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Other and evidence
Other researchers see these motifs as part of a more generalized Puebloan style and / or spiritual significance, rather than evidence of a continuing specific elite socioeconomic system.
Other scholars have presented evidence pointing to a post-monarchic date ( as late as 200 BC ) based on language and theme, although the book might still have been based on an earlier composition.
Other recent Cochrane Reviews found no convincing evidence that CBT training helps foster care providers manage difficult behaviors in the youth under their care, nor was it helpful in treating men who abuse their intimate partners.
Other recent Cochrane Reviews found no convincing evidence that CBT training helps foster care providers manage difficult behaviors in the youth under their care, nor was it helpful in treating men who abuse their intimate partners.
Other geologists also believed that the evidence that Wegener had provided was not sufficient.
Other regions of the world, including India and China, also have early evidence of water clocks, but the earliest dates are less certain.
Other evidence to the language of the Cimbri is circumstantial: thus, we are told that the Romans enlisted Gaulish Celts to act as spies in the Cimbri camp prior to the final showdown with the Roman army in 101 BC.
Other than at such moments of extremis, little evidence exists to suggest this was a common Cathar practice.
Other authors and pedagogues remain skeptical about the necessity of this motion, but scientific evidence supporting this view has not been sufficiently developed at this time to support this view.
Other types of hadron may exist, such as tetraquarks ( or, more generally, exotic mesons ) and pentaquarks ( exotic baryons ), but no current evidence conclusively suggests their existence .< ref name = PDGPentaquarks2006 > W .- M. Yao et al.
Other evidence of religious ideas include symbolic artifacts from Middle Stone Age sites in Africa.
Other than verbally protest the council's treatment of Hus, there was little evidence of any actions taken by the nobility until 1417.
Other workers made claims disputing the validity of the Luneau video, including a web site discussing the evidence by Colby College biologist Louis Bevier, who stated:
Other critics take a different approach, pointing to experimental evidence that they believe falsifies the argument for Intelligent Design from irreducible complexity.
Other evidence that irreducible complexity is not a problem for evolution comes from the field of computer science, where computer analogues of the processes of evolution are routinely used to automatically design complex solutions to problems.
Other debilitating scandals included " Arms to Iraq " – the ongoing inquiry into how government ministers including Alan Clark ( also involved in an unrelated scandal involving the revelation of his affair with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge ) had encouraged businesses to supply arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, in breach of the official arms embargo, and how senior ministers had, on legal advice, attempted to withhold evidence of this official connivance when directors of Matrix Churchill were put trial for breaking the embargo.
Other scholars have argued against Rushton's hypothesis on the basis that the concept of race is not supported by genetic evidence about the diversity of human populations, and that his research is based on folk taxonomies.
Other inscriptional evidence for Arthur, including the Glastonbury cross, is tainted with the suggestion of forgery.
Other evidence suggests Luthor's design was confused with that of a stockier, bald henchman in Superman # 4 ( Spring 1940 ); Luthor's next appearance occurs in Superman # 10 ( May 1941 ), in which Novak depicted him as significantly heavier, with visible jowls.
Other than this, however, there is no real evidence that ch ' ang ming predates the advent of macrobiotics in Japan.
Other than the images at Dura of the two ‘ magi ’ with scrolls, there is no direct and explicit evidence for the carriers of such doctrines .... Up to a point, Cumont ’ s Iranian paradigm, especially in Turcan ’ s modified form, is certainly plausible.
Other trans-Neptunian planets have also been suggested, based on different evidence.
Other candidate gene studies have provided weak evidence that some personality traits are related to AVPR1A (" ruthlessness gene ") and MAOA (" Warrior gene ").
Other obvious possible fuel sources include driftwood and animal dung, but there's evidence that dried seaweed may have been a significant source.

Other and comes
Other software comes with a free software license, granting the recipient the rights to modify and redistribute the software.
