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Other and include
Other sources of information include the National Concrete Masonry Association, 38 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill., the Portland Cement Association, 33 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill., and the Structural Clay Products Association, Washington, D.C..
Other factors increasing operating costs include the higher unit cost of each flying hour, up 11% in two years, and of each steaming hour, up 15%.
Other memberships include the American Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Water Color Club, Allied Artists of America, Audubon Artists, Baltimore Watercolor Society.
Other nuts consumed in lesser quantity include the spicy nutmeg ; ;
Other speakers for the fund-raising dinner include Reps. Edith Green and Al Ullman, Labor Commissioner Norman Nilsen and Mayor Terry Schrunk, all Democrats.
Other triumphs include `` Random Harvest '', `` Madame Curie '', `` Pride and Prejudice '', `` The Forsythe Saga '' and `` Mrs. Miniver '' ( which won her the Academy Award in 1943 ).
Other known writers will contribute to the emergence of Algerian literature whom include Mouloud Feraoun, Malek Bennabi, Malek Haddad, Moufdi Zakaria, Ibn Badis, Mohamed Laïd Al-Khalifa, Mouloud Mammeri, Frantz Fanon, and Assia Djebar.
Other Algerian singers of the diaspora include Manel Filali in Germany and Kenza Farah in France. Cheb Hasni an emblematic figure for the Algerian youth, killed by Algerian civil war | terrorists in 1993
Other influential writers in the 1970s include Pierre Clastres, who explains in his books on the Guayaki tribe in Paraguay that " primitive societies " actively oppose the institution of the state.
Other male lovers of Apollo include:
Other factors that may inhibit metamorphosis include lack of food, lack of trace elements and competition from conspecifics.
Other changes include the reduction in size or loss of tail fins, the closure of gill slits, thickening of the skin, the development of eyelids, and certain changes in dentition and tongue structure.
Other calls include those given by a female in response to the advertisement call and a release call given by a male or female during unwanted attempts at amplexus.
Other medical devices and aids that can be considered prosthetics include hearing aids, artificial eyes, palatal obturator, gastric bands, and dentures.
Other numerically important groups include the closely interrelated Chokwe and Lunda, the Ganguela and Nhaneca-Humbe, in both cases classification terms which stand for a variety of small groups, the Ovambo, the Herero, the Xindonga and scattered residual groups of Khoisan.
Other choice axioms weaker than axiom of choice include the Boolean prime ideal theorem and the axiom of uniformization.
Other parts of the world that Aztlan Underground have performed include Canada, Australia, and Venezuela.
Other terms that have been used include neosyllabary ( Février 1959 ), pseudo-alphabet ( Householder 1959 ), semisyllabary ( Diringer 1968 ; a word which has other uses ) and syllabic alphabet ( Coulmas 1996 ; this term is also a synonym for syllabary ).
Other notable characters created by Milne include the bouncy Tigger and gloomy Eeyore.
Other notable cultivated Apiaceae include chervil ( Anthriscus cerefolium ), angelica ( Angelica spp.
Other examples include various prescription drugs ( e. g. most antiepileptic drugs have cerebellar ataxia as a possible adverse effect ), Lithium level over 1. 5mEq / L, cannabis ingestion and various other recreational drugs ( e. g. ketamine, PCP or dextromethorphan, all of which are NMDA receptor antagonists that produce a dissociative state at high doses ).
Other names for absolute value include " the numerical value " and " the magnitude ".
Other centres of population include the villages of Keel, Dooagh, Dumha Éige ( Dooega ) and Dugort.
Other traditions of Indian philosophy include:
Other well-known rabbis who are reincarnationists include Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Talmud scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Rabbi DovBer Pinson, Rabbi David M. Wexelman, Rabbi Zalman Schachter, and many others.

Other and Al
Other important Arabic astrologers include Albumasur and Al Khwarizmi, the Persian mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, who is considered the father of algebra and the algorithm.
Other actors that De Palma has worked with on more than one occasion include Jennifer Salt ( The Wedding Party, Hi, Mom !, and Sisters ), Charles Durning ( Hi, Mom !, Sisters, and The Fury ), Al Pacino ( Scarface and Carlito's Way ), John Lithgow ( Obsession, Blow Out and Raising Cain ), Sean Penn ( Casualties of War and Carlito's Way ), Amy Irving ( Carrie, The Fury and Casualties of War ( uncredited voice-over )), and John Travolta ( Carrie, Blow Out ).
