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Other and complained
Other officers complained about the way in which Raeder sought to re-write history in the Official History in way that gloried Tirpitz with no regard to what actually happened with Admiral Assemann of the Historical Branch complaining to Raeder: " I am convinced that it makes no difference to you Herr Admiral, what we write ... We must only write in such a way that you have peace with the old admirals ".
Other critics like E. M. Forster complained about what they saw as James's squeamishness in the treatment of sex and other possibly controversial material, or dismissed his style as difficult and obscure, relying heavily on extremely long sentences and excessively latinate language.
Other reviewers complained generally about the broad mix of genres and number of subplots in the pilot.
Other companies such as Google complained that tying encourages a more closed access based wireless service.
Other critics have complained that while the show had an original and innovative storyline with beautiful visuals and appealing characters, the episodes themselves were poorly paced, undeveloped, and plagued with plot holes.
Other bishops complained of the Legion's cult-like aspects, but it was only in 2006, when the truth of Maciel's extensive record of sexual abuse and financial shenanigans was finally acknowledged, that the Vatican forced the elderly priest from ministry and launched an investigation.
Other players complained about Rube's lack of dependable behavior, and following the 1907 season he had ended as the goat of a series that cost the A's the pennant won by the Detroit Tigers, Mack finally lost patience with him and sold Waddell to the St. Louis Browns for $ 5, 000.
Other campaign leaders complained that his many duties meant he missed too many meetings.
Other literary and political figures fought the encyclical vigorously ; Carossa neither complied nor complained.
Other Canaanite rulers, such as Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem, complained of Labaya's depredations ( e. g. EA 289 ) but note that in later years, Abdi-Heba would himself be referred to as " another Labaya " in EA 280.
Other reviewers complained that an epilogue Shaw wrote was used as a prologue and recurring scene throughout the film.
Other complained over its unfriendly interface in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
Other missionaries ( and the visiting Bishop of Cuba ) had complained about the game, but most of the Spanish ( including, initially, Father Pavia ) liked it ( and, most likely, the associated gambling ).
" Other people complained that the show was " too Jewish " and " too New York.
Other websites such as GamePro complained about the game being average merely due to the lineage it had to live up to due to its predecessor, Seven Samurai, and did not live up to expectations for such a legendary film.
Other drivers have complained about the condition at Brühl station, in particular about the shortage, and confusing arrangement, of signs and signals in the construction area.

Other and Soviet
Other types of military ferries, such as the Soviet Plavayushij Transportyor-Srednyj, are able to load while still on land and transport other vehicles cross country and over water.
* Other facilities built during the Soviet era are either closed down, used only occasionally or restricted to military use ( e. g., Kant airbase, now a Russian air base near Bishkek ).
Stenographic Report of July's Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Other Documents, International Democracy Foundation, Moscow, 1999 ( in Russian ).
Other socialists have focused their analyses on the lack of self-management, the continued existence of financial calculation and the existence of a bureaucratic elite based on hierarchical and centralised powers of authority in the Soviet model, leading them to conclude that the Soviet system was not socialist, instead categorising it as bureaucratic collectivism, state capitalism or deformed workers ' states.
Other considerations of the rules of international law, particularly those prohibiting the use of force and the acquisition of territory, are also relevant in that the Soviet authorities and, subsequently, the Azerbaijani government applied use of military and paramilitary force in ethnic cleansing initiatives like Operation Ring, while the Armenian community of Nagorno-Karabakh established militia forces to resist further pogroms and defend the civilian population by repelling Azeri forces.
Greece Included in total are 11, 000 killed or missing in action and died of wounds The Soviet demographer Boris Urlanis estimated total military dead of 26, 000 including 15, 000 deaths due to disease Jean Bujac in a campaign history of the Greek Army in World War I listed 8, 365 combat related deaths and 3, 255 missing Other estimates of Greek casualties are as follows: By UK War Office in 1922: Killed / died wounds 5, 000 ; prisoners and missing 1, 000.
