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Other and main
Other archaeologists think instead that the main purpose of the road system was a religious one, providing pathways for periodic pilgrimages and facilitating regional gatherings for seasonal ceremonies.
Other than agriculture and tourism, the main economic activity in this vast and sparsely settled area is mining.
Other than Culloden, the only British ships seriously damaged in their hulls were Bellerophon, Majestic and Vanguard, while Bellerophon and Majestic were the only ships to lose masts: Majestic the main and mizzen and Bellerophon all three.
Other main hydrocolloids are xanthan gum, gum arabic, guar gum, locust bean gum, cellulose derivatives as carboxymethyl cellulose, alginate and starch.
Other forms may include a radial structure, in which main roads converge on a central point.
These include covering up the word Massachusetts in the " Massachusetts Institute of Technology " engraving on the main building façade with a banner so that it read " That Other Institute of Technology ".
Other lesions are more subtle and feature epilepsy as the main or sole symptom.
Other main industries are fishing and agriculture ( cereals and vegetables ).
Other books that focus on graffiti include Faith of Graffiti by Norman Mailer, Trespass by Taschen press, and the comic book Concrete Immortalz by Elite Gudz, which has a graffiti artist as its main character.
Other common theories as to the initials ' origins include " Graphics and Windows ", " Gates, William " ( Microsoft's president at the time ), or " Gates-Whitten " ( the two main designers of the program ).
Other critics assert that the novel creates a realistic and vibrant story, idealizing neither the past nor its main character.
Other parts of the castle built by Gaunt include the southern range of state apartments, Gaunt's Tower and the main kitchen.
Other more exotic decays are possible ( see the main article ).
** Other Tourist matches ( for example, against first-class teams that are not part of the main domestic first-class competition, such as universities )
Other main prophets are considered messengers or Nabi, even if they didn't receive a Book from God.
Other important products include the Altay main battle tank, TF-2000 class AAW frigate, Milgem class corvette, TAI Anka UAV, Aselsan İzci UGV, T-155 Fırtına self-propelled howitzer, J-600T missile, T-129 attack helicopter, Roketsan UMTAS anti-tank missile, Roketsan Cirit laser-guided rocket, Panter Howitzer, ACV-300, Otokar Cobra and Akrep, FNSS Pars 6x6 and 8x8 APC, Nurol Ejder 6x6 APC, TOROS artillery rocket system, Bayraktar Mini UAV, ASELPOD, and SOM cruise missile.
Other networks include BSkyB, who are the main provider of satellite television in the UK and UKTV.
Other clues appear to place the main settlement farther south, such as the mention of a mild winter and the reports in both sagas of grapes being found nearby.
Other schools break the year into two main semesters, a first ( typically August through December ) and a second semester ( January through May ).
Other types of liquid crystals are described in the main article on these states.
Other main population centers in the municipality include Hjelset, Kleive, and Nesjestranda.
Other phasing adjustments can increase the downward radiation in the far field without tilting the main lobe, creating null fill to compensate for extremely high mountaintop locations, or decrease it in the near field, to prevent excessive exposure to those workers or even nearby homeowners on the ground.
Other attractions include the Norman Arc, that is the remains of the old Norman Castle built in 1073 and demolished in 1880, and a number of churches, including the Royal Saint Nicholas ( San Nicolò Regale ) Church, a rare example of Norman architecture built in 1124, the Seminary, built in 1710, which surrounds the main local piazza, Piazza della Repubblica, and St. Vitus on the Sea ( San Vito a Mare ) Church.
Other roads connected the city to the main passes for what are today Switzerland and France.

Other and public
Other potential targets go into seclusion, and are rarely heard from or seen in public, such as writer Salman Rushdie.
Other public and private sources are also consulted.
Other manufacturers and the aviation press widely ridiculed and spoofed many of these marketing terms but between Cessna ’ s designers producing a product the flying public wanted and the work of the marketing department, Cessna built and sold more aircraft than any other manufacturer during the boom years of the 1960s and 1970s.
Other serious authors also produced clerihews, including W. H. Auden, and it remains a popular humorous form among other writers and the general public.
Other trees are placed in most public areas and outside churches.
Other speech varieties include: standard languages, which are standardized for public performance ( for example, a written standard ); jargons, which are characterized by differences in lexicon ( vocabulary ); slang ; patois ; pidgins or argots.
" Other public school teachers and teacher unions have also fought against school vouchers.
By encouraging clarity on the active subject that " does " or wants or believes something, and disallowing passive constructions about the state of affairs ( a common use of " to be "), E-Prime makes it more difficult to hide assumptions in statements about The Other or equivalent constructions such as " they " or " most people " or " the public " or " the taxpayer ".
Other Pacific Island governments have generally been sympathetic to Fiji's internal political problems and have declined to take public positions.
Other solutions conform generally to conservative governments ' policies throughout Europe, focusing on cutting numbers in the public sector, while maintaining investment in infrastructure.
* Interview with Tufts cosmologist Alex Vilenkin on his new book, " Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes " on the podcast and public radio interview program ThoughtCast.
Other buildings that have been destroyed include the house of Khadijah, the wife of Muhammad, demolished to make way for public lavatories ; the house of Abu Bakr, Muhammad's companion, now the site of the local Hilton hotel ; the house of Ali-Oraid, the grandson of Muhammad, and the Mosque of abu-Qubais, now the location of the King's palace in Mecca ; Muhammad's birthplace, demolished to make way for a library ; and the Abraj Al Bait Towers, built after demolishing the Ottoman-era Ajyad Fortress.
Other critics interpret the passage to mean that the courtly writers and their works are known within courtly circles, but not to the general public.
Other aspects of the new courses of study that form the upper school review have received little public attention.
Other public relations activities include:
Other issues facing the government are the curbing of the budget deficit and further privatization of public enterprises.
Other public offices with presence on Svalbard are the Norwegian Directorate of Mining, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Norwegian Tax Administration and the Church of Norway.
Other situations, such as public speaking and speaking on the telephone are often greatly feared by stutterers, and increased stuttering is reported.
Other SF Societies maintain a more informal existence, meeting at general public facilities or the homes of individual members, such as the Bay Area Science Fiction Association.
Other socialists use the term state capitalism to refer to an economic system that is nominally capitalist, such that business and private owners gain the profits from an economy largely subsidized, developed and where decisive research and development is done by the state sector at public cost.
On the other hand, Carla Hesse, in The Other Enlightenment: How French Women Became Modern ( 2001 ), argues that " female participation in the public cultural life of the Old Regime was ... relatively marginal ".
Other public institutions of higher education:
Other important reforms were aimed at improving the electoral system, social security, education, and public safety.
Other wiki engines used regularly for public wikis include MoinMoin and PmWiki, along with many others.

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