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Other and garden
Other accessories to be taken into account are garden gongs, gazing balls, garden bugs, garden stakes, pot hangers, spinners, pinwheels which help enhance different deco styles.
Other types of structure, for example, a garden conservatory, might use roofing that protects against cold, wind and rain but admits light.
Other collections and specialist areas include the rhododendron dell, the azalea garden, the bamboo garden, the juniper collection, the berberis dell, the lilac garden, the magnolia collection, and the fern collection.
Other such weapons include the " Concrete Donkey ", one of the most powerful weapons in the game, which is based on a garden ornament in Andy Davidson's home garden, and an airstrike known in the game as Mike's Carpet Bomb was actually inspired by a store near the Team17 headquarters called " Mike's Carpets ".
Other names used for this plant include garden valerian ( to distinguish it from other Valeriana species ), garden heliotrope ( although not related to Heliotropium ) and all-heal.
Other notable introductions include Sitka Spruce, Sugar Pine, Western White Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Monterey Pine, Grand Fir, Noble Fir and several other conifers that transformed the British landscape and timber industry, as well as numerous garden shrubs and herbs such as the Flowering currant, Salal, Lupin, Penstemon and California poppy.
Other farm products include cereals, potatoes, and garden vegetables.
Other cultivars include ' Paprika ', ' Cerise Queen ' and ' Red Beauty ', and the many hybrids of this species designated Achillea x taygetea, including ' Appleblossom ', ' Fanal ' and ' Hoffnung ', are useful garden subjects.
In the garden, Coraline is prompted by the Cat to challenge the Other Mother, as “ her kind of thing loves games and challenges ”.
Other visitor destinations include ' het Cantonspark ' ( a botanical garden ) and Kasteel Groeneveld.
Other artists who were commissioned to record the appearance of the gardens were England's first landscape painter George Lambert ( 1700 – 1765 ), the French painter Jacques Rigaud ( 1681 – 1754 ) and the cartographer John Rocque ( 1709 – 1762 ) who produced an engraved survey of Chiswick in 1736 showing the Villa and many of its garden buildings.
Other gardens of interest include the city's earliest botanical garden, the Jardin Dominique Alexandre Godron, and various other public gardens and places of interest including the Pépinière and Parc Sainte-Marie ( public gardens ).
Other notable published works include film scripts ( Up in the Air, Blue, War Requiem, Caravaggio, Queer Edward II and Wittgenstein: The Terry Eagleton Script / The Derek Jarman Film ), a study of his garden at Dungeness Derek Jarman's Garden, and At Your Own Risk, a defiant celebration of gay sexuality.
Other forest garden projects include those at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, Colorado and Montview Neighborhood farm in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Other useful garden predators include lacewings, pirate bugs, rove and ground beetles, aphid midge, centipedes, spiders, predatory mites, as well as larger fauna such as frogs, toads, lizards, hedgehogs,
Other major influences include Liu Yiqing's Shishuo Xinyu or A New Account of Tales of the World, published in 430, and the Sanguozhi Pinghua, a chronological collection of eighty fictional sketches starting with the peach garden oath and ending with Zhuge Liang's death.
Other 18th century garden follies represented Chinese temples, Egyptian pyramids, ruined abbeys, or Tatar tents, to represent different continents or historical eras.
Other projects include the Eco-House, a student residence with a range of green features and research opportunities ; a rain garden which prevents storm water from running-off into ground water, a bike share program, and a veggie co-op.

Other and bridges
Other bridges similar to the destroyed bridge had their piers reinforced.
Other designed specifically to assist in collaboration when using virtual worlds as a business platform, while yet another type of software, Collaborative Knowledge Management ( cKM ), bridges the gap and can be used simultaneously in Second Life and on the web.
Other areas of the university outside of the core campus such as the School of Arts are connected by four pedestrian bridges.
Other bridges which have seen similar problems are:
Other severe flood events occurred in 1210 and 1648 when bridges over the Tay at Perth were destroyed.
Other land bridges around the world have emerged and disappeared in the same way.
Other suspension bridges in Ontario:
Other possible derivations include aux arcs meaning " of the arches " in reference to the dozens of natural bridges formed by erosion and collapsed caves in the Ozark region.
Other important industries included shipbuilding-one of the First World War National Shipyards was established in the town-and heavy engineering, including the prefabrication of bridges and, now, wind turbine towers.
Other bridges include, Arnside Viaduct in Cumbria, and a joint road and rail bridge in 1850 over the River Nene, at Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire.
Other bridges across the river are limited-there is one at Radcliffe Road to the south and at Summerseat to the north.
Other bridges from that time include Kew Bridge ( 1759 ), Battersea Bridge ( 1773 ), and Richmond Bridge ( 1777 ).
Other countries, like New Zealand, have numerous low tunnels and bridges that limit expansion for economic reasons.
Other spectacular pontoon bridges were Xerxes ' Pontoon Bridges across the Hellespont by Xerxes I in 480 BC to transport his huge army into Europe:
Other remnants of construction can be seen from the Staten Island Expressway between the Clove Road and Bradley Avenue exits, which are referred to as the abandoned bridges.
Other nearby bridges between the United States and Canada include the Rainbow Bridge, the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge and the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge.
Other Sino-Korean border bridges:
Other point-to-point connections, such as USB host-to-host bridges or cables are also used to transfer files between two computers where a network is not necessary or available.
Other nearby bridges include University Bridge, Montlake Bridge, and George Washington Memorial Bridge ( the Aurora Ave bridge ).
Other Freikorps members engaged in sabotage acts against French and Belgian occupying forces in the Ruhr in 1923 by blowing up bridges.
Other states, such as Michigan, used standard plan concrete girder and beam bridges, and only a limited number of truss bridges were built.
Other features include the Kelburn Viaduct, one of the oldest bridges of its type in New Zealand, connecting to Karori, and the Kelburn shopping area.
Other links crossing the river further upstream are a re-introduced pontoon at Sendelingsdrift in the Richtersveld National Park, and road bridges at Vioolsdrif ( the main border crossing between the two countries ) and at the remote border crossing of Onseepkans.

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