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Other and flowers
Other South African species are: T. arvense, hare's-foot trefoil ; found in fields and dry pastures, a soft hairy plant with minute white or pale pink flowers and feathery sepals ; T. fragiferum, orange clover, with hot-grounded, globose, rose-purple heads and swollen calyxes ; T. procumbens, hop trefoil, on dry pastures and roadsides, the heads of pale yellow flowers suggesting miniature hops ; and the somewhat similar T. minus, common in pastures and roadsides, with smaller heads and small yellow flowers turning dark brown.
Other perennial species grown for their flowers and foliage include: G. argenteum, G. eriostemon, G. farreri, G. nodosum, G. procurrens, G. pylzowianum, G. renardii, G. traversii, G. tuberosum, G. versicolor, G. wallichianum and G. wlassovianum.
Other flowers then grow from lateral buds.
* Other plants have the bracts subtend the pedicel or peduncle of single flowers.
Other catkins have these pollen-bearing flowers, but also carry near the twig from which these spring, small clusters of female or fruit-producing flowers.
Other species have all the flowers sterile and of the same size.
Other researchers say the term came from German merchants who raised the maypole in June because the Swedish climate made it impossible to find the necessary greens and flowers in May, and continued to call it a maypole.
Other variations exist, such as 18 Treasures ( of any gender ; gives a present instead of a candle or flower ) or other types of flowers aside from roses being given, but the significance of " 18 " is almost always retained.
Other events include the Tenco Prize ( autumn ), a song contest for authors dedicated to the memory of Luigi Tenco ; the Flowers Parade in January / February in which every city of the Italian Riviera presents an original composition of flowers displayed on a Carnival / Mardi-Gras style moving car ; and the summer Firework International Contest in the second week of August also called " Ferragosto ".
Other compounds found in passion flowers are coumarins ( e. g. scopoletin and umbelliferone ), maltol, phytosterols ( e. g. lutenin ) and cyanogenic glycosides ( e. g. gynocardin ) which render some species, i. e. P. adenopoda, somewhat poisonous.
Other common names include California-fuchsia ( from the resemblance of the flowers to those of Fuchsias ), Hummingbird Flower or Hummingbird Trumpet ( the flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds ), and Firechalice.
Other plants include: acorns, agarita berries, amole stalks ( roasted and peeled ), aspen inner bark ( used as a sweetener ), bear grass stalks ( roasted & peeled ), box elder inner bark ( used as a sweetener ), banana yucca fruit, banana yucca flowers, box elder sap ( used as a sweetener ), cactus fruits ( of various varieties ), cattail rootstocks, chokecherries, currants, dropseed grass seeds ( used for flatbread ), elderberries, gooseberries, grapes, hackberries, hawthorne fruit, hops ( used as condiment ),
Other plants utilized by the Lipan include: agarita, blackberries, cattails, devil's claw, elderberries, gooseberries, hackberries, hawthorn, juniper, Lamb's-quarters, locust, mesquite, mulberries, oak, palmetto, pecan, pinyon, prickly pears, raspberries, screwbeans, seed grasses, strawberries, sumac, sunflowers, Texas persimmons, walnuts, western yellow pine, wild cherries, wild grapes, wild onions, wild plums, wild potatoes, wild roses, yucca flowers, and yucca fruit.
Other regions of Indonesia have their own unique patterns that normally take themes from everyday lives, incorporating patterns such as flowers, nature, animals, folklore or people.
Other minor crops include wheat, cabbages, tobacco, and various other vegetables and flowers.
Other plant matter eaten includes flowers, young leaves, seeds of certain plants, and bromeliads.
) Other major industries include textile mills, metallurgic industries, tourism and floriculture ( where it is the second largest producer of flowers in Brazil ).
Other foods include roots, seeds, leaves, buds, and flowers.
Other materials include colored sand and even flowers and petals, as in the case of Flower Rangolis.
Other Oncidium species have white and pink blooms, while some even have startling, deep red colors in their flowers.