Other Soviet manned spacecraft include the Voskhod, Soyuz, unflown as manned Zond / L1, L3, TKS, and the Salyut and Mir manned space stations.
Other cemeteries destroyed by the authorities during the Soviet era in Estonia include Baltic German cemeteries established in 1774 ( Kopli cemetery, Mõigu cemetery ) and the oldest cemetery in Tallinn, from the 16th century, Kalamaja cemetery.
Other films include The 25th Hour ( 1967 ), with Virna Lisi ; The Magus ( 1968 ), with Michael Caine and Candice Bergen, and based on the novel by John Fowles ; La Bataille de San Sebastian ( Guns for San Sebastian ) with Charles Bronson ; and The Shoes of the Fisherman, where he played a Catholic Archbishop in a Soviet Ukrainian prison who becomes Pope.
* Other Soviet lunar missions
Other notable disturbances such as the Lebanese Civil War, the Ethiopian Civil War, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and the Angolan Civil War which the U. S. and Soviet Union considered critical to the global balance of power, seemed to have had little influence towards the financial markets.
Other historians, such as the German historian Wolfgang Michalka, the Anglo-German historian H. W Koch and the Israeli historian Martin van Creveld, have contended that Hitler's efforts to form an anti-British Eurasian " continental bloc " that was to include the Soviet Union in late 1940 as a diplomatic prelude to the " Mediterranean plan " were sincere, that until December 1940 Hitler's first priority was in defeating Britain, and that it was only when Hitler gave his approval to Operation Barbarossa that he finally lost interest in the " Mediterranean strategy ".
Other elements of the novel came from people Fleming knew or had heard of: Red Grant, the name of a Jamaican river guide described as " a cheerful, voluble giant of villainous aspect ", was used for the half-German, half-Irish assassin, while Rosa Klebb was partly based on Colonel Rybkin of Soviet Intelligence.
Other third world nations with Marxist-Leninist governments were routinely criticized as being Soviet proxies as well, among them Cuba following the Cuban Revolution, the People's Republic of Angola, the People's Republic of Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam ( North Vietnam ).
Other early conservative advocates for the Reagan Doctrine included influential conservative activist Grover Norquist, who ultimately became a registered UNITA lobbyist and an economic adviser to Savimbi's UNITA movement in Angola, and former Reagan speechwriter and current U. S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who made several secret visits with the mujahideen in Afghanistan and returned with glowing reports of their bravery against the Soviet occupation.
Other Eastern Bloc states were required to provide coal, industrial equipment, technology, rolling stock and other resources to reconstruct the Soviet Union.
Other DIA analytical efforts during the mid-1980s centered on the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the Iran – Iraq War, the conflict in Afghanistan, the Soviet downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007, the civil war in Chad, and unrest in the Philippines.
Other notable early international broadcasters included Vatican Radio ( February 12, 1931 ), Radio Moscow, the official service of the Soviet Union which began broadcasting on long-wave in 1923 ( this has since been renamed the Voice of Russia, following the collapse of the Soviet Union ).
Other SSRs followed and consequently the Soviet Union collapsed.
Other users included the Central Statistical Bureau, the Soviet Commissariat of Finance, Soviet Commissariat of Inspection, Soviet Commissariat of Foreign Trade, the Grain Trust, Soviet Railways, Russian Ford, Russian Buick, the Karkov tractor factory, and the Tula Armament Works.

Other and working
Other faiths are even more subtle: the doctrine of karma shared by Buddhism and Hinduism is a divine law similar to divine retribution but without the connotation of punishment: our acts, good or bad, intentional or unintentional, reflect back on us as part of the natural working of the universe.
Other notable directors working in German currently include Sönke Wortmann, Caroline Link ( winner of an Academy Award ), Romuald Karmakar, Harun Farocki, Hans-Christian Schmid, Andreas Dresen, Dennis Gansel, Ulrich Köhler, Ulrich Seidl, and Sebastian Schipper, as well as comedy directors Michael Herbig and Sven Unterwaldt.
