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Other and factors
Other factors increasing operating costs include the higher unit cost of each flying hour, up 11% in two years, and of each steaming hour, up 15%.
Other factors playing a part in the extent of AM service and interference are the frequency involved, the time of year, the position of the year in the sunspot cycle, ground conductivity along the transmission path, atmospheric and manmade noise, and others.
Other factors, such as water temperature, depth of water, the fish life it supports, wave action, flooding, etcetera, will affect its recreation value.
Other factors that may inhibit metamorphosis include lack of food, lack of trace elements and competition from conspecifics.
Other risk factors such as cultural environmental effects e. g. trauma have been proposed to explain the higher rates of alcoholism among Native Americans compared to alcoholism levels in caucasians.
Other factors include: antibiotic resistance or the abscess location.
Other factors favouring the retention of mounted forces included the high quality of Russian Cossacks and other horse cavalry ; and the relative lack of roads suitable for wheeled vehicles in many parts of the Eastern Front.
Other factors are probably involved, such as the association and dissociation of transcription factor complexes with chromatin.
Other factors include allergenicity, speed of drying, resistance to chemicals, moths, and mildew, melting point and flammability, retention of static electricity, and the propensity to accept dyes.
For instance, Martin L Friedland, in his book My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures, contends that the rule should be changed so that a retrial is granted only when the error is shown to be responsible for the verdict, not just one of many factors.
Other factors that favor packing are: vacuum systems, smaller diameter columns, corrosive systems, systems prone to foaming, systems requiring low liquid holdup and batch distillation.
Other factors can change demand ; for example an increase in income will shift the demand curve for a normal good outward relative to the origin, as in the figure.
Other applications of demand and supply include the distribution of income among the factors of production, including labour and capital, through factor markets.
Other external factors include time and potential biota.
Other internal factors include disturbance, succession and the types of species present.
Other external factors that play an important role in ecosystem functioning include time and potential biota.
Other factors like disturbance, succession or the types of species present are also internal factors.
* Other factors leading to erectile dysfunction are diabetes mellitus ( causing neuropathy ).
Other factors in the new philo-Semitism include gratitude to the Jews for contributing to the theological foundations of Christianity and for being the source of the prophets and Jesus ; remorse for the Church's history of anti-Semitism ; and fear that God will judge the nations at the end of time on the basis of how they treated the Jewish people.
Other factors include allergenicity ; speed of drying ; resistance to chemicals, moths, and mildew ; melting point and flammability ; retention of static electricity ; and the propensity to become stained and to accept dyes.
Other factors, too, such as the traditional forms of land tenure, have varied in the different regions.
Other notable factors mentioned by Weber included the rationalism of scientific pursuit, merging observation with mathematics, science of scholarship and jurisprudence, rational systematisation and bureaucratisation of government administration and economic enterprise.
Other factors to consider when choosing and applying a learning algorithm include the following:

Other and contributing
Other practices contributing towards resistance include the addition of antibiotics to livestock feed.
Other countries are also contributing to the growth of e-commerce.
Other small contributing factors are human body heat and blasting.
Crumb is a prolific artist and contributed to many of the seminal works of the underground comics movement in the 1960s, including being a founder of Zap Comix, contributing to all 16 issues, and additionally contributing to the East Village Other and many other publications including a variety of one-off and anthology comics.
Other factors contributing to Los Alamos's high quality-of-life index were the access to affordable housing and short commuting times.
Other factors contributing the decline of the towns population include the rise of the railroad which led to less dependence on river for transportation of goods and people.
Other SOHS-owned contributing properties include the Beekman Bank, Catholic Rectory and the U. S. Hotel.
Other relatives include Mary Ramsay and Agnis Margaret Ramsay who were responsible for contributing several photographs and illustrations in his work on The Letters to the Seven Churches.
Other factors contributing to their loss are urbanization and revenge killing.
Other contributing factors to the strength of the mistral are the accumulation of masses of cold air, whose volume is greater, pouring down the mountains and valleys to the lower elevations.
Other risk factors contributing to this condition are stomach tumors, gastric ulcers, and excessive consumption of alcohol.
Other animals that are important prey items for the Northern Hawk-Owl include the red squirrel ( taniasciurus handsonicus ) which has been documented to contributing as much as 20 % to the Hawk-Owl ’ s biomass.
Bender's excessive drinking contributes to his characterization as an alcoholic (" Hell Is Other Robots " reveals that robots can function equally well on mineral oil instead of alcohol, also contributing to the perception of Bender's alcohol use as a vice ).
Other contributing factors were the Southern Court's control of the Japanese imperial regalia, and Kitabatake Chikafusa's work Jinnō Shōtōki, which legitimized the South's imperial court despite their defeat.
Other local groups are often involved in contributing to the community, for example on May 7 the Scotstoun Woodies cleaned up litter on the Nature Walk as part of the council's clean up drive.
Other elements contributing to the breakdown of the clan system were the high rate of deaths from the 1849 cholera epidemic, which killed perhaps half the Southern Cheyenne population, particularly devastating the Masikota band and nearly wiping out the Oktoguna.
Other D. C. staff include Washington Monthly contributing editor Stephanie Mencimer, former Village Voice correspondent James Ridgeway, and Suzy Khimm from The New Republic.
Other contributing factors are loss of coastal habitat and persecution as an agricultural pest.
Other contributing artists included Lori McKenna, Tanya Donelly, Josie Cotton, Kristin Hersh, Britta Phillips, and The Watsons Twins.
Other combinations of organic alcohols ( such as phenol-containing compounds ) and organic acids lead to a variety of different esters in wines, contributing to their different flavours, smells and tastes.
Other factors contributing this " lurking conservatism " within Pound included bitter battles with liberals on the Harvard law faculty, the death of his wife, and a sharp exchange with Karl Llewellyn.
Other contributing factors to the accident may have been a reduced cover over the pipeline as a result of levelling, the way information was passed down the sub-contracting chain to workers and the frequency and adequacy of supervision by the pipeline operator at the site.

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