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Other and male
Other calls include those given by a female in response to the advertisement call and a release call given by a male or female during unwanted attempts at amplexus.
Other anti-feminists oppose women's entry into the workforce, political office, and the voting process, as well as the lessening of male authority in families.
Other artists depicted scenes, regardless of when they occurred, in classical dress and for a long time, especially during the French Revolution, history painting often focused on depictions of the heroic male nude.
Other members of the Imperial Family present included the descendants of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna including Prince Michael Andreevich of Russia the senior direct male descendant.
Other dramatic examples include the tusks of male narwhals, enlarged proboscises in male elephant seals and proboscis monkeys, the bright facial and rump coloration of male mandrills, and horns in many goats and antelopes.
Other fixed points were used in the past are the body temperature ( of a healthy adult male ) which was originally used by Fahrenheit as his upper fixed point ( to be a number divisible by 12 ) and the lowest temperature given by a mixture of salt and ice, which was originally the definition of.
Other conflicts within the Aeneid include fate versus action, male versus female, Rome versus Carthage, Aeneas as Odysseus in Books 1 – 6 versus Aeneas as Achilles in Books 7 – 12, calm weather versus storms, and the Gate of Horn versus the Ivory Gate of Book VI.
Other societies include well-developed roles that are explicitly considered more or less distinct from archetypal female and male roles in those societies.
Other German princely families adopted similar approaches when facing a lack of male heirs.
Other, more complex relationships have been observed as a consequence of mutated AR ; some mutations associated with male phenotypes have been linked to male breast cancer, prostate cancer, or in the case of spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy, disease of the central nervous system.
Other areas of gender study closely examine the role that the biological states of being male or female ( anatomical, physiological, and genetical explanations of male and female body parts, structure and nature of functions of body organs, genetic carriers etc.
Other male descendants of the sovereign, in the male line were merely styled " Mirza name " or " name Mirza ".
Other notable characteristics are its disproportionate affliction of male infants and the fact that caregivers are unaware in the preceding 24 hours that the infant is at risk of imminent sudden death.
Other themes include the dissection of human nature from a range of standpoints, and male and female gender roles.
Other characters include U69 ( censored to U89 in some editions ), the raven-haired dominatrix who ties up Gwendoline, and Sir Dystic d ' Arcy, the only prominent male character and probably a parody of Willie himself.
Writes Eric Lott in Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class, " The black mask offered a way to play with the collective fears of a degraded and threatening — and maleOther while at the same time maintaining some symbolic control over them.
Other women alive at Eve's time have descendants alive today, but sometime in the past, each of their lines of descent included at least one male, thereby breaking the mitochondrial DNA lines of descent.
The Kwisatz Haderach, with supreme prescience and access to both male and female lines in Other Memory, will be an overt figure in the Bene Gesserit's manipulations, thrust upon the universe as a messiah.
This had a profound effect on the unborn Alia, who was consequently born a full Reverend Mother with the complete Other Memory of both her female and male ancestors.

Other and lovers
Other lovers included Franco Zeffirelli, who also worked as part of the crew in production design, as assistant director, and other roles in a number of Visconti's films and theatrical productions.
Other examples include Fastmail. fm, an email provider owned by Opera Software, Last. fm, an Internet radio streaming and statistics service, Smart. fm, an online learning tool, Tastebuds. fm, a dating website for music lovers, Turntable. fm, a social media website that allows users to interactively share music and CHARGED. fm, an event marketing and social ticketing site, Reaper. fm a digital audio workstation software site.
Other Restoration comedies were as frank with their sexuality, and others had women choosing their lovers on the basis of their wit ( while wits choose theirs on the basis of money ), but Behn's characters do not moderate their desires in their comedic solutions.
Other gangs which feature in the game as opponents are the Noise Tanks, who appear to be semi-cyborg otaku, Poison Jam, brutish thugs who wear fish costumes, and the Love Shockers, an all-girl gang made up of jilted lovers.
Other barons displaying gay behaviour are Baron Lundy and Baron Limba, who are lovers and teach a type of homoerotic nude wrestling at their school, believed to increase magical potency.