Other and we
Other evidence to the language of the Cimbri is circumstantial: thus, we are told that the Romans enlisted Gaulish Celts to act as spies in the Cimbri camp prior to the final showdown with the Roman army in 101 BC.
Other sanctuaries we know about are listed below:
Other film-makers then took up all these ideas, which is the basis of film construction, or " film language ", or " film grammar ", as we know it.
Hakim Bey has said " From Stirner's " Union of Self-Owning Ones " we proceed to Nietzsche's circle of " Free Spirits " and thence to Charles Fourier's " Passional Series ", doubling and redoubling ourselves even as the Other multiplies itself in the eros of the group.
Other guidelines for nutrition also have implications for the beverages we consume for healthy hydration-for example, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) recommend that added sugars should represent no more than 10 % of total energy intake.
Other realizations of these polygons are possible on other surfaces, but in the Euclidean ( flat ) plane, their bodies cannot be sensibly realized and we think of them as degenerate.
Other companies quickly followed suit, and it was realized in retrospect that " It turns out that everything we thought we knew for forty years was wrong.
Other scholars, however, both Western and Muslim, argue that the text of the agreement -- whether a single document originally or several -- is possibly one of the oldest Islamic texts we possess.
Other officers complained about the way in which Raeder sought to re-write history in the Official History in way that gloried Tirpitz with no regard to what actually happened with Admiral Assemann of the Historical Branch complaining to Raeder: " I am convinced that it makes no difference to you Herr Admiral, what we write ... We must only write in such a way that you have peace with the old admirals ".
Other references in classical literature include the belief that upon death the otherwise silent Mute Swan would sing beautifully-hence the phrase swan song ; as well as Juvenal's sarcastic reference to a good woman being a " rare bird, as rare on earth as a black swan ", from which we get the Latin phrase rara avis, rare bird.
Other than what we learn of his character from the novels themselves, we know very little about Perry Mason.
Of the uncanny feeling of emotional unity we experience in surrendering ourselves — giving up temporarily the burden of our difference — to the Other in art, Rank writes in Art and Artist: " produces a satisfaction which suggests that it is more than a matter of the passing identification of two individuals, that it is the potential restoration of a union with the Cosmos, which once existed and was then lost.
Other roads ran to Puteoli and Cumae ( the so-called Via Campana ) and to Neapolis, and as we have seen the Via Appia passed through Capua, which was thus the most important road centre of Campania.
Other chants include: Wondering Wednesday, Hi Ho Hi Ho we are the Wednesday boys, Wednesday till I die, Honolulu Wednesday, amongst others.
Other works of universal history from al-Tabari, al-Masudi, Ibn al-Athir, and Ibn Khaldun himself, were quite influential in what we now call archaeology and ethnology.
Other important points in which Hutcheson follows the lead of Locke are his depreciation of the importance of the so-called laws of thought, his distinction between the primary and secondary qualities of bodies, the position that we cannot know the inmost essences of things (" intimae rerum naturae sive essentiae "), though they excite various ideas in us, and the assumption that external things are known only through the medium of ideas ( Syn.
" Other things happened ," says Meola, " but when we saw the contact sheets, that one just sort of popped.
According to a former student, Stephen Butterfield, " Trungpa told us that if we ever tried to leave the Vajrayana, we would suffer unbearable, subtle, continuous anguish, and disasters would pursue us like furies " Other Vajrayana teachers, as well, also warn their students about the dangers of the esoteric path.
Other songs, such as " Armagh " with its refrain, " we don't torture " took a pro-republican look at the then ongoing Troubles in Northern Ireland, which caused some controversy at the time.
Other, lesser-known tracks omitted include an extended version of " Going Green " ( when we first meet Jonas ) and a short track from when the first tornado is initially spotted.

Other and might
Other atomizers, such as glow-discharge atomization, hydride atomization, or cold-vapor atomization might be used for special purposes.
Other scholars have presented evidence pointing to a post-monarchic date ( as late as 200 BC ) based on language and theme, although the book might still have been based on an earlier composition.
Other popular knowledges might include alien abduction narratives, gossip, some new age philosophies and astrology.
Other authors might come to different conclusions, if they place higher value on heating costs, or material costs.
Other copula-substitutes in English include taste, feel, smell, sound, grow, remain, stay, and turn, among others a user of E-prime might use instead of to be.
Other passages, however, conflict with the teachings of the Qur ' an — as, for instance, in the account of the Nativity, where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus without pain or as in Jesus's ministry, where he permits the drinking of wine and enjoins monogamy — though the Qur ' an acknowledges each prophet had a set of their own laws that might differ in some aspects from each other.
( Other observations might be more definitive ( that is, provide larger discrepancies or less measurement uncertainty ), like the anisotropy of the microwave background radiation or Big Bang nucleosynthesis.
Other scholars instead argue that the fish might instead be a reference to the basking shark.
Other accounts claim he actually served on the Tokugawa side, but such a claim is unproven, although Musashi had a close relationship with some Tokugawa vassals through his duel with Sasaki Kojirō, and in the succeeding years, he did not drop out of sight as might be expected if he were being persecuted for being on the losing side.
Other ways the second of these might be notated include,
Other types of structure, for example, a garden conservatory, might use roofing that protects against cold, wind and rain but admits light.
Other reasons might be the reintroduction of popular characters, resolution of errors in chronology, the updating of a familiar series for modern audiences, or simplification of an excessively complex continuity structure.
Other events on that day might have had a detrimental impact on sales ; this is speculation.
Other deities might include Mami Wata, god / desses of the waters, Gu, ruling iron and smithcraft, Sakpata, who rules diseases and many others.
Other tools web designers might use include mark up validators and other testing tools for usability and accessibility to ensure their web sites meet web accessibility guidelines.
Other zoonoses might be:
Other reasons might include cohabitation as a way for polygamists or polyamorists to avoid breaking the law, a way to avoid the higher income taxes paid by some two-income married couples ( in the United States ), negative effects on pension payments ( among older people ), or philosophical opposition to the institution of marriage ( that is, seeing little difference between the commitment to live together and the commitment to marriage ).
Other rooms in the villa might include an office, a temple for worship, several bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen.
Other collectors might be a good source of information on insurance protection.
Other measures might include regional cooperation to increase efficiency and expand services, and moving buses and trains more frequently through high-use areas.
Other examples of mathematical objects might include lines and planes in geometry, or elements and operations in abstract algebra.
Other groups might focus on issues that include racial minorities and individuals from lower income backgrounds.
Other instruments might include:
Other topics such as sexual education, food management and fire prevention might be covered.

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