Other minor schools are the Zaidi, Zahiri, Sufian Al ' thawree, Sufian bin O ' yayna, Layth bin Sa ' ad, Tabari and Qurtubi schools.
Other buildings that have been destroyed include the house of Khadijah, the wife of Muhammad, demolished to make way for public lavatories ; the house of Abu Bakr, Muhammad's companion, now the site of the local Hilton hotel ; the house of Ali-Oraid, the grandson of Muhammad, and the Mosque of abu-Qubais, now the location of the King's palace in Mecca ; Muhammad's birthplace, demolished to make way for a library ; and the Abraj Al Bait Towers, built after demolishing the Ottoman-era Ajyad Fortress.
Other finds have included pottery from the Al Ubaid culture of Mesopotamia and northern Arabia ( ca.
Other ports include Umm Said, Al Khawr, and Al Wakrah.
* " Spam ", a song about the meat by " Weird Al " Yankovic on the album UHF – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff
Other film work includes the scores to The Phantom President ( 1932 ), starring George M. Cohan, Hallelujah, I'm a Bum ( 1933 ), starring Al Jolson, and, in a quick return after having left Hollywood, Mississippi ( 1935 ), starring Bing Crosby and W. C. Fields.
Other members have included Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Ralph Johnson, Larry Dunn, and Al McKay.
Other members have included Dwayne Goettel ( 1986 – 1995 ), Dave " Rave " Ogilvie ( long-time associate, producer, and " unofficial " fourth member until 1995 ), Mark Walk ( 2003 – present ), and a number of guests, including Bill Leeb ( 1985 – 1986, under the pseudonym Wilhelm Schroeder ), Al Jourgensen ( 1989 ), and many others.
** Al Franken for Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations
Other entertainers who have traveled to the Middle East to perform include Al Franken ( who made six USO tours in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan before being elected a United States Senator from Minnesota ), Craig Ferguson, Gary Sinise, Zac Brown, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Drowning Pool, Toby Keith,
Other recurring characters included Battalion Chiefs Conrad ( Art Balinger ), Sorensen ( Art Gilmore ), Miller, and McConnike ( William Boyett ), Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Vince ( Vince Howard ), and recurring ambulance attendants Albert " Al " ( Angelo DeMeo ) and his assistant, George ( George Orrison ).
Other attractions include the Al Ain Oasis in the city centre, other oases dotted around the area — all cool retreats in the middle of the summer heat — Al Ain Zoo, an amusement park named " Hili Fun City ", many well-maintained parks popular with families in the summer evenings, and a heritage village.
Other private schools include the CBSE affiliated school Indian School Al Ain.
Other notable ( recording / touring ) project involvements are: ( 1979 ) Jeff Beck, ( 1979 ) Ron Wood's New Barbarians, ( 1981, 1983, 1990 ) Clarke / Duke Project with George Duke, ( 1984 ) with Miroslav Vitouš, ( 1989 ) Animal Logic with Stewart Copeland, ( 1993 – 94 ), A group with Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Najee & Deron Johnson, ( 1995 ) The Rite of Strings with Jean-Luc Ponty and Al Di Meola and ( 1999 ) Vertu ’ with Lenny White and Richie Kotzen.
Other stories have made claims that Bin Laden is actually a dwarf, that he recruited a cloned Adolf Hitler to join Al Qaeda or that he is in fact dead and that the CIA is keeping it a secret.
Other songwriters of the era included Mohammed Ahmed Sarror, Al-Amin Burhan, Mohamed Wad Al Faki and Abdallah Abdel Karim.
Other NHLers hailing from Flin Flon include Ken Baird, Ken Baumgartner, Matt Davidson, Kim Davis, Dean Evason, Al Hamilton, Ted Hampson ( who was the second player to ever receive the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy ), Gerry Hart, Ron Hutchinson, George Konik, Ray Maluta, Dunc McCallum, Eric Nesterenko, Mel Pearson, Reid Simpson, David Struch and Ernie Wakely.
Other familiar silent comedy veterans in the cast include Bud Jamison, Lucien Littlefield, Johnny Arthur, Mickey Daniels, and ex-Keystone Cops Chester Conklin, Edgar Kennedy and Al St. John.
Other band leaders Mitchell recorded with include Lou Donaldson, Grant Green, Philly Joe Jones, Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Johnny Griffin, Al Cohn, Dexter Gordon and Jimmy Smith.

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