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Other and early
Other early nuns were the Blessed Juliana of Puriselli, Benedetta Bimia, and Lucia Alciata.
Other early Christian writers wrote about Atlantis, though they had mixed views on whether it once existed or was an untrustworthy myth of pagan origin.
His first major published work was in 1911, Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads, and was arguably the most prominent US folk music scholar of his time, notably during the beginnings of the folk music revival in the 1930s and early 1940s.
Other authors reject this early institution and ascribe it to Pope John XXII ( 1316 ).
In the early 1990s, the five geographical Regions were replaced by a Sector organisation, where passenger services were organised into Inter City, Network SouthEast and Other Provincial Services sectors.
Other areas damaged during World War II bombing included: in September 1940 two unexploded bombs hit the Edward VII galleries, the King's Library received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb, incendiaries fell on the dome of the Round Reading Room but did little damage ; on the night of 10 to 11 May 1941 several incendiaries fell on the south west corner of the Museum, destroying the book stack and 150, 000 books in the courtyard and the galleries around the top of the Great Staircase – this damage was not fully repaired until the early 1960s.
Other claimants included the United States, whose American Guano Mining Company claimed it under the Guano Islands Act of 1856 ; Mexico also claimed Clipperton due to activities undertaken there as early as 1848 – 1849.
Other early chemists involved in catalysis were Alexander Mitscherlich who referred to contact processes and Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner who spoke of contact action and whose lighter based on hydrogen and a platinum sponge became a huge commercial success in the 1820s.
Other historicists have seen no significance in the date that Revelation was written, and have even held to an early date while Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., makes an exegetical and historical argument for the pre-AD 70 composition of Revelation.
Other early influential members included Christopher Hutt, author of Death of the English Pub, who succeeded Hardman as chairman, Frank Baillie, author of The Beer Drinker's Companion, and later the current Good Beer Guide editor, Roger Protz.
Other regions of the world, including India and China, also have early evidence of water clocks, but the earliest dates are less certain.
Other commercial machines that used writable microcode include early Xerox workstations, the DEC VAX 8800 (" Nautilus ") family, and the Symbolics L-and G-machines.
Other historians claim instead that the Carolingian byrnie was nothing more than a coat of mail, but longer and perhaps heavier than traditional early medieval mail.
Other early finds of crossbows were discovered in Tomb 138 at Saobatang, Hunan dated to mid 4th century BC.
Other early forms include " chipmuck " and " chipminck ," and in the 1830s they were also referred to as " chip squirrels ," probably in reference to the sound they make.
Other key executives responsible for the company's meteoric growth in the late 80s and early 90s were Ross A. Cooley, another former IBM associate, who served for many years as SVP of GM North America ; Michael Swavely, who was the company's chief marketing officer in the early years, and eventually ran the North America organization, later passing along that responsibility to Mr. Cooley, when Swavely retired.
Other notable early disco hits include The Jackson 5 ’ s " Dancing Machine " ( 1974 ), Barry White ’ s " You're the First, the Last, My Everything " ( 1974 ), LaBelle ’ s " Lady Marmalade " ( 1975 ) and Silver Convention ’ s " Fly Robin Fly " ( 1975 ).
Other favorite subjects early in his education were arithmetic and spelling.
Other early courses were also of this type, using anything from lamp poles to fire hydrants as targets.
Other early ethologists, such as Oskar Heinroth and Julian Huxley, instead concentrated on behaviours that can be called instinctive, or natural, in that they occur in all members of a species under specified circumstances.
Other eukaryotic organelles may have also evolved through endosymbiosis ; it has been proposed that cilia, flagella, centrioles, and microtubules may have originated from a symbiosis between a Spirochaete bacterium and an early eukaryotic cell, but this is not widely accepted among biologists.
Other sources include regnal lists of the kings of Kent and early charters.
Biblical scholars are in general agreement that it was written by St. Paul to the church of Philippi, an early center of Christianity in Greece around 62 A. D. Other scholars argue for an earlier date, c. 50-60 A. D.
Other early synthesizers included Thaddeus Cahill's Dynamophone or Telharmononium ( before 1907 ), Jorg Mager's Spherophone ( 1924 ) and Partiturophone, the Theremin ( 1927 ), which was marketed by RCA, Taubmann's similar Electronde ( 1933 ), the Ondes Martenot ( 1928 ), Trautwein's Trautonium ( 1930 ).

