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Other and innovative
Other notable later examples of the non-representational style include Bill Konersman's innovative 1987 video for Prince's " Sign o ' the Times " – influenced by Dylan's " Subterranean Homesick Blues " clip, it featured only the text of the song's lyrics — the video for George Michael's " Freedom 90 " ( 1990 ), in which Michael himself refused to appear, forcing director David Fincher to substitute top fashion models in his place.
Other important launched included the second-generation Espace and the innovative Twingo in 1992.
Other centers for innovative pottery in the Islamic world included Fustat ( from 975 to 1075 ), Damascus ( from 1100 to around 1600 ) and Tabriz ( from 1470 to 1550 ).
Other innovative features included an internal automated " mail train " used for mail deliveries and document distribution ; an automated external window washing system ; and computer controlled air conditioning.
Other critics have complained that while the show had an original and innovative storyline with beautiful visuals and appealing characters, the episodes themselves were poorly paced, undeveloped, and plagued with plot holes.
Other innovative available features included remote operated sliding doors and rear hatch, which could be opened and closed as the push of a button, either inside the vehicle, or with the keyless entry fob.
Other research foci include machines with common sense, viral communications, " smart " prostheses, advanced sensor networks, innovative interface design, and sociable robots.
Other mansions were built in the new and innovative styles of the new era such as the arts and crafts style: The Breakers is a pastiche of an Italian Renaissance Palazzo ; Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire is a faithful mixture of various French châteaux.
Other innovative features announced at launch ( i. e. ISSU and self-healing ) became significantly delayed.
Other innovative methods of procuring income, such as panhandling, are generally considered " last resorts " but are often used due to the average gutter punk's difficulties in finding stable employment.
Other examples of innovative games are Atari Games ' Paperboy in 1984 where the goal is to successfully deliver newspapers to customers, and Namco's Phozon where the object is to duplicate a shape shown in the middle of the screen.
Other innovative concepts used first in Tempo were optional SRS airbags, a diesel engine option ( the 2. 0L Mazda RF Diesel I4, capable of over thirty miles per gallon highway ), very aerodynamic styling ( reducing drag, meaning better fuel efficiency and reduced wind noise intrusion into the passenger compartment ) and features such as power lumbar support, four-way power driver's seat and cassette player.
Other innovative designs included his floating Pastil Chair ( similar to a solid inner tube ), and Tomato Chair ( more stable with a seat between three spheres ).
Other details found in this image are ones that stay behind in Byzantine tradition and characterize earlier works of Duccio, while the more innovative qualities prosper overtime.
Other innovative designs which were never released included the " Starburst ", a distributed Unix kernel message-passing multiprocessor with a fiber-optic switching core, and " Intercept ", a unique High-Availability multiprocessor.
Other innovative design and construction measures were needed due to the slender form of the building.
Other early Christian poets were more innovative.