Other European pioneers were Robert Boyle, who in 1675 stated that electric attraction and repulsion can act across a vacuum ; Stephen Gray, who in 1729 classified materials as conductors and insulators ; and C. F. du Fay, who proposed in 1733 that electricity comes in two varieties that cancel each other, and expressed this in terms of a two-fluid theory.
Other changes can be seen, however ; the Russian ruble, for example, changed from RUR to RUB, where the B comes from the third letter in the word " ruble ".
Jacques Lacan, inspired by Heidegger and Saussure, built on Freud's psychoanalytic model of the subject, in which the " split subject " is constituted by a double bind: alienated from jouissance when he or she leaves the Real, enters into the Imaginary ( during the mirror stage ), and separates from the Other when he or she comes into the realm of language, difference, and demand in the Symbolic or the Name of the Father.
Other proposals are that it could have come from the Tamil name for fennel, soambu, where it is a regular ingredient in cooking, or that it comes from " sambuq ", a type of Arabic ship which may originally have been used to import the drink and may hence have given it its name.
Other writers believe it comes from the Arabic word طرق turuq, which means ' ways '.
Other times, the Vice comes out and states he is a Catholic, or elucidates that he is Catholic by swearing a Catholic pledge.
Other financial support comes from individual donors, charitable foundations, corporations, government agencies, program sales and licensed products.
Other than stability, arms control comes with cost reduction and damage limitation.
Other indicator words include " receding ", " in the mirror ", " going the wrong way ", " returns ", " reverses " " to the left " or " left " ( for across clues ), and " rising ", " overturned " or " mounted " or " comes up " ( for down clues ).
Other regular events at the arena include the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus when it comes to New York City ( although the Izod Center and Nassau Coliseum also host the circus each year ), selected home games for the St. John's men's Red Storm ( college basketball ), the annual pre and postseason NIT tournaments, the NBA Draft, the Millrose Games track and field meet, and almost any other kind of indoor activity that draws large audiences, such as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the 2004 Republican National Convention.
Other experiments show that different works by the same creator exhibit a recognizable style or ' voice ', and that this same recognizable quality even comes through in different creative outlets.
Other popular Belgian pop music comes from Axelle Red, Vaya Con Dios, Kate Ryan and K's Choice.
Other theories say that it comes from Latin Ara Jovis or Ara Iovia, which means Jupiter's altar, but currently the pre-Roman name is preferred.
Other entertainment includes radio and television with TVN ( Television Nacional de Chile ) owned but not paid by the government but funding comes from commercial sponsors by private companies and media productions.
Other criticism comes from Barbara Ehrenreich and colleagues who see this new sexuality as one that privileges the male in control, penile retention and body position, but this is denied by others.
Other Spanish expeditions outside the Amazon influenced the story ; the conversation in which the Indians refuse a Bible comes from events before the Battle of Cajamarca, and the chronicle of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca mentions the appearance of a boat in a treetop.
Other sources claim that the term comes from the notion of justice proceeding " by leaps ", like a kangaroo.
Other Lovecraftian tales portray a more conventional walk-in idea in which an alien being comes to earth and takes over the consciousness of a human.
Other theories claim the name comes from the Malay word kilatan, ' shiny / glittery ' or kolam tanah, ' clay pool '.
Kununurra comes from the English pronunciation of Gunanurang in the Miriwoong language with a general meaning of " Big Waters " having become the popular definition or " Big River " Other accounts of the name of Kununurra state that it was the Miriwoong name for this part of the Ord River, which makes sense in that the Ord River runs for hundreds of kilometres coming from the south near Hall's Creek.
* The name Gottfried Plattner comes from The Plattner Story ( included in Wells's collection of short stories entitled The Country of the Blind and Other Stories, written between 1894 and 1909, first published in 1911 ).
A similar concept, with aristocracy in place of capitalism, comes from the 19th-century philosopher Alexander Herzen, who in From the Other Shore ( 1855 ) wrote " It is they, none other, who are dying of cold and hunger ... while you and I in our rooms on the first floor are chatting about socialism ' over pastry and champagne.

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