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Other and fauna
Other associated fauna include the larvae of moths ( such as the Dryandra Moth ) and weevils, which burrow into the " cones " to eat the seeds and pupate in the follicles ; and birds such as cockatoos, who break off the " cones " to eat both the seeds and the insect larvae.
Other fossils from the Cretaceous rocks of the Kyzyl Kum include tree trunks, pelecypods, beetles, sharks, rays, bony fish, frogs, salamanders, turtles, crocodylomorphs, pterosaurs, and a varied fauna of small early mammals.
Other common fauna include the Cape Hare ( Lepus capensis ), Egyptian Jackal ( Canis aureus hupstar ), Sand Fox ( Vulpes rueppelli ) and more rarely the Fennec Fox ( Vulpes zerda ).
Other useful garden predators include lacewings, pirate bugs, rove and ground beetles, aphid midge, centipedes, spiders, predatory mites, as well as larger fauna such as frogs, toads, lizards, hedgehogs,
Other examples of the unique fauna who inhabit this ecosystem are scaly-foot gastropod Crysomallon squamiferum, a species of snail with a foot reinforced by scales made of iron and organic materials, and the Pompeii Worm Alvinella pompejana, which is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80 ° C ( 176 ° F ).
Other subjects are often studied from the ethnic minorities ' perspective, e. g., biology courses may focus on the flora and fauna found in ethnic minority areas of China.
Other terms include avifauna, which means " bird fauna " and piscifauna ( or ichthyofauna ), which means " fish fauna ".
Other fauna located along the bay include Bobcats, White-tailed deer, River otters, Texas horned lizards, Reddish egret, White-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, the piping plover and alligators.
Other museums in the city are Pokhara Regional Museum, an ethnographic museum, Annapurna Natural History Museum which houses preserved specimens of flora and fauna, and contains particularly extensive collection of the butterflies, found in the Western and ( ACAP ) region of Nepal ; and Gurkha Museum featuring history of the Gurkha Soldiers.
Other more recent work suggests Syria / Mesopotamia as the homeland for Proto-Semitic, due to the flora and fauna described by it, which include oak, pistachio and almond trees.
Other animal welfare groups, such as the RSPCA, were not experienced with the needs of native animals, while the only suitable government agency, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, did not have the funding and staff levels needed to cope with injured fauna.
Other local fauna include great blue herons and kingfishers.
Other fauna include a wide selection of tide pool animals, like hermit crabs, small fish, starfish, sea cucumbers, mussels, bivalve mollusks, coral, and more.
Other fauna include American Alligators, Collared Peccaries, snakes, and bobcats, which inhabit the refuge's grasslands, blackjack oak thickets, freshwater ponds, and marshes.
Other fauna of the undeveloped areas around Danlí include deer, several species of birds, including the oropendula, parrot, and mynah.
Other fauna, such as hydrozoa, bryozoa, and brittle stars, are known to dwell within the branches of gorgonian colonies.
Other characteristic fauna of the park are roe deer, wild boar and the White-backed Woodpecker.

Other and present
Other interpretations present the music as an essentially intimate creation.
* That ethnographic work was often ahistorical, writing about people as if they were " out of time " in an " ethnographic present " ( Johannes Fabian, Time and Its Other ).
Other monuments that have left almost nothing visible to the present day are the Chalkotheke, the Pandroseion, Pandion's sanctuary, Athena's altar, Zeus Polieus's sanctuary and, from Roman times, the circular temple of Augustus and Rome.
Other salts present in the tea solution are sodium, chlorides and sulfates.
Other sociologists such as Danckert claim unehrliche Leute caste and other hereditarily excluded poor were present elsewhere in Christian Germany.
Other internal factors include disturbance, succession and the types of species present.
Other factors like disturbance, succession or the types of species present are also internal factors.
Other examples of late Biblical Hebrew include the qetAl pattern form nouns, which would have dated after an Aramaic influence, the frequent use of the relative sh (- ש ) alongside asher ( אשר ), the Ut ending ( ות -), the frequent use of the participle for the present ( which is later developed in Rabbinic Hebrew ), using the prefix conjugation in the future ( vs. the older preterite use ), and terms that appear to specifically fit a Persian / Hellenistic context ( e. g. Shallit ).
Other brands that are also present in Kazakhstan through the franchise system include Pepsi, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, and Pizza Hut.
Other forms of the word include groks ( present third person singular ), grokked ( past participle ) and grokking ( present participle ).
Penguin Classics has at present issued three volumes of Lovecraft's works: The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories, and most recently The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories.
Other minerals present in Jamaica include marble, limestone and silica and ores of copper, lead, zinc, manganese and iron.
" Other remarkable differences between the presentation of adult optic neuritis as compared to pediatric cases include more often unilateral optic neuritis in adults, while children much predominantly present with bilateral involvement.
Other forms of marriage are also present, like group marriage and monogamous marriage.
Other members of the Imperial Family present included the descendants of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna including Prince Michael Andreevich of Russia the senior direct male descendant.
Other features present in Super Mario Kart have disappeared from the series.
Other symptoms that may be present include problems with fluency, articulation, word-finding, word repetition, and producing and comprehending complex grammatical sentences, both orally and in writing.
Other vedic texts mention a cosmic serpent called Kundalini, present in every living form at the base of the spinal cord.
Other than the coup of June, 1798, the Augereau-coup did present a sharp break with the recent past.
Other artists present include Ciro Ferri and Arcangelo di Cola ( fl.
" Other Jewish writers have come to different conclusions, such as 13th-century scholar Bahya ben Asher, 16th-century scholar Moses Almosnino, and the 18th-century Hasidic teacher Nahman of Bratslav, who expressed a view-similar to that expressed by the Christian Neo-Platonic writer Boethius-that God " lives in the eternal present " and transcends or is above all time.

