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Other and festivals
Other festivals were supervised exclusively by the Curule Aediles, and it was often with these festivals that the Aediles would spend lavishly.
Other festivals held in the city of Dayton include, the Dayton Blues Festival, Dayton Music Fest, Urban Nights, the African American and Cultural Festival, and the Dayton Reggae Fest.
Other festivals, including the Hobart Fringe Festival, Hobart Summer Festival, Southern Roots Festival, the Falls Festival in Marion Bay and The Soundscape Festival also capitalise on Hobart's artistic communities.
Other general festivals that allow machinima include the Sundance Film Festival and the Florida Film Festival.
Other attractions include rides like the Ferris wheel along with many seasonal festivals for Halloween and Christmas.
Other multi-sport festivals emerged in the Middle Ages in Europe, including the Cotswold Olimpick Games in England in the 1600s, the Highland games in Scotland, and the Olympiade de la République in France in the 1800s.
Other festivals are Yermasogeia Flower Festival ( May ), Festival of the Flood ( June ), Shakespearean nights and Festival of Ancient Greek Drama.
Other annual festivals include Tomb-Sweeping Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ghost Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Other events held at the Bath and West Showground include the New Wine and Soul Survivor festivals, the Shepton Mallet International Antiques & Collectors ' Fair, the National Amateur Gardening Show and the National Adventure Sports Show.
Other attractions include wildlife reserves ( Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary ), jewellery stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals ( the largest being the annual Crop Over festival July / Aug ), sightseeing, cave exploration ( Harrison's Cave ), exotic drinks and fine clothes shopping.
Other film festivals in Sydney include the renowned short film festivals Tropfest and Flickerfest.
Other than the festivals of Parentalia and Lemuralia, these rites at the mundus cerialis on particular dies religiosi are the only known, regular official contacts with the spirits of the dead, or Di Manes.
Other popular festivals include:
Other festivals include:
Other annual festivals include Fort Verde Days ( October ); the Pecan, Wine and Antiques Festival ( February ); and the Crawdad Festival ( June ).
* Other festivals that occur outside the city but in Breathitt County:
Other festivals include the West Kentucky Highland Games and Festival, the Lumberjack Challenge, and the RC Aircraft Fly-in.
Other notable artists who performed at the festivals and subsequent tours include: Scissor Sisters, ADULT., Fischerspooner, Erol Alkan, Princess Superstar, Mignon, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Mount Sims, Tiga and Spalding Rockwell.
Other annual events include the 4th of July music event, a St. Patrick's Day parade, and the Dublin Irish Festival, which is one of America's largest Irish festivals.
Other than the many traditional cultural and religious fairs and festivals annually celebrated, flower shows, yachting races, concerts and theater performances were organized.
Other festivals where hip-hop artists can appear are Hove Festival in Færvik close to Arendal and Øya Festival in Oslo.
Other religious festivals were shifted to maintain their relative position to Nawruz.

Other and celebrated
" Other important predecessors include Alfred Bester's two most celebrated novels, The Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination, as well as Vernor Vinge's novella True Names.
Other similar traditions that use the black-face disguise and are still celebrated within the United Kingdom are the
Other paintings celebrated his military exploits.
* Other celebrated natives of the Vic diocese include:
Other common celebrations and religious or national holidays such as birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas are not celebrated because they believe that these continue to involve " false religious beliefs or activities.
Other annual events include Hardin Day and Aurora Country Festival, celebrated in the small towns of Hardin and Aurora.
Other displays in the museum celebrated local Cajun culture with displays of period clothing, housewares, and early historic relics from the 19th century.
Other names used include Traditional Mass and Latin Mass-though the revised form of the Mass that replaced it has its official text in Latin, and is sometimes celebrated in that language.
Other festivities include Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (" Guadalupe Day "), Las Posadas (" The Shelters ", celebrated on December 16 to December 24 ), Noche Buena (" Holy Night ", celebrated on December 24 ), Navidad (" Christmas ", celebrated on December 25 ) and Año Nuevo (" New Years Day ", celebrated on December 31 to January 1 ).
Other place where Diwali is celebrated in Melbourne is Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple, Carrum Downs.
Other celebrated singers who debuted at the Met during Bing's tenure include: Maria Callas, who had a bitter falling out with Bing over repertoire, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, Montserrat Caballé, Birgit Nilsson, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Anna Moffo, Carlo Bergonzi, Franco Corelli, Placido Domingo, Nicolai Gedda, Luciano Pavarotti, Jon Vickers, Sherrill Milnes, and Cesare Siepi.
Other balladeers celebrated the restoration of English national pride:
Other leading scholars who have studied the campaign relief point out that it is indeed a unique list of subjected towns and not a copy of an earlier campaign by a more celebrated pharaoh.
Other legends attribute the institution of the Nemean games to Heracles, after he had slain the Nemean Lion ; but the alternative tradition was that he had either revived the ancient games, or at least introduced the alteration by which they were from this time celebrated in honour of Zeus.
Other parts of the city's culture includes the Salt Festival where the historical salt economy of the town is celebrated, the Summer Night Festival, the Baker's Oven Festival and the Christmas Market which includes traditional handicrafts.
Other Imperial authors such as Horace, the Tiberian authors Velleius Paterculus and Valerius Maximus along with Lucan and Seneca in the 1st century AD and later authors such as Appian and Dio celebrated the historical importance of Cato the Younger in their own writings.
Other important festivals celebrated at the temple are Navarathri, Adi Pooram, Avani Moolam, Karthigai Deepam and Vaikashi Brahmavotsavam.
Other celebrated Fernández films were La perla ( 1945 ), Enamorada ( 1946 ), the Mexican-American production The Fugitive ( 1947, directed with John Ford ), Río Escondido ( 1947 ), La Malquerida ( 1949 ) and Pueblerina ( 1949 ).
Other celebrated architects of the fair's buildings, notably Cass Gilbert, who designed the Saint Louis Art Museum, originally the fair's Palace of the Fine Arts, similarly employed City Beautiful ideas from the fair throughout their lives.
Other major Indian festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Dipawali, Holi and Makarsankranti are also celebrated with lots of

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