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Other and critics
Other critics and medical experts have suggested that Dianetic auditing is a form of hypnosis, although the Church of Scientology has strongly denied that hypnosis forms any part of Dianetics.
" Other critics of the FAO data point out that they do not distinguish between forest types, and that they are based largely on reporting from forestry departments of individual countries, which do not take into account unofficial activities like illegal logging.
Other critics argue that the DSM represents an unscientific system that enshrines the opinions of a few powerful psychiatrists.
Other poets from whom critics believe Thomas drew influence include James Joyce, Arthur Rimbaud and D. H. Lawrence.
* Other critics of Eusebius ' work cite the panegyrical tone of the Vita, plus the omission of internal Christian conflicts in the Canones, as reasons to interpret his writing with caution.
Other critics felt that Coppola was too talented to be making this type of film.
Other critics treat film noir as a " mood ", characterize it as a " series ", or simply address a chosen set of films they regard as belonging to the noir " canon ".
Other critics assert that the novel creates a realistic and vibrant story, idealizing neither the past nor its main character.
Other critics argue that insider trading is a victimless act: A willing buyer and a willing seller agree to trade property which the seller rightfully owns, with no prior contract ( according to this view ) having been made between the parties to refrain from trading if there is asymmetric information.
Other critics take a different approach, pointing to experimental evidence that they believe falsifies the argument for Intelligent Design from irreducible complexity.
Other prominent critics included the writers Heinrich Böll and Günter Grass ( in 1966, Grass had written an open letter urging Kiesinger not to accept the chancellorship ).
Other critics like Dave Kehr of the Chicago Reader said " the acting and editing have such original, tumultuous force that the picture is completely gripping ".
Other critics claim, however, that Nanosystems omits important chemical details about the low-level ' machine language ' of molecular nanotechnology.
Other critics of radical feminism from the political left, including socialist feminists, strongly disagree with the radical feminist position that the oppression of women is fundamental to all other forms of oppression ; these critics hold that issues of race and of class are as important or more important than issues about gender.
Other critics note that men, who would contemporarily be perceived as " Korean " and " Chinese ", are enshrined for the military actions they effected as Japanese Imperial subjects.
Other critics and filmmakers hailed the originality of its unique rapid editing style, created for the first time in this film and ultimately becoming a Peckinpah trademark, and praised the reworking of traditional Western themes.
Other critics felt the show was insufficiently educational.
Other critics of the Freudian unconscious are David Stannard, Richard Webster, and Ethan Watters and Richard Ofshe.
Other critics have likewise noted his " strong commitment to the social and social psychological — rather than the purely political — implications of drama ".
Other critics emphasize close relation of communitarianism to neoliberalism and new policies of dismantling the welfare state institutions through development of the third sector.
Other critics of Kellermann's work and its use by advocates of gun control point out that since it deliberately ignores crimes of violence occurring outside the home ( Kellermann states at the outset that the characteristics of such homicides are much more complex and ambiguous, and would be virtually impossible to classify rigorously enough ), it is more directly a study of domestic violence than of gun ownership.
Other critics hoped that Sesame Street, with its depiction of a functioning, multicultural community, would nurture racial tolerance in its young viewers.
Other critics, such as Roger Cukierman of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions did not attack the party as a whole, but rather its anti-Zionist wing, claiming that it promoted a " brown-green alliance ".

Other and interpret
Other Biblical passages that some interpret as addressing the issue of homosexual behavior include Romans 1, I Corinthians 6: 8 – 10, and Jude 1: 7 ; the relevant portion of Romans 1 reads as follows:
Other authors interpret the activity in parietal cortex as reflecting executive functions, because the same area is also activated in other tasks requiring executive attention but no memory
Other allegations were made about voter manipulation, and even the issue of how to interpret the votes became controversial, as it appeared that not just a majority of those validly voting but of those votes cast ( including spoiled votes ), was needed to reach an outcome in the event the monarchy lost by a tight margin.
Other rumours that the car hid major crash damage ( in part true, as the new bumper design sprung back after minor impact and couldn't be " read " to interpret major damage ) also harmed the car's reputation.
Other theories interpret the name Savannah to come from Algonquian terms meaning " southerner " or perhaps " salt ".
Other authors and playwrights would interpret the ending in their own fashion.
Other views of self-organization in physical systems interpret it as a strictly accumulative construction process, commonly displaying an " S " curve history of development.
Other critics, however, interpret Shikasta as an allegorical Earth with parallel histories that deviate from time to time.
Other projects have included the album Worried Noodles ( Tom Lab, 2007 ) where musicians interpret his writings as lyrics, including collaborations by David Byrne, Hot Chip, and Franz Ferdinand.
Other archaeological theories, such as Marxist archaeology, instead interpret archaeological evidence within a framework for how its proponents believe society operates and evolves.
Other texts cite Michael or Tadhiel or some other angel as the angel intended, while others interpret the Angel of the Lord as a theophany.
Other Founding Fathers cited the need to interpret the Constitution in light of changing circumstances.

