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Other and episodes
Other theories existed, including the Greek philosopher Anaxamines ' ( 585 – 526 BCE ) beliefs that short incline episodes of dryness and wetness caused seismic activity.
Other guest stars appeared in mock-ups of their own shows: Mike Moore appeared on fictitious episodes of Burke's Backyard with Don Burke, Rex Hunt's fishing show, and The AFL Footy Show with Sam Newman.
Other episodes of the Mahabharata – Indralokâgama, and three others ( Berlin, 1824 ); Diluvium, and three others ( Berlin, 1829 ); a new edition of Nala ( Berlin, 1832 ) – followed in due course, all of which, with A. W. Schlegel's edition of the Bhagavad Gita ( 1823 ), proved excellent aids in initiating the early student into the reading of Sanskrit texts.
Other possible plans for the season included: an episode showing the construction of the first starbase ; a Borg Queen origins story with Alice Krige as a Starfleet medical technician who makes contact with the Borg from Season 2's " Regeneration " and becomes the Borg Queen, and a Mirror Universe arc spanning four or five episodes.
Other DS9 episodes to make reference to the animated series include " Broken Link ", where Elim Garak mentions Edosian orchids ( Arex is an Edosian ) and " Tears of the Prophets " where a Miranda class starship is called the USS ShirKahr ( sic ) after Shikahr, the city from " Yesteryear ".
*" Super Bon Bon " ( off Irresistible Bliss ) appeared in " Strangers and Other Partners ," episodes of the television series Homicide: Life on the Street, Long Term Parking, The Sopranos, and Castle, and was also the theme song of ECW wrestler Danny Doring and Roadkill.
Other episodes written by Carter made numerous references to other films, as did those by Darin Morgan.
Other uses include in the 2004 documentary film Fahrenheit 9 / 11 ; in the 2005 film The Ringer ; as entrance music for the British band James, as well as episodes of The Simpsons that had a " western " theme ( mainly in the episode titled " Dude, Where's My Ranch ?").
Other episodes that feature virtual reality include " Gunmen of the Apocalypse ", " Stoke Me a Clipper ", " Blue ", " Beyond a Joke ", and " Back in the Red ".
Other video games feature instant death upon falling into water instead of giving the player a chance to swim out before drowning ( such as a few episodes of Grand Theft Auto and many others ).
Other episodes explore the past of the characters.
Other episodes no longer air on GSN due to tape damage.
* Nana Visitor appeared as three different characters in three episodes: " The Best Friend ( 1987 )", " The Other Woman " ( 1989 ) and " The Divorce ( 1993 )".
Other episodes with recognizable settings are located in Central America, while one is in London.
Other notable casualties from the Ten archive include hundreds of episodes of the Melbourne-based pop music shows commissioned and broadcast by ATV-0 Melbourne in the 1960s and early 1970s – The Go !!
Other parts of Acton were used for The Sweeney and early episodes of The Bill.
Other episodes include Sheriff McCombs deputy growing marijuana, Darnell ’ s daughter being kidnapped, a wife who kills her husband for beating her, a doctor who kills his wife and his mistress to keep them from talking to each other, a real estate developer being killed in an insurance scam, the return of Emily Trundel, and one of the best episodes of the series “ Family Reunion ” in which, an insurance investigator is on the trail of stolen money and is murdered.
Other episodes include Parker being accused of police brutality, Bubba trying to help his nephew deal with recovering from drugs, a deeper look at Lonnie ’ s life off the police force which is controlled by his cantankerous Aunt Cora, and Harriet DeLong taking a bigger part in the story lines.
In 1969, Van Dyke and Moore reunited for a one-hour variety special called Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman which included a never before seen alternative take from one of the show's episodes in which Van Dyke breaks down and cries after being dismissed from a film role instead of just being disappointed.
Other appearances included The Twilight Zone episodes " A Hundred Yards Over the Rim " ( 1961 ) and " The Dummy " ( 1962 ) followed by guest-starring roles in such series as the NBC medical drama about psychiatry The Eleventh Hour ( 1963 ) in the role of Jeff Dillon, " The Man Who Came Home Late ".
Other episodes dealt with issues in a more realistic and contemporary way, such as when J. B .' s father's family-owned store is threatened by the arrival of high-powered, " big box " competition, and another in which Jett's English teacher, Dr. Dupree, runs afoul of local attempts at censorship of a class reading assignment.
Other episodes dealt with such topics as bulimia and the question of whether Jett, with his relatively sheltered and pampered home life, can truly understand or cope with the problems of other African Americans.
