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Other and current
Other modern picoammeters use log compression and a " current sink " method that eliminates range switching and associated voltage spikes.
Other authors who used the name were Major John Bernard Arbuthnot MVO, the column's founder, and William Hartston, the current author of its revived form.
Other early influential members included Christopher Hutt, author of Death of the English Pub, who succeeded Hardman as chairman, Frank Baillie, author of The Beer Drinker's Companion, and later the current Good Beer Guide editor, Roger Protz.
Other prepositions ( an, auf, hinter, in, neben, über, unter, vor, and zwischen ) may be used with dative ( indicating current location ), or accusative ( indicating direction toward something ).
Other key groups cited by current and former members of Napalm Death as formative influences include Discharge, Amebix, Throbbing Gristle, and the aforementioned Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.
Other methods include server side sessions, hidden variables ( when the current page contains a form ), and URL-rewriting using URI-encoded parameters, e. g., < tt >/ index. php? session_id = some_unique_session_code </ tt >.
Other types of hadron may exist, such as tetraquarks ( or, more generally, exotic mesons ) and pentaquarks ( exotic baryons ), but no current evidence conclusively suggests their existence .< ref name = PDGPentaquarks2006 > W .- M. Yao et al.
Other practical motivations for interplanetary travel are more speculative, because our current technologies are not yet advanced enough to support test projects.
Other expeditions by Spanish and English ships followed, with the islands ' current name stemming from British explorer John Marshall.
Other critiques of the current peer review process from concerned scholars has stemmed from recent controversial studies published by the Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and NASA.
Other organizations of Presbyterians, such as the Confessing Movement and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, have also organized on the other side of the issue to support maintaining the current standards of ordination.
Other misconceptions such as: " the Church prohibited autopsies and dissections during the Middle Ages ," " the rise of Christianity killed off ancient science ," and " the medieval Christian church suppressed the growth of the natural sciences ," are all reported by Numbers as examples of widely popular myths that still pass as historical truth, even though they are not supported by current historical research.
Other attempts were made to send the electric current through bodies of water, in order to span rivers, for example.
Other cyclists prefer this type of bicycle to those manufactured using modern techniques because they are " practical, versatile, durable, repairable, and timeless, regardless of current popular trends.
Other former or current residents of the area have included poet and singer-songwriter Jake Thackray, historian and TV presenter Professor Saul David, and astrologer Russell Grant.
Other current board members include Kenneth Adelman, Farooq Kathwari, Azar Nafisi, Mark Palmer, P. J. O ' Rourke, and Lawrence Lessig, while past board-members have included Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Samuel Huntington, Mara Liasson, Otto Reich, Donald Rumsfeld, Whitney North Seymour, Paul Wolfowitz, Steve Forbes, and Bayard Rustin.
Other styles of fountain pen nibs include Hooded Nibs ( Examples of hooded nibs are Parker 51, Parker 61, or the current ( 2007 ) Parker 100, Hero 329 ), Inlaid Nibs ( e. g., Sheaffer Targa or Sheaffer P. F. M ) or Integral Nib ( Parker T-1 and Falcon, Pilot Myu 701 ), which may also be ground to have different writing characteristics.
Other devices which have control electrodes as well as acting as unidirectional current valves are used where more than simple rectification is required, e. g., where variable output voltage is needed.
Other demands included keeping such territorial gains as Austria and the Sudetenland within the Reich, giving autonomy to Alsace-Lorraine, and even expansion of the current wartime borders of Germany in the south by annexing Tyrol as far as Bolzano and Merano.
Other alterations have been proposed, including replacing the absolute two term limit with a limit of no more than two consecutive terms and giving Congress the power to grant a dispensation to a current or former president by way of a supermajority vote in both houses.
Other than the vague aim of " ever closer union " in the 1983 Solemn Declaration on European Union, the Union ( meaning its member governments ) has no current policy to create either a federation or a confederation.
