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Other and highlights
Some of his work from the early 1980s includes ( anthologized in The Abolition of Work and Other Essays ) highlights his critiques of the nuclear freeze movement (" Anti-Nuclear Terror "), the editors of Processed World (" Circle A Deceit: A Review of Processed World "), radical feminists (" Feminism as Fascism "), and right wing libertarians (" The Libertarian As Conservative ").
Other highlights include the 2 – 0 win against Real Madrid and a 5 – 1 victory over Olympiacos, both in the 1997 – 98 season.
Other highlights this season included the return of Luanne ’ s brother ( played by Designing Womens Meshach Taylor ), a faded country music singer who ends up committing murder, Bubba being stalked by an obsessed admirer, Sweet being falsely accused of accepting a bribe, and a two-part episode involving the “ white supremacy ” that still exists in the new South.
Other notable highlights included:
Other highlights of his career were his stage roles, especially that of the German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler in Ronald Harwood's Taking Sides ; Massey won the 1995 Olivier Award for his performance. He recreated the role for Broadway a year later earning a Tony nomination.
Other recent research highlights include studies of the effects of sleep and sleep loss on human cognitive functioning, work to advance shock compression science with contracts awarded to the WSU Institute for Shock Physics by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) and the Department of Energy, and a program funded by the National Science Foundation that trains doctoral students to analyze evolutionary processes.
Other highlights in Els ' career include topping the 2003 and 2004 European Tour Order of Merit ( money list ), and winning the World Match Play Championship a record seven times.
Other highlights include a 1955 visit to China to negotiate release of 15 captured US pilots who had served in the Korean War, the 1956 establishment of the United Nations Emergency Force, and his intervention in the 1956 Suez Crisis.
Other highlights for Larsson included scoring his 50th goal of the season against Rangers at Ibrox in a 3 – 0 victory and finishing the season with a total of 53 goals in all competitions.
Other highlights from the final black and blue season include securing the Rocky Mountain Cup for the second consecutive year and winning the MLS Reserve Division.
Other highlights in his career were the first Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota fight at Madison Square Garden, where a riot occurred following the " Foul Pole's " disqualification for low blows, and the famous " It happened ... IT HAPPENED!
Other highlights include beating several former World No. 1 players: Martina Hingis in the first round of Wimbledon in 1999, Venus Williams at the 2000 Italian Open and Kim Clijsters at the 2003 Zürich Open.
Other highlights include an animal facility, greenhouse, herbarium and structural testing facility.
Other highlights of the permanent collection include the second of the two original sets of Thomas Cole's famous series of paintings titled The Voyage of Life, ( the first set is at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, New York ) and the original version of Watson and the Shark by John Singleton Copley ( two other versions are in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Detroit Institute of Arts ).
Other career highlights include placing first in the Amstel Gold Race in 1997, multiple Danish National Championships, and stage wins in the Giro d ' Italia.
Other highlights of the research include:
Other La Scala highlights included an appearance in the original production of Federico Ricci's Un duello sotto Richelieu ( 1839 ) and the role of Tonio in the house premiere of Donizetti's La Fille du Régiment ( 1840 ).
Other highlights in the late 1980s include the purchase of three radio stations, the trade paper Radio & Records, and the hiring of Casey Kasem from ABC.
Other career highlights include performing in Leonard Bernstein's Mass in D during its European debut tour, performing with the Yale University Society of Orpheus & Bacchus a cappella singing group as an undergraduate, and appearing in dozens of other television and film roles, including the film Our Last Days As Children.
Other highlights for 1971 included a wrap-around instrument panel shared with Ninety-Eight and Toronado models ( Toronados had a slightly smoother upper leading edge design ) that was highlighted by a large square speedometer and all controls within easy reach of the driver, and a one-year only Flo-Through ventilation system that utilized vents in the trunklid.
Other highlights this year included an all-new flat instrument panel shared with Ninety-Eight and Toronado models with horizontal sweep speedometer and " Message Center " system of warning lights replacing the wrap-around dash of previous years.
Other highlights in 2000 included the launch of Grammar Matters, a series of 5 books using comics to illustrate the correct use of grammar by the Regional English Language Center in support of the movement.
