn, Genetron, Isceon, Isotron, Kaiser, Kaltron, Khladon, Ledon, Racon, and Ucon.

Other and machines
; Other minds reply: This reply points out that Searle's argument is a version of the problem of other minds, applied to machines.
Other contemporary machines such as the PDP-11, and practically all modern architectures, allow for immediate loads, although many such as ARM restrict the range of values that can be loaded immediately.
Other companies that purchased the SC-30 machines included Telmar, Reynolds and Reynolds, The Danish National Railway.
Other early machines, such as the trade stimulator, gave out winnings in the form of fruit flavoured chewing gums with pictures of the flavours as symbols on the reels.
Other jurisdictions, including Nevada, randomly audit slot machines to ensure that they contain only approved software.
Other familiar examples include gas control valves on cookers, small valves fitted to washing machines and dishwashers, safety devices fitted to hot water systems, and valves in car engines.
Other machines available around the same time, for example the Amstrad CPC or the Commodore 64, did not suffer from this limitation.
Other threshing machines would discharge grain from a conveyor, for bagging by hand.
Other unusual " 0-operand " instruction sets lack any operand specifier fields, such as some stack machines including NOSC.
Other systems employ measures to reduce the amount of trust “ client ” nodes must place in the central system such as placing applications in virtual machines.
Other symptoms include coughing up blood ( hemoptysis ), high blood pressure in the lung ( pulmonary hypertension ), heart failure, difficulties getting enough oxygen to the body ( hypoxia ), and respiratory failure requiring support with breathing masks, such as bilevel positive airway pressure machines or ventilators.
Other jurisdictions may categorize the same machines as mopeds, creating a certain amount of confusion.
Other speeds include " long play " ( LP ) ( standard on PAL ; non-standard on NTSC, thus not all NTSC VCRs include this record mode ), and " extended play " ( EP ) or " super long play " ( SLP ) ( standard on NTSC ; rarely found on PAL machines ).
Other than that, Digital Equipment Corporation created several operating systems for its 16-bit PDP-11 class machines, including the simple RT-11 system, the time-sharing RSTS operating systems, and the RSX-11 family of real-time operating systems, and the VMS system for the 32-bit VAX computer.
Other register-based virtual machines have inspired parts of Parrot's design, including LLVM, the Lua VM and Inferno's Dis.
Other lengths are ( or were ) also available from some vendors, including C10 and C15 ( useful for saving data from early home computers and in telephone answering machines ), C30, C40, C50, C54, C64, C70, C74, C80, C84, C100, C105, and C110.
Other sail powered machines include ice yachts, windmills, kites, signs, hang gliders, electric generators, windsurfers, and land sailing vehicles.
Other games include pinball machines, redemption games and merchandiser games.
Other services include virtual machines, clouds, or entire physical servers where customers can run their own custom software.
Other services include an 18-bed Pediatrics Unit, Cardiac Services, a 12-bed Rehabilitation Unit, state-of-the-art MRI and CAT-scan machines and Lithotripsy.
Other notable firms located in Orange were the Monroe Calculating Company, manufacturers of the patented adding machines of the same name, and the Bates Manufacturing Company, producers of office accessories such as staplers and stampers.
Other schools of CBR and closely allied fields emerged in the 1980s, investigating such topics as CBR in legal reasoning, memory-based reasoning ( a way of reasoning from examples on massively parallel machines ), and combinations of CBR with other reasoning methods.
Other instruments used by the band include sequencers such as drum machines and electric guitars with effects pedals.
Other companies have tried hydrating the coir blocks with water, but coir breaker-type machines are usually best. A machine ( US patent number 5, 839, 674 ) decompresses the coir blocks by rubbing them apart in a chamber that keeps the blocks ( or bricks ) tightly compressed together, crumbling the material, then sifting through a screen with no fiber damage.

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