* Colonel Angus Rickman, played by Roger Daltrey (" The Exodus " parts 1 and 2 ( S3e16 – 17 )) and Neil Dickson ( episodes " The Other Slide of Darkness ", " Dinoslide ", " Stoker " and " This Slide of Paradise " ( S3e21, S3e23 – 25 ))

Other and MTV
Other examples of this included network television shows such as Friday Night Videos and MTV for its first few years in existence.
In 1986 they enjoyed renewed success with their album The Other Side of Life and in particular with the track " Your Wildest Dreams " – a US Top 10 hit ( and No. 1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary singles chart for two weeks ) which garnered a Billboard Video of the Year award after being frequently featured on MTV.
A video jockey ( usually abbreviated to VJ, or sometimes veejay ) is an announcer who introduces and plays videos on commercial music television such as the United States ' MTV, VH1, Fuse TV, non-commercial TVU, Canada's MuchMusic, and Asia's Channel V. Other alternative names for a VJ include " VDJ " ( Video DJ ) and " MVJ " ( Mobile VJ ).
On That Other Level ( 1989 ), a highly successful album that garnered the group a large fanbase, in spite of their violent lyrics keeping them from radio and MTV.
Other singles released from Crimes of Passion were " Treat Me Right " ( US # 18 ) and the Rascals ' cover, " You Better Run " ( US # 42 ), which gained some later fame when it was the second music video ever played on MTV, after the Buggles ' " Video Killed the Radio Star ".
Other Viacom owned channels remained such as MTV and Paramount Comedy 1.
Other networks were said to be interested, including MTV as a strong possibility.
While signed to Lookout !, the band continued to release an album a year: 1995's Pile Up ( notable for its various cover songs, including Ned Sublette's " Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other " and Nirvana's " Smells Like Teen Spirit " ( covered as " Smells Like Queer Spirit ")), 1996's Wish I'd Taken Pictures ( featuring the single " I Really Wanted You ", the music video of which played once on MTV ) and the 1997 B-sides compilation More Lovin ' From Our Oven.
Other channels such as Eurosport, Discovery Channel, MTV Sweden and Disney Channel Scandinavia also have a relatively strong position in Sweden.
Other programmes she hosted include The Record of the Year, Fame Academy, The 2004 BRIT Awards and Stars in Their Eyes, as well as a weekly broadcast on London's Capital FM and BBC Choice series Roadtripping, both with former MTV colleague Edith Bowman.
Other opportunities mtvU provides for college students include Digital Incubator grants, which award students who are pioneering the future of broadband content, and the Student Filmmaker Award, which provides the winner with the chance to receive a development deal with mtvU and collect the award at the MTV Movie Awards.
Other commercial endeavours include work for the likes of Warner Bros, MTV, Nickelodeon and Channel 4.
Other boy bands managed by Pearlman were O-Town ( created during the ABC – MTV reality TV series Making the Band ), LFO, Take 5, Natural, youthful rock musician Jim DeBerry, and US5, as well as the girl group Innosense, together with Lynn Harless.
Other Sednaoui music videos that were nominated or received MTV Video Music Awards are, " Mysterious Ways " ( U2 ), " Today " ( The Smashing Pumpkins ), " Big Time Sensuality " ( Björk ), " 7 Seconds " ( Youssou N ' Dour and Neneh Cherry ), " Queer " ( Garbage ), " Hell Is Round the Corner " ( Tricky ), " Ironic " ( Alanis Morissette ), " Possibly Maybe " ( Björk ), " GBI: German Bold Italic " ( Towa Tei featuring Kylie Minogue ) and " Le Nouveau Western " ( MC Solaar ).
Other judges who have been a part of the show are television presenter Indy Barends, MTV video jockey and comedian Jamie Aditya, musician and conductor Erwin Gutawa, Indonesian Superstar Agnes Monica and hits-maker Ahmad Dhani.
Other Molecular tagging velocimetry ( MTV ) methods have used ozone ( O3 ), excited oxygen and nitric oxide as the tag instead of hydroxyl.
Other channels such as Sky Channel, Eurosport, Sky News and Sky Movies from Sky Television, as well as the Scandinavian TV3 and MTV Europe all launched in February.
Other projects included Spy Groove for MTV, Spawn for HBO, and ABC's One Saturday Morning, and Clerks: The Animated Series, based on the Kevin Smith movie.
During the week leading up to the release date, the film was promoted on TruTV programs, specifically The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest .... During the Season 2 premier for the MTV reality series Jersey Shore on July 29, 2010, special segments were shown during the commercial breaks of the show's cast broken down on a highway, discussing several movies, as part of a promotional tie-in ; with The Other Guys being one of them.
Other projects that Ross supported were not as successful as MTV and Nickelodeon, but certainly left a mark in television and helped shape the TV we are enjoying today.

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