Other highlights include:
Other highlights in the act were a comical Trinidad-flavored tune, a soft rendering of " Memory " from Broadway's " Cats ," and a " Money Medley ," which they also performed live on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in 1994.

Other and decade
Other notable film comedians who appeared later in the decade were Richard Pryor, Steve Martin and Burt Reynolds.
Other Canadian newspapers adopted similar changes later that decade, such as the Southam newspaper chain's conversion in September 1998.
Other significant developments during this decade included the merging of Jardine Insurance Brokers with Lloyd Thompson to form Jardine Lloyd Thompson, the acquisition of a 16 % interest in Singapore blue-chip Cycle & Carriage and Dairy Farm ’ s purchase of a significant stake in Indonesia's leading supermarket group Hero.
Other licensees include Broadcom, which has developed MIPS-based CPUs for over a decade, Microchip Technology, which leverages MIPS processors for its 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers, and Mobileye, whose EyeQ2 and EyeQ3 are based on cores licensed from MIPS.
Other new North American pop punk bands, though often critically dismissed, also achieved major sales in the first decade of the 2000s.
Other action films from the decade which are of notable status include The Terminator and Predator.
Other reliable scholars are convinced that an even later date, perhaps even the last decade of the first century CE right up to the turn of the century ( i. e. 90-100 ) is applicable.
Other, but much rarer sources of infection ( about every decade in the US ) include garlic or herbs stored covered in oil without acidification, chilli peppers, improperly handled baked potatoes wrapped in aluminium foil, tomatoes, and home-canned or fermented fish.
Other accounts place his death a decade later and shortly after the Trojan War ( see 1180s BC ).
Other accounts place his death a decade earlier and during the Trojan War ( see 1190s BC ).
( Other accounts place these events a decade earlier.
Other movies of this decade were Academy award nominee Sunflower ( 1970 ) which was a critical success and Arthur Hiller's Man of La Mancha ( 1972 ) which was a critical and commercial failure despite being nominated for several awards including two Golden Globes awards.
Other accounts place his death a decade earlier and during the Trojan War ( see 1190s BC ).
Other accounts place his death a decade later and shortly after the Trojan War ( see 1180s BC ).
( Other accounts place these events a decade earlier.
Other conflicts during the decade which affected the stock market included the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War, the 1935-1936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War, the Soviet-Japanese Border War of 1939 and the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937.
Other systems have made inroads in the AIDC market, but the simplicity, universality and low cost of barcodes has limited the role of these other systems until the 2000s ( decade ), over 40 years after the introduction of the commercial barcode, with the introduction of technologies such as radio frequency identification, or RFID.
Other popular films he starred during these decade were Falling Down, The American President, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Game ( directed by David Fincher ), and a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic – Dial M for Murder – titled A Perfect Murder.
Other Female Teen Pop stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson also became very popular at the end of the decade.
Other international visitors during that same decade include Duke Ellington, Buckminster Fuller, Ralph Nader, and Ramsey Lewis ( whose concert was cut short by a bomb scare ).
Other studios ' offerings chipped away at the H-B Saturday dominance throughout the decade, such as H-B alumni Ruby-Spears Productions ' Alvin and the Chipmunks, Marvel and Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, DiC and Columbia's The Real Ghostbusters, and Film Roman's Garfield and Friends.
For the next decade Jewison continued to direct feature films released by major studios: In Country ( 1989 ), a drama concerned with Vietnam veterans and the daughter of a war casualty ; Other People's Money ( 1991 ), a social comedy about greed in the 1980s ; Only You ( 1994 ), a romantic comedy set in Italy ; and Bogus ( 1996 ), a fantasy about a young boy and his imaginary friend.
" Other singles from the album included " Come Get to This ", which recalled Gaye's early Motown soul sound of the previous decade, while the suggestive " You Sure Love to Ball " reached modest success but was kept from being promoted by Motown due to its sexually explicit nature.
Other award-winning stories at the end of the decade dealt with current issues of the elderly in hospitals, the recent past ( Pure-Hearted Shopping District in Kōenji, Tokyo ), and the life of a Meiji period ukiyo-e artist.

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