Other and Apollo
Other late accounts claim that Macareus had a daughter named Amphissa, beloved by Apollo.
Other details are given by Pausanias ( 10. 5. 9-13 ) and the Homeric Hymn to Apollo ( 294 ff .).
Other temples of Apollo were located at Didyma on the coast of Asia Minor, at Corinth and Bassae in the Peloponnese, and at the islands of Delos and Aegina in the Aegean Sea.
Other groups ported X10 to Apollo and to Sun workstations and even to the IBM PC / AT.
Other American manned spacecraft include the Gemini Spacecraft, Apollo Spacecraft, the Skylab space station, and the Space Shuttle with undetached European Spacelab and private US Spacehab space stations-modules.
Other relevant organizations include the Alliance for the Sustainable Jobs and the Environment and the Apollo Alliance, a subsidiary of the Blue Green Alliance that promotes green jobs based on alternative energy.
Other stories say that Cyrene was not wrestling with a lion but instead tending her sheep along the marsh-meadow of the river Pineios, and that Apollo later transformed her into a nymph to grant her a longer life.
Other scholars have taken the reverse position that Abellio might have been a similar solar deity of Celtic origin in Crete and the Pyrenees, but the Cretan Abellio may however not be the same god as the Celtic one, but rather a different manifestation, or dialectal form, of the Greek god Apollo or his name.
Other Apollo launches continued through December 6, 1972.
Other venues could include the Temple of Fides or the Temple of Concord, or, if the meeting was outside of the formal boundary of the city, at the Temple of Apollo or ( if a war meeting ) at the Temple of Bellona.
Other firsts were achieved on Gemini 3: two people flew aboard an American spacecraft ( the Soviet Union launched a three-man crew on Voskhod 1 in 1964 and a two-man crew just a few days earlier on Voskhod 2, upstaging the two-man Gemini and three-man Apollo programs ), and the first manned reentry where the spacecraft was able to produce lift to change its touchdown point.
Other color manufacturers, such as Lee Filters and Apollo Design Technology use polyester as their color substrate.
Other Group 2 astronauts with flight experience were quickly moved to Apollo, while other astronauts such as Scott Carpenter and Gordon Cooper were sidelined for lesser infractions.
Other Apollo 15 achievements include: largest payloads ever placed into earth and lunar orbits ; first scientific instrument module bay flown and operated on an Apollo spacecraft ; longest distance traversed on lunar surface ; first use of a lunar surface navigation device ( mounted on Rover-1 ); first subsatellite launched in lunar orbit ; and first extravehicular ( EVA ) from a command module during transearth coast.
Other Apollo 16 achievements included the largest payload placed in lunar orbit ( 76, 109 lb or 34, 595 kg
Other recent examples of the wall of sound technique include " Apollo 13 " and the Super Furry Animals song " Run-Away ".
* The Young Apollo and Other Stories ( 2006 )
Other crewmen on this nine-day Earth-orbital mission were Thomas Stafford, Apollo commander, Deke Slayton, Apollo docking module pilot ; cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, Soyuz commander ; and cosmonaut Valery Kubasov, Soyuz flight engineer.
Other, earlier examples that show this assembly of lost-wax cast pieces include the bronze head of the Chatsworth Apollo, and the bronze head of Aphrodite from Satala ( Turkey ) from the British Museum.
Other acts have made music videos featuring clips from performances at the Apollo.
Other Finnish underground / psychedelic bands of this era were The Sperm, Apollo and the ground-breaking Blues Section, which spawned Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidentti after its split.
Other major venues include the Manchester Apollo, Manchester Central ( formally known as the GMEX ) and the Manchester Academy.

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