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Other and leaders
Other leaders included Count Ferrand of Flanders, William de Longespee and Renaud of Boulogne.
Other splinter groups, excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, followed other leaders in their own interpretation of the Latter Day Saint movement.
Other Muslim leaders, opposed both to Jinnah and to the partition of India, lost strength.
Other opposition leaders fled to India and regrouped there.
Other cabinet secretaries backed Lansing's request, as did Congressional leaders, including members of both the Democratic and Republican parties who sent private communications to Marshall.
Other resistance quickly collapsed and thousands of southern leaders and military went into exile.
Other resistance quickly collapsed and thousands of southern leaders and military went into exile.
Other local leaders, however, thought that the Europeans could solve economic problems or become allies in the event of a dispute with belligerent neighbors.
Other African-American men who served were already leaders in their communities, including a number of preachers.
Other participants in the March also went on to become prominent party leaders, including Zhu De, Lin Biao, Liu Shaoqi, Dong Biwu, Ye Jianying, Li Xiannian, Yang Shangkun, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping.
Other prominent SEC commissioners and chairmen include William O. Douglas ( who went on to be a U. S. Supreme Court justice ), Jerome Frank ( one of the leaders of the legal realism movement ) and William J. Casey ( who would later head the Central Intelligence Agency under President Ronald Reagan ).
Other European leaders ' opinion of reunification was " icy ".
Other leaders, most prominently Alexander I of Russia, debated that in case of a second victory over the French Empire, the First Prince of the Blood Louis Philippe d ' Orléans should be proclaimed king instead of Louis XVIII.
Other Communist leaders were more obviously scandalized by the relationship once it became public.
Other Taiwan-based companies decline to change to a " Taiwanese " name because of expense or the political views held by important clients and company leaders.
Other critics of Mao fault him for not encouraging birth control and for creating an unnecessary demographic bump by encouraging the masses, " The more people, the more power ", which later Chinese leaders forcibly responded to with the equally controversial one-child policy.
Other areas, particularly the more remote ones, have historically been under the influence of various local leaders.
Other socialist leaders in the Resistance included Pierre Brossolette, Gaston Defferre, Jean Biondi, Jules Moch, Jean Pierre-Bloch, Tanguy-Prigent, Guy Mollet, and Christian Pineau.
Other Whampoa leaders include Wang Jingwei and Hu Hanmin as political instructors.
Other lay leaders of Plymouth Church would summer with him, including Henry Ward Beecher, the church ’ s pastor ; Frederick Hinrichs, whose descendents still live in Woodstock ; the Holt publishing family ; the Tappans ; and Albert Lythgoe, an Egyptologist renowned for pioneering the use of scientific methods in the unearthing of antiquities.
Other social leaders who came from Leicester include Charles Adams, military officer and foreign minister, born in town ; Emory Washburn, governor of Massachusetts from 1854 – 1855 ; and Samuel May, a pastor and active abolitionist in the 1860s, whose house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.
Other early market leaders ( such as Tandy-Radio Shack or Texas Instruments ) stayed with outdated architectures and proprietary operating systems for some time before belatedly realizing which way market trends were going and switching to the most successful long-term business strategy, which was to build a machine that duplicated the IBM PC as closely as possible and sell it for a slightly lower price, or with higher performance.
Other individuals seen as being the " new generation of African leaders " that would accomplish the goals of the African Renaissance were President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.
Other historians are reluctant to speculate on the composition or size of the group of leaders targeted at this point, beyond the few obvious heads.
Other clan leaders, all relatives in the same clan and all villagers in the region are invited.

Other and teachers
" Other public school teachers and teacher unions have also fought against school vouchers.
Other influential teachers of gun safety include Massad Ayoob, Clint Smith, Chuck Taylor, Jim Crews, Bob Munden and Ignatius Piazza.
Other pamphlets and movement periodicals warned students not to get into discussions with their teachers about politics, since professors were part of the academic establishment attempting to oppress the student.
Other post secondary institutions include a law school, technical college, banking institute, teachers ' training college, and health sciences institute.
Other composers who may have been his early teachers include Gaetano Greco, Francesco Gasparini, and Bernardo Pasquini, all of whom may have influenced his musical style.
Other teachers who also paid tribute to his work a few peasants have been both recognized in any street or town square, as is the case for Aniceto Marinas, who dedicated a monument in 1943 his friend and partner Mariano Benlliure.
Other teachers were Jasper Starling, Asilee Hyde, Charlie Bowden, Quarles McClure, and George B. Terrell.
Other skills, such as numeracy and handwriting, were neglected, being taught in odd moments or by travelling specialist teachers such as scriveners.
Other socialist programs attributed to Seddon include pensions for teachers and moves to improve housing for workers.
Other potential teachers of Anselm have been identified, including Bruno of Cologne and Manegold of Lautenbach.
According to a former student, Stephen Butterfield, " Trungpa told us that if we ever tried to leave the Vajrayana, we would suffer unbearable, subtle, continuous anguish, and disasters would pursue us like furies " Other Vajrayana teachers, as well, also warn their students about the dangers of the esoteric path.
Other characters include teachers at P. S.
Other artistes who had the fortune to study in India or with teachers who came to the west, started teaching at different venues of Trinidad.
Other prominent teachers and promoters of international folk dance in its first few decades included Michael Herman and Mary Ann Herman, Jane Farwell, and Dick Crum.
Other activities of CPAS include the presentation of workshops for secondary school science teachers and others in Fiji, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and New Zealand.
Other elements of the McGuinty government's first budget were a four-year plan to tackle the deficit, funding for 1, 000 new teachers, a transfer of two cents of the existing gas tax to municipalities to help fund transit, and a three per cent increase to those on social assistance, the first increase in ten years.
Other schools of Shitō-ryū developed after the death of Kenwa Mabuni, both because the death of a founder typically results in a dispute as to who will succeed him as the leader of a given school and because many prominent Karate teachers choose to modify the style, thereby creating new branches.
Other organizations have sprung up all over the world to help oversee the movement and train teachers.
Other research contends that ASC does not develop until age 7 or 8 when children begin evaluating their own academic abilities based on the feedback they receive from parents, teachers and their peers.
Other major roles also include offering individual and group therapy with children and their families, designing prevention programs ( e. g. for reducing dropout ), evaluating school programs, and working with teachers and administrators to help maximize teaching efficacy, both in the classroom and systemically.
Other notable students and academic teachers include:
Other personalities mentioned in the text are Nāgasena's father Soñuttara, his teachers Rohaa, Assagutta of Vattaniya and another teacher named &# 256 ; yup &# 257 ; la from Sankheyya near S &# 257 ; gala.
Other oral traditions state that poultry was brought to Rennell before the first Christian teachers were killed in 1910.
Other subplots are included, such as their relationships with one another and other students and teachers at the school.

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