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Other and genera
Other genera are used as ornamental plants, both succulents such as Aloe, Haworthia and Gasteria and perennials such as Kniphofia, Asphodelus and Bulbine.
Other Asterales are Rousseaceae ( 4 genera ), Campanulaceae ( 84 genera ) and Pentaphragmataceae ( 1 genus ).
Other related genera include Hyoscyamus and Atropa.
Other analyses have included other genera, usually Deinonychus and Saurornitholestes.
Other genera, such as Gluconobacter, do not further oxidize acetic acid, as they do not have a full set of Krebs cycle enzymes.
Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus ( sweet clover ) and Medicago ( alfalfa or ' calvary clover ').
Other parts of Vaccinium form other groups, sometimes together with species of other genera.
Other species are now in Randia, and a number of additional genera.
Other large genera include Zanthoxylum, Melicope and Agathosma.
Other sources include members of the Brugmansia and Hyoscyamus genera.
Other remains originally attributed to Stegosaurus are now considered to belong to different genera.
Other members of other genera in the Urticaceae, with powerful stings:
Other genera include Galveodon and Sunnyodon, both based on teeth from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain and England respectively.
Other genera currently accepted are Aphriza, Eurynorhynchus, Limicola, Tryngites, and Philomachus, in addition to the 2 Arenaria turnstones.
Other allied genera include: Dracula, Masdevallia, Restrepia and Stelis.
Other differences between the two genera are in wing length ; the more aerial Eurystomus rollers have longer wings ( and shorter feet still ) than the Coracias rollers, this reflects differences in their foraging ecology.
Other well-known genera include Tetracha, Omus, Amblycheila and Manticora.
Other important Australian genera are Callistemon ( bottlebrushes ), Syzygium, and Melaleuca ( paperbarks ).
Other species in the closely related genera Cantharellus and Craterellus may appear similar to the golden chanterelle.
Other closely allied genera are Parrotiopsis, Fothergilla and Sycopsis ( see under Hamamelidaceae ).
Other diurnal geckos include species of the genera Lygodactylus and Gonatodes.
Other genera of trapdoor spiders are found in other areas of the world.
Other studies have shown that the segregate Old World genera Hollrungia and Tetrapathaea are nested within Passiflora, and form a fifth subgenus ( Tetrapathaea ).

Other and order
Other new artistic currents including the one of M ' hamed Issiakhem, Mohammed Khadda and Bachir Yelles, appeared on the scene of Algerian painting, abandoning figurative classical painting to find new pictorial ways, in order to adapt Algerian paintings to the new realities of the country through its struggle and its aspirations.
Other researchers have suggested, based on a cladistic analyses of dorsal exoskeletal features, that Eodiscina and Agnostida are closely united, and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
* Other apomorphic characters of the order according to Stevens are: the presence of chelidonic acid, anthers longer than wide, tapetal cells bi-to tetra-nuclear, tegmen not persistent, endosperm helobial, and loss of mitochondrial gene sdh3.
Other scholars have even said that Luke wrote this apology in order to support Christians who were becoming allies with local Roman officials.
Other variants make significantly more changes in order to rhyme with zed, and even alter the rest of the song to fit a new rhythm.
Other examples which have brought together ideas of cognition and landscape include studies of the cosmic order embedded in the roads of settlements.
Other researchers relate archaeoastronomy to the history of science, either as it relates to a culture's observations of nature and the conceptual framework they devised to impose an order on those observations or as it relates to the political motives which drove particular historical actors to deploy certain astronomical concepts or techniques.
Other bilinear transforms can be used to warp the frequency response of any discrete-time linear system ( for example to approximate the non-linear frequency resolution of the human auditory system ) and are implementable in the discrete domain by replacing a system's unit delays with first order all-pass filters.
Other historians debate this analysis ( such as if the order was a violation ) or debate aspects of the records, and have been either harsher or more lenient.
Other types of compound bows use either ( one or both ) cam shaped or eccentrically mounted pulleys in order to provide a " let off ", such that the archer is not holding against the maximum draw weight of the bow while trying to aim.
Other, more precise and robust methods have been developed For example, the truncated mean of the middle 24 % of the sample order statistics produces an estimate for x < sub > 0 </ sub > that is more efficient than using either the sample median or the full sample mean.
In Precarious Life, Judith Butler discusses recognizing the Other in order to sustain the Self and the problems of not being able to identify the Other.
Other authors have tried to reconcile XP with the older methods in order to form a unified method.
Other thinkers, like the conservative Edmund Burke, maintained that the Revolution was the product of a few conspiratorial individuals who brainwashed the masses into subverting the old order — a claim rooted in the belief that the revolutionaries had no legitimate complaints.
Other controlling techniques are used to hold an opponent face down on the ground or on all fours in order to prevent an escape or attack.
Other deacons may choose to remain in this order.
Other responses referenced, in descending order of prevalence:
Other applications rely on the peak pulse power ( rather than the energy in the pulse ), especially in order to obtain nonlinear optical effects.
Other parties have also propagated the idea that the Native Americans believed the conquistadors to be gods: most notably the historians of the Franciscan order such as Fray Gerónimo de Mendieta.
Other scholars have by contrast stressed the subversive aspects of the legend, and see in the medieval Robin Hood ballads a plebeian literature hostile to the feudal order.
Other STM methods involve manipulating the tip in order to change the topography of the sample.
Other similar Stock Car classes are the 2 Litre Stock Cars licensed by Spedeworth and the 1300 Stock Cars licensed by several different promotors each to slightly differing rules although steps are currently being taken to standardise the specifications in order to make it a national class.
) Other theories by occultists point out how the mysterious rise to tarot coincides with the spread of the Holy inquisition in the 12th century, and the formation of Kabbalah, theorizing that the esoteric symbolism of the cards are remainders of pagan Europe disguised as playing cards in order to escape persecution.

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