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Other and engineering
Other types of planetary engineering include ecopoiesis, the introduction of an ecology to a lifeless environment.
Other forms of genetic engineering include gene targeting and knocking out specific genes via engineered nucleases such as zinc finger nucleases or engineered homing endonucleases.
Other forms of genetic engineering include gene targeting and knocking out specific genes via engineered nucleases such as zinc finger nucleases, engineered I-CreI homing endonucleases, or nucleases generated from TAL effectors.
Other methods can be used to take over a channel, though they are unrelated to flaws in IRC itself ; for example, cracking the computers of channel operators, compromising channel bot shell accounts, having someone add you to a channel service's userlist, or obtaining services passwords through social engineering.
Other suggested folk etymologies or backronyms for kludge or kluge is from klumsy, lame, ugly, dumb, but good enough, or klutzy, lashup, under, going, engineering.
Other mission objectives were to perform field and particle measurements in interplanetary space in the vicinity of Mars and to provide experience in and knowledge of the engineering capabilities for interplanetary flights of long duration.
Other efforts to define a body of knowledge for software engineering is the " Computing Curriculum Software Engineering ( CCSE )", officially named Software Engineering 2004 ( SE2004 ).
Other acquisitions included automotive engineers Cosworth in 1990, waterjet manufacturer Kamewa in 1986 and Norwegian marine propulsion and engineering company Ulstein in 1998.
Other technological and engineering feats achieved during, or as a result of, the war include the world's first programmable computers ( Z3, Colossus, and ENIAC ), guided missiles and modern rockets, the Manhattan Project's development of nuclear weapons, operations research and the development of artificial harbours and oil pipelines under the English Channel.
Other institutions may require engineering students to complete one year of General Engineering before declaring computer engineering as their primary focus.
Other subsidiaries included mining, engineering, shipping, rail car manufacturing, shipbuilding:
Other civil engineering projects include flood control, beach nourishment, and dredging for waterway navigation.
Other establishments such as the École Polytechnique ( also a ParisTech engineering school ) have relocated in recent times to more spacious settings.
Other engineering, paint and food processing factories prospered for many years, mostly alongside the railway and / or canal.
Other notable constructions included a theater house, several large cinemas, many schools and high-schools and an engineering faculty.
Other programs include dual-degree programs in engineering with the California Institute of Technology, the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst ; the Frances Perkins Program, for women over the age of 24 who wish to complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree ; and the Postbaccalaureate Studies Program, for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree and wish to complete additional course work in preparation for graduate work in medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, dentistry, or physical therapy science.
Other significant military engineering projects of World War II include the Mulberry harbour and Operation Pluto.
Other partnership projects range from joint educational activities to major engineering projects to regulate water levels on wetlands.
Other groups such as engineering and geoscience regulatory bodies also have mandatory professional development requirements.
Other companies known to have benefitted from the Cosworth engineering input are Mercedes-Benz ( with the 190 E 2. 3-16 ), Rolls-Royce, and Audi ( notably their RS cars ).
Other important applications of computational geometry include robotics ( motion planning and visibility problems ), geographic information systems ( GIS ) ( geometrical location and search, route planning ), integrated circuit design ( IC geometry design and verification ), computer-aided engineering ( CAE ) ( mesh generation ), computer vision ( 3D reconstruction ).
Other institutions of higher education include the Theological Seminary Bethel ( Kirchliche Hochschule Bethel ) and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (), which offers 21 courses in 8 different departments ( agriculture and engineering are in Minden ) and has been internationally recognized for its photography school.

Other and disciplines
Other disciplines of figure skating include:
Other gymnastic disciplines include: trampolining, tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics.
Other horse breeds developed specifically for light agricultural work, heavy and light carriage and road work, various equestrian disciplines, or simply as pets.
Other than the associated disciplines just mentioned, cognitive neuroscientists may have backgrounds in these disciplines: neurobiology, bioengineering, psychiatry, neurology, physics, computer science, linguistics, philosophy and mathematics.
Other disciplines that contributed to the training of the young prophet and confirmation of his message are described as not turning to the people, not marrying or fathering children, not going to weddings or funerals, not sitting in a house with feasting, and not sitting in the company of merrymakers.
Other related disciplines not mentioned in the article:
Other forensic disciplines have followed suit and established their own certification programs.
Other disciplines, such as evolutionary psychology, behavior genetics, behavioral neuroscience, epigenetics, etc., take a nature-nurture interactionism approach to understand behavior or cultural phenomena.
Other academic disciplines are housed in six branch locations on campus:
Other academic disciplines, such as biology and other sciences, also maintain image collections.
Other Goddard missions support a variety of space science disciplines.
Other transpersonal disciplines, such as transpersonal anthropology and transpersonal business studies, are listed in transpersonal disciplines.
* Other related disciplines:
Other integral transforms find special applicability within other scientific and mathematical disciplines.
Other disciplines have different terms ( such as dextro-and laevo-rotary, in chemistry, or clockwise and anticlockwise in physics ) or simply use left and right ( as in anatomy )
Other contemplative disciplines are offered throughout the day.
Other US organizations such as the National Cutting Horse Association, United States Eventing Association ( USEA ) and United States Dressage Federation ( USDF ) organize competitions for specific disciplines, such as Cutting, and some breed organizations such as the American Quarter Horse Association sanction their own breed-specific shows.
Other disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science and Computer Engineering were to be the part of School of Sciences and Engineering, which was established in 2008.
Other disciplines, such as theology or journalism ( FU Berlin ), used to offer a Lizentiat qualification instead of a PhD.
Other purposes are to integrate the many nuclear science and technology disciplines, encourage research, establish scholarships, disseminate information through publications and journals, inform the public about nuclear-related activities, hold meetings devoted to scientific and technical papers, and cooperate with government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations having similar purposes.
Other disciplines were declared " bourgeois pseudosciences " in the People's Republic of China.
Other disciplines.

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