Other and elements
Other factors that may inhibit metamorphosis include lack of food, lack of trace elements and competition from conspecifics.
Other software may use alpha blended transparent elements in the GUI independently of OS provided APIs by precomposing elements in an off-screen memory buffer before displaying them.
Other elements, however, may be viewed as bacterial parasites and conjugation as a mechanism evolved by them to allow for their spread.
Other elements were produced in only trace abundances.
Other elements central to capitalism include competitive markets, wage labor and capital accumulation .< ref > Heilbroner, Robert L.
Other ( typically less accurate ) methods are called empirical or semi-empirical because they employ experimental results, often from acceptable models of atoms or related molecules, to approximate some elements of the underlying theory.
Other advantages are that one can easily find the first or last elements on the list ( most likely to be useful in the case of numerically sorted data ), or elements in a given range ( useful again in the case of numerical data, and also with alphabetically ordered data when one may be sure of only the first few letters of the sought item or items ).
Other graphic display elements ( including text that has already been converted to bitmaps ) are not altered by ClearType.
Other elements form homonuclear diatomics when evaporated, but these diatomic species repolymerize at lower temperatures.
Other isotopes are synthesized in various laboratories, but at much smaller amounts, by bombarding heavy actinide elements with light ions.
Other elements of this legislation are:
Other offshoots include noisegrind ( especially raw and chaotic ) and electrogrind ( incorporating electronic elements such as programmed drums ).
Other elements are also incorporated in so-called graphite intercalation compounds.
Other elements may include antimony, arsenic, phosphorus, and boron.
Other important elements which run through most of the films include Bond's cars, his guns and the gadgets he is supplied with by Q Branch.
Other examples of syncretism include Judeo-Paganists, a loosely organized set of Jews who incorporate pagan or Wiccan beliefs with some Jewish religious practices, like Messianic Judaism ; Jewish Buddhists, another loosely organized group that incorporates elements of Asian spirituality in their faith ; and some Renewal Jews who borrow freely and openly from Buddhism, Sufism, Native American religion, and other faiths.
Other elements of jazz dance are less common and are the stylizations of their respective choreographers.
Other words can intervene between a base-word and its genitive determinant, and occasionally between the elements of a compound word ( tmesis ).
Other elements of the former ULIMO-factions formed another new rebel group, the Movement for Democracy in Liberia ( MODEL ).
Other musicians have also adapted elements from Led Zeppelin's attitude to apparel, jewellery and hair, such as the hipster flares and tight band t-shirts of Kings of Leon, shaggy hair, clingy t-shirts and bluesman hair of Jack White of The White Stripes, and Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno's silk scarves, trilbies and side-laced tight jeans.
Other important mineral groups include the native elements, sulfides, oxides, halides, carbonates, sulfates, and phosphates.
Other common elements in silicate minerals correspond to other common elements in the Earth's crust, such aluminium, mangesium, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

Other and were
Other Indians were running at the ponies, shrilling and waving blankets.
Other pilot programs were conducted by A & S, Babylon, New York ; ;
Other pigments were mostly raw umber, some burnt umber, and a little yellow ochre.
Other lettermen from the team that compiled a 21-9 record and finished as runner-up in the National Invitation Tournament were: Art Hambric, Donnell Reid, Bill Nordmann, Dave Harris, Dave Luechtefeld and George Latinovich.
Other witnesses, after appearances before the jury, which reportedly is probing into possible income tax violations, disclosed that government prosecutors were attempting to connect Stein and his company with a number of gangsters, including Glimco and Alex.
Other reasons mentioned by one-third or more of the builders were `` resistance to high interest rates, cost advantage of buying over renting has narrowed, shelter market nearing saturation and prospects unable to qualify ''.
Other people were doing it, too, sitting all along the wide banisters and leaning over the parapets above, watching the azaleas mass, or just enjoying the sun.
* That ethnographic work was often ahistorical, writing about people as if they were " out of time " in an " ethnographic present " ( Johannes Fabian, Time and Its Other ).
Other common terms for this bug were " turn over " and " flip over ".
Other minor battles were won by Hasan Ali Shah before he arrived in Shahr-i Babak, which he intended to use as his base for capturing Kerman.
Other burhs were sited near fortified royal villas allowing the king better control over his strongholds.
Other early nuns were the Blessed Juliana of Puriselli, Benedetta Bimia, and Lucia Alciata.
Other Greek cities set up democracies, and even though most followed an Athenian model, none were as powerful, stable, nor as well-documented as that of Athens.
Other significant results were on Pontryagin duality and differential geometry.
Other scholars have even said that Luke wrote this apology in order to support Christians who were becoming allies with local Roman officials.
Other less commonly used nicknames were the " Gridbirds " ( used only by a local newspaper columnist ) or " Cardiac Cards " ( used only to refer to the 1975 team ).
Other physical implementations were also available.
Other ancient historians and philosophers believing in the existence of Atlantis were Strabo and Posidonius.
Other festivals were supervised exclusively by the Curule Aediles, and it was often with these festivals that the Aediles would spend lavishly.
Other anti-war demonstrations were organized by the antiglobalization movement: see for example the large demonstration, organized against the impending war in Iraq, which closed the first European Social Forum in November, 2002 in Florence, Italy.
Other species of wild bovines were also domesticated, namely the wild water buffalo, Gaur, and Banteng.
Other aediculae were small shrines within larger temples, usually set on a base, surmounted by a pediment and surrounded by columns.
Other Flexowriter characters that were found a use in Atlas Autocode were: in floating-point numbers, e. g. for modern ; to mean " the second half of an Atlas memory word "; for the mathematical pi number.

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