Other and passage
Other authors use Zodiac to mean ecliptic, which first appears in a gloss of unknown author in a passage of Cleomedes where he is explaining that the Moon is in the zodiacal circle as well and periodically crosses the path of the Sun.
Other daredevils have made crossing the gorge their goal, starting with the successful passage by Jean François " Blondin " Gravelet, who crossed Niagara Gorge in 1859.
Other well-known pieces are the incidental music for Adam Oehlenschläger's drama Aladdin, the operas Saul og David and Maskarade, the three concertos for violin, flute and clarinet, the Wind Quintet, and the Helios Overture, which depicts the passage of the sun in the sky from dawn to nightfall.
Other town sites had been proposed, including the community of Arlie located southwest of Dodson, but the grant given by Mr. Dodson sealed the railroad's passage through southeastern Collingsworth County and in return the new city was named for Dodson.
Other Plains tribes kept pictorial records, known as " winter counts ", however the Kiowa calendar system is unique recording two events for each year, offering a finer grained record of the passage of time and twice as many entries for any given period.
Other well-known pieces of his are the incidental music for Adam Oehlenschläger's drama Aladdin ( Nielsen ), the operas Saul og David and Maskarade, the concertos for flute, violin, and clarinet, the Wind Quintet, and the Helios Overture, which depicts the passage of the sun in the sky from dawn to nightfall.
Other stars possess multiple points, such as Sparta, the Imperial capital, suggested ( in a brief passage of the sequel ) to have over a dozen jump points to various systems.
Other dams have impeded fish passage at one time or another between the William L. Jess Dam and Grants Pass.
Other koryū schools may have made modifications to their practices that reflect the passage of time ( which may or may not have resulted in the loss of " koryū " status in the eyes of its peers ).
Other times, the passage is interpreted to be metaphorical and not literal.
Since the passage of the Royal Titles Act 1974, the monarch's title in New Zealand has been Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of New Zealand and Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.
Other murders include: a drowning in a butt of wine, based on the murder of the Duke of Clarence in Richard III ; the wife of one critic, who was drugged to sleep soundly, awakens next to her husband's decapitated body, as Imogen awoke to find the headless body of Cloten in Cymbeline ; quasi-cannibalism — the effeminate Meredith Merridew is tricked into eating his " babies " ( his beloved poodles ) just as Queen Tamora was fed the flesh of her two sons, baked in a pie, in the climax of Titus Andronicus ; one critic is tricked into believing his wife has been unfaithful, driving him to smother her in a jealous rage ( i. e. Othello ) and spend the rest of his life in prison ; the sole female critic ( played by Coral Browne, shortly to become Price's third and last wife ) is electrocuted by hair curlers as Lionheart recites a passage in which Joan of Arc is burnt at the stake, " Spare for no fagots of sticks, let there be enough ..." ( from Henry VI, part 1 ).
Other elements made a revision of the plot necessary: the book is the only one in which secondary characters ( not including Nancy, her household, or group of friends ) for an extensive passage of action.
Other notable passage graves are Knowth and Dowth, also in the Boyne Valley near Drogheda.
Other stories that uses the theme of a secret passage to another world are C. S.
Other tanar ' ri do not like Lolth's chosen servants, but they are guaranteed free passage in lands controlled by most Abyssal Lords out of fear of angering their mistress.
Other commentators feel this section should be attached to the second chapter, which is divided into four sections, each focusing on an Old Testament passage, and this portion is often seen as the first of those sections.
Other accomplishments of the 1966 legislature included the passage of a compulsory vehicle inspection law, tightening of restrictions on political contributions and expenditures by candidates for political office, and approval of a legislative redistricting law.
Other birds include Falco naumanni and Circus macrourus, which are fairly common on passage, while small numbers of Phoenicopterus minor have been reported on Lakes Chamo and Abaya.
Other versions expand on this account by stating that the troops under Van Schaffelaar were promised safe passage from the tower.

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