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Other and companies
Other companies — such as Skyhorse Publishing — also print a paper edition.
Other well-known large software companies include Novell, SAP, Symantec, Adobe Systems, and Corel, while small companies often provide innovation.
Other celebrities such as Tyler Perry, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg have become successful entrepreneurs through starting their own film production companies and running their own movie studios.
Other telephone companies, many of which were publicly owned, were regulated by provincial authorities until court rulings during the 1990s affirmed federal jurisdiction over the sector, which also included some fifty small independent incumbents, most of them in Ontario and Quebec.
Other companies develop operating systems and manufacture computers for both Commodore and Amiga brands as well as software.
Other companies, both independents and members of the MPPC, then sent units to work there in the summer to take advantage of the sunshine and scenery.
Other independent companies were grouped under the Mutual banner in 1912, and there were also important new entrants, particularly the Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company, and Famous Players, which were both formed in 1913 to take advantage of the fact that films could reproduce the real substance of a stage play ( plus embellishments ), and so the best plays and actors from the legitimate stage could be enticed into films.
Other companies were soon to follow in Milan and Naples, and these early companies quickly attained a respectable production quality and were able to market their products both within Italy and abroad.
Other large German companies include: Robert Bosch, ThyssenKrupp, and MAN ( diversified industrials ); Bayer and Merck ( pharmaceuticals ); Adidas and Puma ( clothing and footwear ); Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank ( banking and finance ); Aldi, Lidl and Edeka ( retail ); SAP ( computer software ); Infineon ( semiconductors ); Henkel ( household and personal consumer products ); Deutsche Post ( logistics ); and Hugo Boss ( luxury goods ).
Other British companies contributed to a boom in horror film production in the UK during the 1960s and 1970s, including Tigon-British and Amicus, the latter best known for their anthology films such as Dr. Terror's House of Horrors ( 1965 ).
Other Indiana businesses use Hoosier in the name of their companies: 1 ) Hoosier Racing Tire, manufacturer of racing tires ; and 2 ) Hoosier Bat Company, manufacturer of wood baseball bats.
Other event-driven strategies include: credit arbitrage strategies, which focus on corporate fixed income securities ; an activist strategy, where the fund takes large positions in companies and uses the ownership to participate in the management ; a strategy based on predicting the final approval of new pharmaceutical drugs ; and legal catalyst strategy, which specializes in companies involved in major lawsuits.
Other companies have been known to tolerate as many as 11 dead pixels in their policies.
Other research has also concluded that later medieval armour, such as that of the Italian city state mercenary companies, was effective at stopping contemporary arrows.
Other companies that purchased the SC-30 machines included Telmar, Reynolds and Reynolds, The Danish National Railway.
Other companies developed important MUMPS implementations:
Other companies rapidly followed suit, with both memory types.
Other private companies or open source groups are encouraged to produce conforming products and OMG is attempting to develop mechanisms to enforce true interoperability.
Other companies found a niche market for replacements for legacy PDP-11 processors, disk subsystems, etc.
Other companies are choosing to use Windows CE.
Other big industrial companies include US Steel ( metallurgy ), Slovnaft ( oil industry ), Samsung Electronics ( electronics ), Sony ( electronics ), Mondi Business Paper ( paper ), Hydro Aluminium ( aluminum production ), and Whirlpool Corporation.

Other and took
Other generally later canals took more direct routes requiring the use of various methods to deal with the change in level.
Other possibilities are that he was merely opposed to Christians who lived Jewishly, or deny that docetism threatened the church, or that his critical remarks were directed at an Ebionite or Cerinthian possessionist Christology, where God descended and took possession of Jesus's body.
Other film-makers then took up all these ideas, which is the basis of film construction, or " film language ", or " film grammar ", as we know it.
A selection of kris knives ; Gardner took a great interest in such items, even authoring the definitive text on the subject, Keris and Other Malay Weapons ( 1936 ).
Other Ontario municipalities and then other provinces soon took up the holiday as well, leading to its Canada-wide status, but without any attribution to Simcoe.
Other groups of barbarians took part in the movements of peoples in this time period.
Other theories suggest that she took her life because she was being ostracized by the rest of the group.
Other manufacturers took note and soon other V6 engines were in use.
Other heads of state took sides against Hussein, among them Muammar Gaddafi, who mocked him and his schizophrenic father King Talal.
Other political talks took place as well.
Other such clashes took place in Mogilyov ( 1606 – 10 ), Vitebsk ( 1623 ), and Polotsk ( 1623, 1633 ).
Other travels took him southwest to Philadelphia and New York City in 1854, and west across the Great Lakes region in 1861, visiting Niagara Falls, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Mackinac Island.
In 1939, Lombard took roles opposite James Stewart in producer David O. Selznick's Made for Each Other ( 1939 ) and Cary Grant in In Name Only ( 1939 ).
Other contemporary painters who took inspiration from Frans Hals were:
Other, similar resurgences took place at roughly the same time, centered in France and Germany.
Other historians consider this a weak clue, as " Juliana " was a common name in the gens Anicia, and because Hermogenianus seems to have begotten only one daughter, who took chastity vows ; other possible fathers have therefore been proposed: either Flavius Anicius Probus ( suggested by Settipani ) or, according to some clues, Petronius Maximus.
Other possible sources are the anonymous play King Leir ( published in 1605 ); A Mirror for Magistrates ( 1574 ), by John Higgins ; The Malcontent ( 1604 ), by John Marston ; The London Prodigal ( 1605 ); Arcadia ( 1580 – 1590 ), by Sir Philip Sidney, from which Shakespeare took the main outline of the Gloucester subplot ; Montaigne's Essays, which were translated into English by John Florio in 1603 ; An Historical Description of Iland of Britaine, by William Harrison ; Remaines Concerning Britaine, by William Camden ( 1606 ); Albion's England, by William Warner, ( 1589 ); and A Declaration of egregious Popish Impostures, by Samuel Harsnett ( 1603 ), which provided some of the language used by Edgar while he feigns madness.
Other changes took place regarding a redistribution of competencies between federal government and the Länder.
Other critics took a more negative view of Stein's work.
Other groups took different paths and originated the present complex map of Trotskyist groupings.
The show later took a different turn, featuring Ravi Shankar as a guest and having Krusty howl a drugged-out version of The Doors ' " Break on Through ( To the Other Side )" in 1973.
Other victims of German atrocities included 23 Polish children murdered between December 1944 and February 1945, and 24 people ( 23 men and one woman ) murdered by the SS on 7 March 1945, just before the Red Army took over the city without any serious resistance on 8 March 1945.
Other filming took place at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California.
Other changes eventually took place as well, possibly because most composers of oratorios were also popular composers of operas.

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