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Other and common
Other attributes of his included the kithara ( an advanced version of the common lyre ), the plectrum and the sword.
Other common terms for this bug were " turn over " and " flip over ".
Other common names are ear shells, sea ears, as well as muttonfish or muttonshells in Australia, ormer in Great Britain, and venus's-ears in South Africa and in New Zealand.
Other morphological findings that are common to all members of this phylum include:
Other common admixtures:
Other common forms of baptism now in use include pouring water three times on the forehead.
Other common committees in boards are nominating and governance.
Other common names for the blue whale have included Sibbald's rorqual ( after Sibbald, who first described the species ), the great blue whale and the great northern rorqual.
Other common examples include: mobile phones, mp3 players, or video game consoles.
Other common shapes for churches include a circle, to represent eternity, or an octagon or similar star shape, to represent the church's bringing light to the world.
Other common categorization systems are based on the buses primary role, connecting devices internally or externally, PCI vs. SCSI for instance.
Other common names include " giant neotropical toad ", " Dominican toad ", " giant marine toad ", and " South American Cane Toad ".
Other than at such moments of extremis, little evidence exists to suggest this was a common Cathar practice.
Other common symptoms are a pulsing noise in the head, progressive weakness and numbness and vision changes as well as debilitating, excruciating pain.
Other common numbering / coding systems ( generally manufacturer-driven ) include:
Other common signifying footwear of the dominatrix are thigh-high boots, in leather or shiny PVC, which have long held a fetishistic status, along with the very high stiletto heel.
Other common applications of epistemology include:
Other guiding principles include the polluter pays principle, the precautionary principle, the principle of sustainable development, environmental procedural rights, common but differentiated responsibilities, intragenerational and intergenerational equity, " common concern of humankind ", and common heritage.
Other variants of East Coast Swing that use altered footwork forms are known as Single Swing or " Single-step Swing " ( where the triple step is replaced by a single step forming a slow, slow, quick, quick rhythm common to Foxtrot ), and Double Swing ( using a tap-step footwork pattern ).
By encouraging clarity on the active subject that " does " or wants or believes something, and disallowing passive constructions about the state of affairs ( a common use of " to be "), E-Prime makes it more difficult to hide assumptions in statements about The Other or equivalent constructions such as " they " or " most people " or " the public " or " the taxpayer ".
Other causes are CNS tumors, head trauma, and other degenerative diseases that are common in the older age group, such as dementia.
Other fears, such as fear of snakes, may be common to all simians and developed during the cenozoic time period.

Other and predators
Other predators, like crocodiles, have sideways facing eyes and hunt by ambush rather than pursuit.
Other mounds, known as rim craters, can be as high as 1 m. Dome craters and rim craters serve as observation posts used by the animals to watch out for predators.
Other natural predators and parasitoids include fungi and nematodes.
Other possible predators include caracals, jackals, striped hyenas, and the saluki, a greyhound-like domestic dog local to the area.
Other dinoflagellates are colorless predators on other protozoa, and a few forms are parasitic ( see for example Oodinium, Pfiesteria ).
Other studies suggest that the stabilimenta may actually lead predators to the spider ; species such as A. keyserlingi place their web predominantly in closed, complex habitats such as among sedges.
Other useful garden predators include lacewings, pirate bugs, rove and ground beetles, aphid midge, centipedes, spiders, predatory mites, as well as larger fauna such as frogs, toads, lizards, hedgehogs,
Other animals that are not necessarily predators, such as fruit bats and a number of primates also have forward facing eyes.
Other extinct predators included the marsupial lion, megalania, and the wonambi.
Other species of endoparasitoids cause infected woodlice and land Amphipoda such as Talitroidesto run about in the open by day, where predators such as birds can catch them and continue the cycle.
Other predators such as cheetah, leopard, and even lions sometimes may be chased from their kills by hyaenas.
Other threats to the belugas include natural predators ( polar bears and Killer whales ), contamination of rivers and infectious diseases.
Other predators include black bears ( Ursus americanus ).
Other nest predators include introduced Grey Squirrels ( in Britain ) and Least Weasels, which are able to take nesting adults as well.
Other predators include various other large birds, especially the Great Horned Owl, hawks, the American Marten, the Canadian Lynx the Red Fox, and the Domestic Cat.
Other predators, such as some species of frogs, circumvent the need to break snail shells by simply swallowing the snail whole, shell and all.
Other reported nest predators include black bears ( Ursus americanus ), prairie rattlesnakes ( Crotalus viridis ), and bullsnakes ( Pituophis catenifer )
Other predators include the Sharp-shinned Hawk, the long-tailed weasel, and the Northern Saw-whet Owl.
Other cover crops are used to attract natural predators of pests by providing elements of their habitat.
Other possible predators include then killer whale, the false killer whale, the pygmy killer whale and the short finned pilot whale.
Other predators, likely primarily of calves or infirm adults, can include grizzly bears and polar bears.
Other predators include the badger, golden eagle, and bobcat.
Other possible predators include the leopard, the clouded leopard, and the sun bear's larger sympatric relative, the Asiatic black bear.
Other than humans, African Cape buffaloes have few predators and are capable of defending themselves against ( and killing ) lions.

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