Other and exponents
Other noted exponents are Leonardo Boff of Brazil, Jon Sobrino of El Salvador, and Juan Luis Segundo of Uruguay.
Other noted exponents are Leonardo Boff of Brazil, Jon Sobrino of El Salvador, and Juan Luis Segundo of Uruguay.
Other exponents of Hasidism had a more positive attitude towards philosophy.
Other notable UK exponents of blue-eyed soul included The Spencer Davis Group ( featuring singer-organist-guitarist Steve Winwood ) and archetypal mod band The Small Faces, whose sound was heavily influenced by the Stax label's house band Booker T & the MGs.
Other leading exponents include the Gundecha Brothers, who have received training from some of the Dagars.
Other notable exponents are Leopoldo Lugones, Julio Herrera y Reissig, Julián del Casal, Manuel González Prada, Aurora Cáceres, Delmira Agustini, Manuel Díaz Rodríguez and José Martí.
Other highly esteemed exponents are André Campra ( Tancrède, Idoménée ), Marin Marais ( Alcyone ) and Michel Pignolet de Montéclair ( Jephté ).
Other exponents of the instrument include Budaloor Krishnamurthy Shastri, A Narayana Iyer, Mannargudi Savithri Ammal, Allam Koteeshwara Rao, M V Varahaswami, Allam Durgaprasad and Chitravina Ganesh.

Other and radical
" Other, more radical critiques of development studies, have to do with the field of study itself.
Other, more radical deists rejected Christianity altogether and expressed hostility toward Christianity, which they regarded as pure superstition.
Other broad distinctions include those between positive economics ( describing " what is ") and normative economics ( advocating " what ought to be "); between economic theory and applied economics ; between rational and behavioral economics ; and between mainstream economics ( more " orthodox " and dealing with the " rationality-individualism-equilibrium nexus ") and heterodox economics ( more " radical " and dealing with the " institutions-history-social structure nexus ").
Other feminists have criticized these radical feminist views as being anti-men, though some radical feminists reject this portrayal of their views.
Other radical feminists have criticized Marxists ; during the 1960s in the U. S., many women became feminists because they perceived women as being excluded from, and discriminated against by, leftist political groups.
Other critics of radical feminism from the political left, including socialist feminists, strongly disagree with the radical feminist position that the oppression of women is fundamental to all other forms of oppression ; these critics hold that issues of race and of class are as important or more important than issues about gender.
") Other commonly used names for the horoscope in English include astrological chart, astro-chart, celestial map, sky-map, star-chart, cosmogram, vitasphere, radical chart, radix, chart wheel, or simply chart.
Some of his work from the early 1980s includes ( anthologized in The Abolition of Work and Other Essays ) highlights his critiques of the nuclear freeze movement (" Anti-Nuclear Terror "), the editors of Processed World (" Circle A Deceit: A Review of Processed World "), radical feminists (" Feminism as Fascism "), and right wing libertarians (" The Libertarian As Conservative ").
" Other historians, such as H. G. Richardson or G. O. Sayles, take a view that the change was less radical than Southern's view.
Other radical commentators, however, have incorporated the limitations of the Spanish Revolution into their theories of anti-capitalist revolution.
Other radical ideas were those of the GLC division architect Robert Rigg, including one taken from housing complexes in Sweden, where it was believed that lakes and canals helped to lower levels of crime and vandalism, mainly among the young.
Other condensations, such as the acyloin condensation are triggered by radical or single electron transfer conditions.
Other organizations did not make radical changes in their business processes and did not make significant gains, and, therefore, wrote the process off as a failure.
Lacan similarly saw ideas of reference as linked to ' the unbalancing of the relation to the capital Other and the radical anomaly that it involves, qualified, improperly, but not without some approximation to the truth, in old clinical medecine, as partial delusion ' - the ' big other, that is, the other of language, the Names-of-the-Father, signifiers or words ', in short, the realm of the superego.
Other, more radical voices such as the Irish Republican Brotherhood called for full independence, but these were in a minority.
Other designs took a more radical approach, including the Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor's wing that grew wider towards the tip to provide more lift at the tip.
Other reactants required are oxygen from air and small amounts of a radical initiator.
Other filmmakers in the 1960s expanded the idea and treated the film stock more and more radical towards destruction, up to the point where a film was treated beyond any possibility to survive projection.
Other more radical left-wing groups that broke away were Partido Comunista de los Trabajadores ( formed by the Left Opposition of PCE in 1977 ) and PCE ( VIII-IX Congresos ) ( formed in 1971 ).
Other more radical movements such as Jama ' atul Mujahideen Bangladesh embrace militant Islamic ideology.
Other major parties include the pro-CD Freedom Party ; the radical Liberation Party ; and the nationalistic, anti-CD and anti-Communist Patriot Party.
Other features of the tank were also quite radical.
Other minor communist or radical left parties are the Trotskyist Revolutionary Communist League ( LCR-SAP ) and the Left Socialist Party ( LSP-PSL ).

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