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Other and exceptions
Other exceptions include the several suboxides ( see section on oxides below ).
Other tumor-suppressor genes that are exceptions to the " two-hit " rule are those that exhibit haploinsufficiency for example PTCH in medulloblastoma.
Other exceptions to the paradox tend to have large natural resources.
Other assertions have been attempted by scholars to prove the origins of the statue on the basis of the unfinished back, the appearance of the drapery, and the technique used with the drilling of the hair ; however scholars cannot conclusively use any of these arguments to their advantage because exceptions exist in both Roman and Greek sculpture.
Other exceptions would follow.
Other early exceptions include Cliff Edwards in Pinocchio, Edward Brophy in Dumbo and Peggy Lee in Lady and the Tramp.
Other than these few exceptions, this power seems to have left him, and he misses it terribly.
Other goals of the UCC were to modernize contract law and to allow for exceptions from the common law in contracts between merchants.
Other members of the Trotter family were rarely sighted, the exceptions being the woman they believe to be Auntie Rose ( Beryl Cooke ) in " The Second Time Around ", and cousins Stan and Jean ( Mike Kemp and Maureen Sweeney ), who attended Grandad's funeral.
Other exceptions to the general rule include:
Other exceptions to the utilitarian architectural style are Thompson Hall, Bryan Hall, and Stevens Hall, the oldest buildings on campus.
# Other exceptions, declarant's availability immaterial: In the United States Federal Rules of Evidence, separate exceptions are made for public records, family records, and records in ancient documents of established authenticity.
Other major exceptions to PLSS are
Other exceptions to the PES include:
Other members of the Royal Family also use this Scottish version when in Scotland, with the only exceptions to this protocol being the consort of a queen regnant and the heir apparent, the Duke of Rothesay, each of whom has his own individual standard.
Other than the aquatic play area in front of the Ontario Science Centre ( the centrepiece of Teluscape ), Dundas Square is Toronto's only 24-hour waterplay area, open all day and night except during special events, maintenance, and other exceptions.
Other notable exceptions are the film Tsotsi, which won the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film at the 78th Academy Awards in 2006 as well as U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha, which won the Golden Bear at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival.
Other than the above exceptions, the tunnel has replaced the pass for general vehicular traffic.
Other than the series protagonist Samus Aran and the titular Metroids, Ridley is the only character that has appeared consistently throughout most of the games in the Metroid series ( the exceptions being Metroid II for the Game Boy, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the GameCube, and Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS ).
Other proposed exceptions to this law include the wings of stick insects, the larval stages of salamanders, lost toes in lizards, and clavicles in non-avian theropod dinosaurs.
Other companies were sometimes absorbed into these government-owned corporations, as well as other companies, such as Napocor and the Philippine National Railways, which in their own right are monopolies ( exceptions are Meralco and the Manila Hotel ).
Other exceptions are the 8th day ( Honey ) and the 11th day ( Wax ).
Other exceptions to this dual-stick rule are Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo's 3DS handheld game consoles ( although the latter may be upgraded to dual-stick functionality through the use of an accessory ), which both feature only a single small, flat sliding analog " nub ".

Other and are
Other conceivable goals, such as character-education and social adjustment, are of secondary importance to them.
Other factors playing a part in the extent of AM service and interference are the frequency involved, the time of year, the position of the year in the sunspot cycle, ground conductivity along the transmission path, atmospheric and manmade noise, and others.
Other deductions are subtracted only from Adjusted Gross Income in arriving at Taxable Income.
Other natural features which can be of high interest are the forests, canyons, mountains, deserts, seacoast, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, springs, etcetera with which the area is blessed.
Other classes are included only by myself ( interrogatives, adverbs ) or only by Swadesh and Hoijer ( pronouns, demonstratives ).
Other theories of origin are compatible with the formulaic theory: Beowulf may contain a design for terror, and The Iliad may have a vast hysteron-proteron pattern answering to a ceramic pattern produced during the Geometric Period in pottery.
Other morphological, physical, and optical property values are also given.
Other expeditious methods are designed to prevent prolixity, limit delays, and reduce the expense of infringement suits.
Other recommendations made by the committee are:
Other items on the agenda during the meetings, which are expected to continue through Saturday, concern television, rules changes, professional football's hall of fame, players' benefits and constitutional amendments.
Other members of the Portland delegation attending the conference in Columbus are: Kathleen Mason, Jefferson high school ; ;
Other officers are Angelo J. Scampini, vice president, Joseph V. Arata, treasurer, and Fred J. Casassa, secretary.
Other Saturdays are devoted to studies of a selected American composer, a particular type of music or the music of a given country.
Other widely spoken Afroasiatic languages are Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, with 18 million native speakers ; Somali, spoken by around 19 million people in Greater Somalia ; and Hausa, the dominant language of northern Nigeria and southern Niger, spoken by 18. 5 million people and used as a lingua franca in large parts of the Sahel, with some 25 million speakers in total.
Other salamanders are also prepared to drop their tails to save their lives.
Other amphibians, but not caecilians, are ovoviviparous.
Some adaptations of the Latin alphabet are augmented with ligatures, such as æ in Old English and Icelandic and Ȣ in Algonquian ; by borrowings from other alphabets, such as the thorn þ in Old English and Icelandic, which came from the Futhark runes ; and by modifying existing letters, such as the eth ð of Old English and Icelandic, which is a modified d. Other alphabets only use a subset of the Latin alphabet, such as Hawaiian, and Italian, which uses the letters j, k, x, y and w only in foreign words.
Other continental philosophers suggest that concepts such as life, nature, and sex are ambiguous.
Other large adobe structures are the Huaca del Sol in Peru, with 100 million signed bricks, the ciudellas of Chan Chan and Tambo Colorado, both in Peru ( in South America ).
Other researchers have suggested, based on a cladistic analyses of dorsal exoskeletal features, that Eodiscina and Agnostida are closely united, and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
.. Other criteria are adaptability of the algorithm to computers, its simplicity and elegance, etc "
* Other apomorphic characters of the order according to Stevens are: the presence of chelidonic acid, anthers longer than wide, tapetal cells bi-to tetra-nuclear, tegmen not persistent, endosperm helobial, and loss of mitochondrial gene sdh3.
Other genera are used as ornamental plants, both succulents such as Aloe, Haworthia and Gasteria and perennials such as Kniphofia, Asphodelus and Bulbine.
Other families included in the Alismatates as currently defined are here distributed among ten additional orders, all of which are assigned, with the following exception, to the Subclass Alismatidae.

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