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Other and flags
Other flags and banners may be those of the gods or immortals themselves.
Other flags include the Victory over AIDS flag, Leather Pride flag, and Bear Pride flag.
Other official flags include the Australian Aboriginal flag, the Torres Strait Islander flag and the flags of the individual states and territories.
Other flags that had been used included the Parti Patriote flag, a horizontal green, white, and red tricolour, which became the flag of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society ; as well as the French tricolour.
Other national flags should be arranged in alphabetical order.
Other flags were the personal battle standards of different military zone commanders operating around Manila.
A prototype is the variety of complete flags in a vector space V over a field F, which is a flag variety for the special linear group over F. Other flag varieties arise by considering partial flags, or by restriction from the special linear group to subgroups such as the symplectic group.
Other similar flags include those whose colors are horizontal, such as the Austrian triband.
Other flags also include the Southern Cross in their design.
Other World Class banners, all owned by the Adkisson family, above the Sportatorium were later removed, replaced with various World flags.
Other nations may deem their flags the best
( repeats ) Other nations may deem their flags the best
Other nations may deem their flags the best,
Other nations may deem their flags the best,
Other Bloc MPs had given their constituents Canadian flags on request in the past.
Other flags are also used at home and away games, like the Flag of Northern Ireland because the team is based in Northern Ireland and most of the fans are from there, the Flag of South Africa, because they have players from South Africa, including first choice kicker Ruan Pienaar, the St Patrick's Saltire flag, a red and white checkered flag and many other flags, mostly red and white.
Other remains are garden paths with flags and liners, one or two of the original stone blocks from the walls, and the base of what was probably a graden feature such as an urn or fountain.
Other problems with the 6502, fixed in the 65C02, relate to its program status register, which contains eight system flags.
Other testimonies reported the New 4th Route Communist Army " had withstood 231 battles, captured 1, 539 rifles, 32 light machine guns, 4 heavy machine guns, 48 sub-machine guns, 50, 000 munitions for light weapons, 22, 738 occupation Yen money in Japanese bank notes, radios, horses, mules, flags, 200 trucks and railway wagons, 20 km of rail lines, 7 km of roads, 95 bridges, 20 km of electric lines and captured others, 38 Japanese officers and 613 collaborationist soldiers and wounded 3, 253 of the enemy ".
Other flags featuring a Spanish fess include the national flags of Lebanon, Cambodia, and Laos, the restored flag of Libya, the flag of French Polynesia, the flag of Prussia, and the proposed national flag of Cyprus.

Other and with
Other economic development projects consistent with the purposes of Sections 104 ( E ) and 104 ( G ) of the Act.
Other innovations with better claims to musical interest survived rehearing to acquire in time the status of classics.
Other natural features which can be of high interest are the forests, canyons, mountains, deserts, seacoast, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, springs, etcetera with which the area is blessed.
Other brothers later joined them for instruction with Oldenburg, the wigmaker, and also arithmetic was added to Bible reading, German, and Danish in the informal curriculum.
Other THC activities followed, conducted by shopping centers, department stores, recreation equipment dealers, radio-TV stations, newspapers, and other organizations interested in the need existing to acquaint youngsters with the proper use of sporting firearms and the development of correct attitudes and appreciations related to hunting and wise use of our natural resources.
Other reports in identical form, but with somewhat varying content, have been issued.
In a brief chapter dealing with `` Various Other Diagnoses '', he quotes isolated passages from some writers whose views seem to corroborate his own, and finds it `` most remarkable that a critical view of twentieth-century society was already held by a number of thinkers living in the nineteenth.
Other theories of origin are compatible with the formulaic theory: Beowulf may contain a design for terror, and The Iliad may have a vast hysteron-proteron pattern answering to a ceramic pattern produced during the Geometric Period in pottery.
Other hitters bloomed with more or less vigor in the news and a few even dared to dream of matching Ruth, who was still called Jidge by all his friends, or Leo or Two-Head by those who dared to taunt him ( Leo was the name of the ball player he liked the least ) and who called most of the world `` Kid ''.
Other posts would be established up the Ohio and Wabash to protect communication with Canada.
Other witnesses, after appearances before the jury, which reportedly is probing into possible income tax violations, disclosed that government prosecutors were attempting to connect Stein and his company with a number of gangsters, including Glimco and Alex.
Other FBI men, talking with the pilot from the tower, conspired with him to delay the proposed flight to Havana.
Other widely spoken Afroasiatic languages are Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, with 18 million native speakers ; Somali, spoken by around 19 million people in Greater Somalia ; and Hausa, the dominant language of northern Nigeria and southern Niger, spoken by 18. 5 million people and used as a lingua franca in large parts of the Sahel, with some 25 million speakers in total.
Some adaptations of the Latin alphabet are augmented with ligatures, such as æ in Old English and Icelandic and Ȣ in Algonquian ; by borrowings from other alphabets, such as the thorn þ in Old English and Icelandic, which came from the Futhark runes ; and by modifying existing letters, such as the eth ð of Old English and Icelandic, which is a modified d. Other alphabets only use a subset of the Latin alphabet, such as Hawaiian, and Italian, which uses the letters j, k, x, y and w only in foreign words.
Other languages may use a Semitic abjad with mandatory vowel diacritics, effectively making them abugidas.
Other large adobe structures are the Huaca del Sol in Peru, with 100 million signed bricks, the ciudellas of Chan Chan and Tambo Colorado, both in Peru ( in South America ).
Other technical features reveal a shaft driven behind the mask at the desired facial point, driven by a DC motor with a simple pulley and a slide screw.
Other products like hydrogen peroxide have been tried out as stand-alone and in combination with chlorhexidine, due to some inconsistent results regarding its usefulness.
Other families included in the Alismatates as currently defined are here distributed among ten additional orders, all of which are assigned, with the following exception, to the Subclass Alismatidae.
Other alcohols are usually described with a clarifying adjective, as in isopropyl alcohol ( propan-2-ol ) or wood alcohol ( methyl alcohol, or methanol ).
Other languages, such as Thai Sign Language, developed as a creole of ASL and indigenous sign ; a similar situation may have occurred with Malaysian Sign Language, which in turn was the base of Indonesian Sign Language.
Other singers, such as Arthur Brown, Procol Harum's Gary Brooker, Dave Terry aka Elmer Gantry, Vitamin Z's Geoff Barradale and Marmalade's Dean Ford, have recorded only once or twice with the Project.
Other photochemical cycloaddition reactions with alkenes occur through excimers.

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