Other and New
Other pilot programs were conducted by A & S, Babylon, New York ; ;
Other embassies cable home The New York Times without changing a comma.
Other common names are ear shells, sea ears, as well as muttonfish or muttonshells in Australia, ormer in Great Britain, and venus's-ears in South Africa and in New Zealand.
Other major cities include Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Delta, and New Westminster in the Lower Mainland ; Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Langley in the Fraser Valley ; Nanaimo on Vancouver Island ; and Kelowna and Kamloops in the Interior.
Other well-known areas are: Chironico ( Switzerland ), Stanage ( UK ), Hueco Tanks ( Texas ), Val Masino and Val di Mello ( Italy ), Castle Hill ( New Zealand ), Bishop ( California ), Joe's Valley ( Utah ), Yosemite ( California ), Rocktown ( Georgia ), Rocklands ( South Africa ), Cocalzinho de Goiás ( Brazil ), Kjugekull ( Sweden ), Hampi ( India ) Horse Pens 40 ( Alabama ) and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch ( Arkansas ) amongst others.
Other former Baltimore announcers include Josh Lewin ( currently with New York Mets ), Bill O ' Donnell, Tom Marr, Scott Garceau, Mel Proctor, Michael Reghi, former major league catcher Buck Martinez, and former Oriole players including Brooks Robinson, pitcher Mike Flanagan and outfielder John Lowenstein.
Other roles for Campbell included the Michael Crichton adaptation Congo, the film version of McHale's Navy, and Escape From L. A., the sequel to John Carpenter's Escape From New York.
Other cities with extensive power canal systems include Lawrence, Massachusetts, Holyoke, Massachusetts, Manchester, New Hampshire, and Augusta, Georgia.
Other dominions adopted this principle such as New Zealand, by way of the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act of 1948.
Other states, such as New Jersey, require each plaintiff to approve the settlement of that plaintiff's own individual claims.
Other New Testament authors also quote period literature which was familiar to the audience but that was not included in the Old Testament or the deuterocanonical books.
Other chart hits during this period included Parton's chart-topping cover of the 1969 First Edition hit " But You Know I Love You " and " The House of the Rising Sun " ( both 1981 ), " Single Women ", " Heartbreak Express " and " Hard Candy Christmas " ( 1982 ) and 1983's " Potential New Boyfriend ", which was accompanied by one of Parton's first music videos, and which also reached the U. S. dance charts.
Other Poe landmarks include a building in the Upper West Side, where Poe temporarily lived when he first moved to New York.
Other scholars have suggested that Hebrews is part of an internal New Testament debate between the extreme Judaizers ( who argued that non-Jews must convert to Judaism before they can receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus ' Jewish covenant ) versus the extreme Antinomians ( who argued that Jews must reject God's commandments and that Jewish law was no longer in effect ).
Other major facilities are in Argentina, Colombia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Italy and Malaysia.
Other UK fanzines included Blam !, Bombsite, Wool City Rocker, Burnt Offering, Chainsaw, New Crimes, Vague, Jamming, Love and Molotov Cocktails, To Hell With Poverty, New Youth, Peroxide, ENZK, Juniper beri-beri, No Cure, Communication Blur, Rox, Grim Humour, Spuno
Other games which feature graffiti include Bomb the World ( 2004 ), an online graffiti simulation created by graffiti artist Klark Kent where users can virtually paint trains at 20 locations worldwide, and Super Mario Sunshine ( 2002 ), in which the hero, Mario must clean the city of graffiti left by the villain, Bowser Jr. in a plotline which evokes the successes of the Anti-Graffiti Task Force of New York's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani ( a manifestation of " broken window theory ") or those of the " Graffiti Blasters " of Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley.
Other New York portrayals of Hamlet of note include that of Ralph Fiennes's in 1995 ( for which he won the Tony Award for Best Actor ) – which ran, from first preview to closing night, a total of one hundred performances.
Other countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, India, and Mexico, have permitted the irradiation of fresh fruits for fruit fly quarantine purposes, amongst others.
* 1953 – The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, who is crowned Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Her Other Realms and Territories & Head of the Commonwealth, the first major international event to be televised.
* 1961 – Gillian Gilbert, British musician ( New Order and The Other Two )
Other campuses are located in Ashtabula, Burton, East Liverpool, Jackson Township, New Philadelphia, Salem, and Warren, Ohio.
Other significant programs include the New Zealand Automobile Association AA Rewards Card and Countdown supermarket's Onecard.

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