Other current or former members of the Polish national glider aerobatics team from Aeroclub ROW are Małgorzata Margańska, Krzysztof Brzikalik, Lucjan Fizia, Stanisław Makula and Ireneusz Boczkowski.
Other multi-ethnic versions of Kryptonians that resemble African-Americans and Asians also make an appearance in current continuity.
" Other evidence of cuts were extant film stills of scenes that did not appear in the surviving film copy, and viewers ' descriptions that differed from the current version of the film.

Other and environmental
Other risk factors such as cultural environmental effects e. g. trauma have been proposed to explain the higher rates of alcoholism among Native Americans compared to alcoholism levels in caucasians.
The Environmental Modification Convention ( ENMOD ), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.
Other modern conservative beliefs include opposition to a world government and skepticism about the importance or validity of various environmental issues.
Other guiding principles include the polluter pays principle, the precautionary principle, the principle of sustainable development, environmental procedural rights, common but differentiated responsibilities, intragenerational and intergenerational equity, " common concern of humankind ", and common heritage.
Other environmental law enforcement agencies include:
Other intellectuals in the environmental movement ( like Edward Goldsmith ) have used Gaia in the completely opposite way ; to stake a claim about how Gaia's focus on natural balance and resistance and resilience, should be emulated to design a conservative political system ( as explored in Alan Marshall's 2002 book ' The Unity of Nature ', ( Imperial College Press: London ).
Other focuses include international differences in reporting, as well as bias in reporting of particular issues such as economic class or environmental interests.
" Other items he suggests for inclusion include the physical and mental condition of the experimenter, the time and place, and environmental conditions, including the weather.
Other noise and environmental concerns are vehicle traffic causing noise and pollution on roads leading the airport.
Other applications include traffic flow ( see Wardrop's principle ), how to organize auctions ( see auction theory ), the outcome of efforts exerted by multiple parties in the education process, regulatory legislation such as environmental regulations ( see Tragedy of the Commons ), and even penalty kicks in soccer ( see Matching pennies ).
Other environmental satellites can assist environmental monitoring by detecting changes in the Earth's vegetation, atmospheric trace gas content, sea state, ocean color, and ice fields.
Other customers take into consideration other factors besides price, such as environmental sustainability and animal welfare.
Other environmental factors, such as maternal smoking, estrogenic compounds in the diet ‚ and endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be important also.
Other well-known alumni: syndicated columnist and Politico editor Roger Simon, reclusive media mogul Fred Eychaner, environmental journalist William Allen, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, New York Times columnist David Brooks, author of Bobos in Paradise, pop artist Claes Oldenburg, consumer advocate David Horowitz, columnist Mike Royko, and Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Herbert Lawrence Block, ( commonly known as Herblock ).
Other skills include preparing design impact assessments, conducting environmental assessments and audits, and serving as an expert witness at inquiries on land use issues.
Other noted historical practitioners of direct action include the US Civil Rights Movement, the Global Justice Movement, the Suffragettes, revolutionary Che Guevara, and certain environmental advocacy groups.
Other nonprofits in the area include, Wilderness Recovery ( a male drug rehabilitation center with focus on natural settings and activities ), SOL COMMUNICATIONS ( environmental crisis response ), Stop Clearcutting California and The Battle Creek Alliance ( both timber watchdogs ) and GEOENGINEERING WATCH !.
Other issues are environmental pollution, animal welfare, and finding alternative income opportunities for farmers.
Other standards included in this series are ISO 14004, which gives additional guidelines for a good environmental management system, and more specialized standards dealing with specific aspects of environmental management.
Other missions include research and development in energy and environmental programs, as well as the surety of critical national infrastructures.
Other areas of study include rural migration and other demographic patterns, environmental sociology, amenity-led development, public lands policies, so-called " boomtown " development, social disruption, the sociology of natural resources ( including forests, mining, fishing and other areas ), rural cultures and identities, rural health care and educational policies.
Other Industrial processes that produce a lot of waste-waters such as paper and pulp production has created environmental concern leading to development of processes to recycle water use within plants before they have to be cleaned and disposed of.

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