Other Unix-like systems working on the Mach microkernel include OSF / 1, Lites, and MkLinux.
Other examples of jargon imported from the club are ' losing ' " when a piece of equipment is not working " and ' munged ' " when a piece of equipment is ruined ".
Other commentators place the Holocene – Anthropocene boundary at the industrial revolution while also saying that " Formal adoption of this term in the near future will largely depend on its utility, particularly to earth scientists working on late Holocene successions.
Other German contemporaries, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach working as partners, also worked on similar types of inventions, without knowledge of the work of the other, but Benz patented his work first, and, subsequently patented all the processes that made the internal combustion engine feasible for use in an automobile.
Other concerns include purchasing power, inflation indexing and standardized working hours.
Other parts of Northern Europe did not have the advantage of such intense contact with Italian artists, but the Mannerist style made its presence felt through prints and illustrated books, the purchases of Italian works by rulers, and others, artists ' travels to Italy, and the example of individual Italian artists working in the North is called Northern Mannerism.
# Providing substantive and administrative support to human rights fact-finding and investigatory mechanisms, such as special rapporteurs, representatives and experts and working groups mandated by the Commission on Human Rights and / or the Economic and Social Council to deal with specific country situations or phenomena of human rights violations worldwide, as well as the General Assembly's Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories ;
Other labs had been working on ideas of their own, from new space or ground-based missiles, to chemical lasers, to particle beam weapons.
Other pioneering artists working in VR have include Luc Courchesne, Rita Addison, Knowbotic Research, Rebecca Allen, Perry Hoberman, Jacki Morie, Margaret Dolinsky and Brenda Laurel.
Other proposals have been made to extend federal whistleblower protection to medical residents working at health care facilities, hospitals, and health care providers, as an internal means to ensure that certain patient hospital and health standards are being effectuated, including enforcing maximum hour guidelines for medical residents
Other tasks that don't have this dual-task nature have also been shown to be good measures of working memory capacity.
Other competitors attempt to avoid the overhead of X by working directly with the hardware.
Other researchers look at broader evidence, including skeletal and dental evidence of working activity ; weapons, art, and spiritual artifacts ; and lifestyle patterns of human cultures.
He claimed that on top of individual exploitation, the capitalist also unjustly appropriates the additional value ( termed “ collective force ”) produced by co-operative activity as a “ force of one thousand men working twenty days has been paid the same wages that one would be paid for working fifty-five years ; but this force of one thousand has done in twenty days what a single man could not have accomplished, though he had laboured for a million centuries .” Thus the capitalist may have “ paid all the individual forces ” but “ the collective force still remains to be paid ” and which the capitalists “ enjoy unjustly .” Other notable anti-capitalist thinkers claim that the elite maintain wage slavery and a divided working class through their influence over the media and entertainment industry, educational institutions, unjust laws, nationalist and corporate propaganda, pressures and incentives to internalize values serviceable to the power structure, state violence, fear of unemployment and a historical legacy of exploitation and profit accumulation / transfer under prior systems, which shaped the development of economic theory:
Other authors working in Asimov's fictional universe have adopted them and references, often parodic, appear throughout science fiction as well as in other genres.
Other actors noted Colbert's comic timing ; David Niven related in his biography that Gary Cooper was " terrified " at the prospect of working with Colbert in his first comedy, Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, because he considered Colbert to be an expert in the genre.
Other revolutions in China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea were subsequently shaped by the USSR's model of a bureaucratic dictatorship, not by the democratic organization of the working class.
Other options include initiating a dominance contest ; harboring resentment ; or working to better understand and constructively resolve the issue.
From 1908 to 1914 Harris concentrated on working as a novelist, authoring a series of popular books such as The Bomb, The Man Shakespeare, and The Yellow Ticket and Other Stories.
Other recent ventures include Race to Learn, curriculum software that uses Formula One to encourage group working in primary school children, published through Cambridge – Hitachi, a joint venture between Cambridge University Press and Hitachi Software Engineering that produces software for teaching on interactive whiteboards in schools.

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